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  1. What can I say? I love Soviet armoured vehicles. Also yeah I kinda am one.
  2. Ever since global warming (or just bad luck I guess) eradicated any chance of good snow where I live I've wanted to live on a nice chilly planet so I can always lob snowballs and wear my ushanka hat.
  3. My main career save is called "Kosmos Exploration Initiative". Basically I'm establishing a military presence exploring the Kerbol system in the name of Stalin science. I think my sandbox for testing is called "Testacular" or something like that.
  4. How can you have a flat black hole? And what's the moon? Seriously though it would probably be pretty spooky if it just spontanously happened and I'm sure many theories would be thrown out the window.
  5. Once I finally grasped KSP properly, I wanted to try landing on the Mun again. I'd done it before but it was a horribly horrible method and I'm pretty sure the rocket fell over on the Mun and I had to use cheats to right it. So, I used all my newfound knowledge and managed to get to the Mun and back perfectly. I knew what was going on the whole time, knew when to burn, in what direction, etc. and it was very satisfying. I'd say that was my most successful mission as it was sort of my moment of KSP enlightenment where it all just clicked and I finally understood orbital mechanics. From then on I learnt the rest of the standard orbital manouvers with relative ease and also with a feeling of pride as it was the first time I really ever tought myself something. (Of course good ol' Scott Manley helped... A lot.)
  6. Another mod for a more realistic start is "Unmanned before manned" but it's similar to "Better than Starting Manned" so whatever I guess. Other than that you might like Ven's Stock Revamp as it makes a lot of the parts look more realistic while also keeping the kerbal feel. Dunno if it's updated for whatever version you're using though.
  7. I'd make an SSTO becuase it's cooler. I've only recently started building SSTOs, but they are quite fun and also pretty challenging.
  8. Planetary Base Systems and Airplane Plus are must haves for parts. I also really like Ven's Stock Revamp as it makes everything look at least 20% cooler. Mechjeb and Kerbal Engineer are also pretty much mandatory for me as they give you info you really should have in the stock game, and well, mechjeb is always there if you're feeling too lazy to do that manouver.
  9. I've yet to find a space game that I enjoy as much as KSP. While I certainly don't have a definitive favourite game, KSP is certainly one my favourites.
  10. For me, it is unacceptable to kill a kerbal or leave a kerbal in space with no way home. All Kerbals who are stranded must be rescued as soon as possible. I know, I'm surprisingly humanitarian for a Soviet armored vehicle.
  11. Sometimes I sort of doze off, but am still awake, and I dream/think about falling over or something, so I sort of lurch forward in my seat to try and re-balance myself but I just end up looking like an idiot who almost jumped out his chair for no reason.
  12. Oh no, I didn't want you to actually make one, but thanks for the offer . I was just saying what I would want in response to the original post.
  13. I'd personally love a list of all Soviet launch vehicles (including canceled ones, like Buran-Energia), but I know i'm not everyone.
  14. If this actually happened I'd be bloody excited. Club Penguin was one of my earliest games and one of my fondest memories.
  15. Made in Abyss' soundtrack has kept my musical thirst quenched for like 6 months now. Like the show, it's really really good. The Ancient Magus' Bride Soundtrack is also extremely good and I've been listening to that both when playing KSP and walking home from school. There's something mystical about it that goes so well with barren munar landscapes and the silence of space probes.
  16. I've had something like this from time to time, mainly on crafts that use part clipping or just have stuff in wierd places. Normally a reload fixes it for me so idk.
  17. A few days ago SSTO's were like a far off dream to me, but I decided I would attempt it anyway. My SSTO failed miserably so I looked up how to fly an SSTO. Someone told me RAPIERs work better at higher altitudes and then it clicked. I flew my SSTO up to around 10000m and then nosed up and boom my apoapsis was rising! My next flight was a success and now I've made an SSTO that can land and return from minmus.
  18. I name all my manned spacecraft after a space pun or just a word that fits its role. For example I have a space shuttle called the 'broadhead', partly because Kerbals have big heads and partly because it looks like a broadhead arrow tip. I also shove a Mk I or Mk II etc. on the end because I'm British and that's what we do for some reason. For probes they are just named after what they do. A probe that flies by Minmus will be the 'MiFP 1' (Minmus Flyby Probe 1), mainly so I can remember what all my probes were supposed to be doing. Also, I name my flags after the geographical formation they are in/on and the Kerbal who planted it, so if Jeb placed a flag in a crater on Mun then it'd be called 'Jeb's Crater' .
  19. I've only ever used them on landers, ditching tanks on the surface as sort of a memorial that I was there.
  20. I just plugged my Wii back in after 6 years and it works just as good as when I was 10. I'm having a blast playing 'Go Vacation' again. Other than that I play a variety of shooters depending on my mood or if my friends are on and sometimes me and my mates have big ass Hoi4 games too.
  21. Yo thats basically waterboarding for Kerbals holy crap. Unless you seriously need those snacks back I'd recommend you didn't.
  22. To be fair there's nothing better than seeing a hilarious or clever name pop up in a game or on a forum. "A Soggy Weetabix" is a username I can never forget.