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  1. Things working fine in 1.11.1 I haven't gone to .2 yet. I was wondering, though, is it possible to config the hotkey? Now with EVA Const. you Alt+Click to select a stack of cargo items, which will often swap you if you aren't careful. Not a huge deal but if I could make it only left Alt or something it would be a QoL improvement, especially because this mods strongest feature is that it essentially removes accidental vessel changes. Update: Ah, there's a settings.cfg in PluginData folder. Contains hotkeys and some other neat settings. I'm sure I just missed this pointed out elsewhere.
  2. I encountered "cannot roll out craft, clear the way first" despite the way being clear. In fact nothing has changed in the scene since the vessels were stored. Am I making a mistake somehow?
  3. Is there a way to open the Airship Hangar? The interior has such nice modelling, but I cannot find a way to access it.. I assume it isn't complete unless I am missing something.
  4. There is a setting called like, retain focus point or something in the K&K settings. That will, when you return to space center, return you to focus on the last site you launched from. Additionally, the dropdown menu from stock DLC functions for all opened sites. In my experience this is... not perfect, but it could be kraken. As for a launchsite. In the static's menu while looking at it, there is a Make Launchsite button to open the window to actually create the launchsite.
  5. I'm not exactly understanding your question but I'll try. You can create a spawn point and set it to be a launchsite. Enter the scene and press CTRL+K. Spawn New, search title for 'spawn', click to create it, choose visible or invisible, snap to terrain, adjust as needed, click Edit Launchsite, save, save, close. Just don't put them too close to each other or it gets confused.
  6. ASET mods work fine up to and perhaps including 11.2. I am using ALCOR capsule still for crying out loud, lol. It can be a little finicky at times but if it isn't working you've done something wrong. 1.7 props will have no issues in 1.11, ensure you're using the proper RasterProp files that correspond to your desired monitors. For me, I broke the BasicMFD on purpose to replace it with ALCOR40x20 because I prefer it's camera interaction. TL;DR Carefully check through your install process, 1.7 props should have no issues in 1.11
  7. I just want to say that I am having a grand old time with Tweakscale. There was that brief era where there were too many kinks to get too complicated. I only have *five* unsupported parts in 1.11 with 21k MM patches applied. I haven't run into a single problem related to scaling. Keep up the great work all of ya!!
  8. As you may have noticed, kerbals working in the SPH or VAB are wearing hardhats as OSHA would require. Doesn't this mean the model for that and their suit textures exist somewhere? It would be so wicked to have that look for our kerbals working out in the field on Kerbin or Laythe. Pic for reference.
  9. Roger that. I was able to fiddle with the values that seemed to pertain to waves. I'm not quite satisfied yet but now I know I can fix it.
  10. Are you asking about using some kind of arm to dock a craft? Soyuz -> ISS for example, you would need the arm in space, depends how you'd like to do it. Say your arm is connected to the station, with a grapple node on the end to grab modules. You can connect multiple nodes across crafts, called Multi-Docking when referring to docking ports. Knowing this, you can simply use the arm to maneuver into docking position, and either dock it before releasing the grapple, or release it with 0 velocity near the port and push the station forwards to dock.
  11. Is there a way to turn off/scale back the water choppiness? It's a little too dramatic, feels like it's a storm at all times.
  12. I just want to thank this mod for fixing an age old problem. You recover some things from the surface, and upon clicking the last one you have no input to access buildings, etc. No longer!! Clicking the CTB icon frees it back up, no more corrupted saves! *happy astronaut noises*
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