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  1. 1.12.2 with seems good! Did a quick run through of stock part scaling nothing seems immediately wrong.
  2. Wanted to add more info to this type of scenario. I build my stock craft in my modded environment, and for release I launch a mostly-stock instance and upload it through the KX api. If a part has 'Tweakscale Enabled' in PAW but no changes are made, when you load this craft into an instance without TS, it seems to simply drop the Module and load the part as stock. This seems nominal because if you *do* change a scaling prior to reloading into stock, the module will remain in the craft file and it will not load in the stock instance.
  3. Mock-up of a Runway Crawler is complete. It worked way better than I expected. I'd like to build out SSTO options for Pilots so I've used the 90s to create a shorter, fatter crawling gantry crane that rides the runway. It'll have less lifting capacity (likely 50-60t) but double the gantry reach and more than 10 times the workspace on the runway compared to CrawlerwayLv3. It's vulnerable to kraken strikes until I strut it all up 45/90 neat and tidy and the angle on the tread is off by ~2.5° but it looks promising.
  4. Yes. Robotic parts? They perform better than IR and the KAL controller does things beyond robotics that I'd be dead without. Suit, Surface Science, those are nice but skippable. I couldn't play KSP the way I do without KAL controllers. The only bug worth noting is Robotic Drift. It's unavoidable and modded robotics will introduce the same bug as it's Unity-engine based. KSP does a clever workaround to calculate all the large <--> small distance differences and the result makes any moving part drift over time. Heck, the node connections on Infernal Robotics suffer from way more bugs than BG parts. I'd appreciate if people who probably only have a few hundred hours wouldn't speak on these things as if they have many thousands of hours like other players.
  5. Download the whole set from Matsuma's KerbalX Hangar (all 8 crafts), or individually below. Demonstration of a crew capsule instead of payload. Crawling Bridge Gantry Crane stands almost 90meters, can handle 100t, and can be stripped apart for different applications, as it itself is a reiteration of EJ_SA's gantry concept. It crawls along the 500m crawlerway for operations. Antarro Model S[tock] Block VII - the current Flagship. The Fairing Plate is the only expendable piece in the whole system, costing around $2400 per launch. Important to note that the grip pads shown below the struts (below right) AS to upperstage tanks as it's simply a Jr. holding the payload fairing. The struts then attach to your payload. Aerial Lift Truck is a very generalized cherry-picker style vehicle. Designed for packing chutes on Antarro Upperstages. Comes shelled (214 parts) or unshelled (104 parts) Forktruck is a proprietary design for Antarro Upperstages, but is overengineered to serve any general lifting purpose up to ~32tons. Whatever colour you want, just change the 'solidCOLOR.png' flag. Recovery Barge can launch from the runway or cove, and collect splashed-down capsules or upperstages. Antarro Recovery Trailer is a quite simple Tractor-Trailer with configurations for towing Antarro Upperstages. Remove these configurations and it's a great little flatbed trailer. SUPERTANKER 50m/s top speed, powered steering, ISRU supertanker for refuelling, well, whatever. Future variant (current in mission save) drops ISRU for simple fuel moving from Refinery -> Pad ↓ New demo video ↓ Tank Farm featured in video. Truthfully I use a modded tank farm to save many many parts, but I whipped this up for demonstration and it mostly avoided kraken strikes so there it is. No images at present; currently a very different vehicle in use, see KerbalX for imagery. I'd love to answer questions on how I got the measurements or why I even built such things etc I'm an open book but don't want to post a novella. I learned basic Blender video editing to share a demonstration. A crane-specific guide video is in the works, but this video took me three days, lol. Lost tracks months ago on how much time went into working out kinks in the pieces. They all work reliably with repeatability if you follow safe docking protocols. Snap-dock is a real concern in reusability. I've reused a booster 12 times in one case before I just wanted it to be fresh again.
  6. Oh boy I like this. I'm still waiting for end state KSP but this will be in that save game.
  7. @XBOX-KERBAL1 I can't tell for sure but do you have toolbar controller installed? It's a dependency for many things. [WRN 19:20:38.332] AssemblyLoader: Assembly 'PatchManager' has not met dependency 'ToolbarController' V1.0.0
  8. Minor thing I noticed last night I wanted to mention. Scale a flag up, connect it to another part, duplicate that part and the flag remains scaled but loses is snap position. The duplicated decal flag does not keep it's exact position. Absolute snap puts it back into place. I just found this odd and figured I'd speak up. Was that clear?
  9. Roger that, Lisias. I'm merely curious, is all. Heck I loved this so much I may learn how to do it myself dagnabbit--once ksp is end state that is. Back into the wings to await .3. Thanks again.
  10. Does this still have a manager? Obviously we're all waiting patiently for .3 updates and news of dev ending for KSP1, just curious if there are any plans to update this for end-state KSP. It would be rad to have this as a staple plugin once again.
  11. Everyone knows that setting your lighting to blue increases Δv by ~+15% /s
  12. You'll want to go over to the new thread, friend.
  13. I retract implicit blame and throw it in ConformalDecals direction..... ty all.
  14. Hullo, dear cosmofriends. I have 4 symmetrical black bars in-scene with one of the craft. Curious if this is user error or conflict with another mod. Example under spoiler. Log
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