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  1. Oh wow thank you for pointing that out to me, and other googler's maybe. This I did not know. I'll check back if it was not in fact and issue with my ignorance. edit: because I am here: this was in fact my issue. makes sense a kerbal has to supervise the teardown.
  2. Much love for keeping this up :D I am wondering if this is a bug or a problem between the keyboard and chair. I can't seem to store vessels in Hangars. Default ones, Kerbinside ones, they're Open and have room, but they tell me 'no Nearby Craft' when I am directly beside the hangar. Thoughts?
  3. ElonsMusk

    [1.4.3] unofficial Telemachus build

    I haven't done a thorough check of the thread, but as far as I know temp sensors broke and haven't been fixed since 1.4. Thanks for the link - comes up nicely on the ol' [COMPANY REDACTED] search.
  4. ElonsMusk

    [1.5.*] AFBW Revived (Joystick & controller mod)

    Oh my ******* god we're back in business boys. Get your second hand used flight sticks out and butter some bread!!
  5. Inverted displays? Backwards Navballs? Temporary fix by forcing KSP to run in OpenGL mode. This might hurt your framerate some users say it does *shrug*. I need my IVA. Explained here:
  6. I cannot get this mod to run either. I have the same issue where certain aspects seem to show it communicating, like the updating directories. But like you, my cfg xml does not show my (rather old) Saitek ST220. It used to in 1.1 so I know it is theoretically possible. However my game is modded to hell so any problems I'm experiencing could simply be that. Running 1.3.1 with latest release + replaced DLL
  7. ElonsMusk

    [1.5.1] Probe Control Room Recontrolled

    I thought this had gone outdated! Big ups. I love this - it's more stable, too (for me anyway). Curious: If I am using IVA-"only" on say-- a shuttle coming in for landing; if I'm not wrong, you cannot switch from cockpitIVA to missioncontrolIVA? Either I missed a config, or the mission control is IVA and you can't use two IVA instances at the same time like that. Any answers from anyone would be cool !
  8. ElonsMusk

    [1.5.x] Loading Screen Manager

    This is some real excrements mate. Thank you. Finally I don't need to wander around waiting for my KSP to load, I can be nostalgic. And now my piles and piles of screenshots seem worthwhile!
  9. Is this a dead mod? Has there been any progress for 1.3+ ? This mod is the only thing making my old school flight stick function. Been watching for ages but no updates, sad
  10. This looks primo, mate. I love it. However - it seems it causes bugs that make clicking categories etc. in the VAB/SPH not work properly. I can still search, but clicking produces only button animation, but it won't actually go to Fuel Tanks/CMs/etc. Any ideas? I have a lot of mods installed, I assume it's a conflict and not a bug in Overdrive.