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  1. It's about cubemaps which are in Eve Textures (Clouds, Lights, Earth). So, these detailed maps causing this issue. I've tried to change their transparency, compressing method etc. but didn't help.
  2. this "Invalid Name" may be related to texture itself? if something wrong with texture
  3. hello I'm trying to add new texture at texture manage but it gives "Invalid Name" error every time what should I do? example: EVE_TEXTURE_CONFIG { OBJECT { name = Clouds type = TEX_CUBE_6 texXn = E.T.O/Assets/cubemaps/Earth/clouds/cxn texXp = E.T.O/Assets/cubemaps/Earth/clouds/cxp texYn = E.T.O/Assets/cubemaps/Earth/clouds/cyn texYp = E.T.O/Assets/cubemaps/Earth/clouds/cyp texZn = E.T.O/Assets/cubemaps/Earth/clouds/czn texZp = E.T.O/Assets/cubemaps/Earth/clouds/czp
  4. this is how I see in DirectX11 mode (can't even run without dx)
  5. is there anyone who also has half-rss and can share config files?