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  1. The only option I get is "Detonate." Action Grouping and the Space Plane Hanger reveals no additional options.
  2. I'm having the same issue. Using the tweakscaled solid boosters, decouplers, and warheads, I've made a pretty decent delivery system that launches a metric crapload of clustermissiles, intended to be dropped out of a drone, flown for a short period of time towards the target, then launched. However, most of the warheads don't detonate when they hit the ground, for whatever reason. I'm not entirely sure what's causing it, the weight of the missiles causes the warhead to be the first part to hit the ground so it should detonate successfully, right? On most of my bombing runs, none of the warheads even detonate despite hurtling towards the ground at high speeds.
  3. Yeah, you should be fine with just the /Firespitter/plugin folder.
  4. I don't think that DefaultActionGroup is defined for ModuleAeroSurface.
  5. Which parts in particular did you want DefaultActionGroup to set to none for? I've found where DefaultActionGroup is defined, I'm just not sure how many parts you want the patch to change.
  6. .mdb and .pdb is just debugging stuff, it's not needed. (Plus the .mdb is 5 months old, since I didn't have pdb2mdb to make a new one) The only thing you'll need is the .dll, put it in /KSPfolder/GameData/FireSpitter/Plugins.
  7. The tweaks I made were rather simple, I just edited FSEngine.cs a bit so that it correctly implements IThrustProvider (which is what the CoT marker uses to get info on the part's thrust) and replaced FSengineSound's PanStereo variable with spatialBlend so that A: the right channel bug is fixed and B: audio will drop off over distance. It shouldn't cause incompatibility with other mods, since it doesn't override anything. For FSEngine.cs it's just three new functions that are called by IThrustProvider, and FSengineSound.cs is just a few line tweaks.
  8. Just FYI, there's a new firespitter version out. release/Firespitter/Plugins It fixes the CoT marker in the SPH and it now has true 3D audio (sounds no longer magically reach along the globe, and the audio is now balanced/isn't exclusively in the right channel anymore)
  9. I made sure to put the compiled DLL in the For Release folder on my PR, so hopefully that'll be a good stopgap until if/when it gets merged into the main build.
  10. On Firespitter's github (and its forks), there's a "for release" folder. Assuming that the pull requests put the built .dll in there (instead of forgetting to replace the old one), you might be able to just mosey on over to one of the pull requests and grab the DLL from there, then just plop it into your Firespitter folder. Of course, this'll void your warranty
  11. So I've gotten Firespitter's CoT marker working, and I've decided to test my hand with helicopters (again.) I can do perfectly balanced single-prop helicopters just fine, but I can't figure out how to get a Kitty osprey to fly. I have the CoT perfectly aligned with the CoM, and yet for some reason the left engine is the one providing most of the thrust while the other one is inverted for some reason which results in the aircraft flipping instantly. I have to invert the right engine just to get it to take off, and then it spins uncontrollably for no discernible reason when I pitch forwards. I've also tried using elevons to get the CoL to be more of a "plane" configuration; the CoL is behind the CoM and is on the same Y axis, but that results in the exact same issue.
  12. I think I've figured out the actual, honest to Kraken reason for the audio only playing in one ear! set_panStereo was passed a 1. Think of panStereo like a bar. At 0, the audio is perfectly balanced. If you pass it a 1, it moves the bar to the right. Inversely, if you pass it a -1, it moves the bar to the left. As you can see in the screenshot, panStereo was set to 1f, meaning that it's moving the audio channel to the right, and also meaning that this bug was caused by a typo this entire time. I read the license and I'm not too sure if I would be allowed to post the fixed dll that I compiled, since there's "reusing code" and then there's "reuploading the entire .dll with a very, very minor tweak to fix a bug." The mod author hasn't logged in for two months and the github page is devoid of activity, so I'd thought I might as well ask here.
  13. Some quick feedback on the mod. The lack of "extensions" for the shafts is quite annoying when trying to make a helicopter purtier, and I cannot simply plop the prop on top of a cube strut because from what I've seen every helicopter engine in this mod has an attachment node but only attaches radially for some reason. This means that I have to add a silly amount of length to it to stop the main blades from visually colliding (they don't actually have physical collision, thankfully) or do some strange voodoo magic with some stock parts and TweakScale, because there's no way to just add a longer shaft. This is quite a bit of a nitpick on my part, but FSEngine props still use fuel even when I have infinite propellant enabled in the debug menu, making experimentation a little more difficult as I can't figure out if it's an issue with fuel balance or if my aircraft was already unbalanced to begin with. This, compounded by the CoT not being visible in the SPH making balancing a guessing game of "let's hope I put the rotor center close enough to the CoG", makes creating a helicopter a chore. I enjoyed making my first two or three helicopters, but after that the annoyances outweighed the fun. I'm aware that the Firespitter bugs are out of your control. However, I think it's worth mentioning that KAX seems to have worked around the aforementioned issues, but I'm not sure if it'd even be feasible for other mods (i.e this one) to do the same, considering that KAX has a much smaller part pool to focus on. Other than that, this mod is great. It was a blast to play around with, and I greatly appreciate the work you've spent on it.
  14. Apologies for not answering your question, but how did you get the CoT to show? I tried searching this thread with numerous keywords, but no solutions seemed to have been posted since it's supposedly a bug with Firespitter itself.