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  1. Works fine for me. Nothing major changed since 1.12 it has just been proprietary launcher stuff.
  2. This is so wonderful! I just built a new PC and adding Parallax/BR-EVE and this new mod is basically KSP2 for me. Thanks for bringing this to the community!!
  3. My Fillet>Camfer button broke, has that happened to anyone else? Logs pending
  4. Ok THAT is exciting! Two parts or a tank and adapter situation?
  5. Dude is really out here just whipping up custom parts for custom mods in less than a month. How brilliant. I flippin love the KSP mod community.
  6. Thank you for such a helpful response I will begin this process right away! I usually do my installs manually but this one was through CKAN hence my lack of understanding on my file structures. Thanks for your patience on that and I'll edit this post with relevant updates. I promise I'm normally more clever than this, but nope the problem was between the chair and keyboard. Thanks for your reply and thanks for the patience! Got this old beast working for now. Yes OPT is an old timers choice, I have a soft spot for it. I'll post my log anyway because I removed RevIVA to see of any changes. KSPlog Playerlog
  7. I'm getting an issue in the OPT J cockpit and trying to tack down the culprit. I apologize if it's unrelated to MAS but the only visible errors in the log relate to MAS instruments. Issue: Cockpit instruments are visibly present but serve no function. They're not reporting data, just static. The Altimeter works, so it seems modded instruments are borked. I can get this cockpit to work in the simple RPM config but I love this avionics style and would love to get it running properly, I drool over this button layout. [Image example under spoiler]. If anyone has any help I'd greatly appreciate it. Hopefully it's not bothersome to ask here in this thread, I don't know what the cause is. Thanks! KSP.log player.log (sorry, im in game its bloated)
  8. I'm getting an issue in the OPT J cockpit and trying to tack down the culprit. I suspect DE_IVA, MOARdv or similar but really have no clue. Issue: Cockpit props, avionics, and screens are visibly present but serve no function. They're not reporting data, just static. I can get this cockpit to work in the simple RPM config but I love this avionics style and would love to get it running. [Image example]. I assume this is actually unrelated this fork but I don't actually know who made this IVA and where to track down it's post, lol. If anyone has any help I'd greatly appreciate it. Hopefully it's not bothersome to ask here in this thread. Thanks!
  9. The SinkEmAll Spacedock and the BALLISTANKS Spacedock both link here leaving me unsure of what I need to install at minimum. I reckon I install SinkEmAll to simply sink/float as the description indicates but it links here and that implies I need these parts as well as SinkEmAll. Which is correct? Do I need both or are BALLASTANKS and other parts for expanding the functionality of SinkEmAll?
  10. Kerbal customization is going to be fun!! I'm most excited for how snappy it looks, though. Loading a craft in just a few seconds will be incredible for testing things.
  11. It would be a very fun release date, but let's be chill about it because it was probably in jest.
  12. Jonny on the spot taking over ProbeControlRoom. Happy to see you with this one, welcome welcome. -- Figured I'd move my issue over from the last thread as it was at the end of LGG's time with it. *It's 'old' now, LMK if it's of no use I'll generate a new one tomorrow.
  13. Lisias is one of the most dedicated mod developers I've come across, not just in Kerbal. There's so much documentation of every change and every patch (for which there are so many your head would spin) and they have been successful in rooting out and smushing major bugs in Tweakscale for years now. All the while keeping it largely compatible with the majority of part mods out there. Show them some respect and help them solve the issue you're having by remaining civil. It's fair to caution other users on a build drop, but there are many channels to address bugs. Declaring a build unusable is a fair warning, but you'd better be sure you know for sure that TweakScale is the culprit, and it's not a mod creators fault for not backing up your favourite save files before changing things. Sorry if I sound harsh, I love our precious mod community too much to let people get away with disrespecting the process. Developing mods for the public is time consuming and patience-testing --they do this as a service to us we owe them better treatment of them and their work.
  14. You might get yelled at before then for asking again. Just sit tight, follow the thread.
  15. I've run into a seemingly random crash when launching a specific vessel in my save. Other vessels load properly but this one particular vessel (which I really need, lol) is not playing nice. I have a heavily modded install and it could very well be a memory leak but it's only this one vessel, and the vessel is only around 200 parts. If anyone has ideas or even can point out just what mod is conflicting I can dig into it more, but I have no clue at this moment. I was getting a NaN floating point related to a radiator panel, but removing said panels had no effect so it's something even more sinister going on. Right now I'm having to load the SPH, try to remove a suspicious part, crash, repeat. I don't want to have to reinstall until absolutely necessary. Craft file of vessel in question Log module manager cache in case that has useful info Time to start using CKAN, I think. Thanks in advance for reading!
  16. Heck ya I'm glad it was fixable!! Happy roboting!
  17. Based only on this screenshot, my guess it the Root Part auto strut. If you set that auto strut in the editor it will lock up. You need to leave it unstrutted and lock it first before using an autostrut. In-flight, an autostrut won't go above the parent of a robotic part unless said robotic part is locked.
  18. Thanks for the reply! This was great info I appreciate it. I think I must have something wrong with my install but I will work it out myself because I've decided to use SimpleCon (I'm a simpleton afterall) for now, but it doesn't seem to work for me. Anyway the reply clears some things up regardless of what I end up using for off-world construction, thanks again.
  19. I'm in 1.12.2 and when I Launch any vessel from a constructed kit the new vessel RUD's immediately with a lot of force. Big ships and small ones, can't get it to play nice. player log update: i can spawn single parts, i dont know why vessels dont work.. hmm. update: toggling unbreakable Parts and Joints cheat seemed to give a frame or two of a built-vessel before exploding(imploding?). either way maybe a new personal best high G-force record update: with 0.01g and joint/craft cheats it loads the vessel but all wrong.. example here
  20. I am trying to use SimpleCon instead of EPL. I've installed as directed and don't seem to notice any change to my game. Should I have a button to display relevant resources (required RP to build for example)? It's possible I leftovers from EPL install but I was pretty sure I installed correctly. Any ideas? log here
  21. This is likely in the documentation but I can't find it. How do I know how many Rocket Parts I need to construct a vessel? Is there a tooltip somewhere in the Editors?
  22. I must have borked something in my install. I'm getting resource error spam in my console. Something to do with WBI I imagine but I can't nail it down. Resource System Error: Resource id 1420028998 does not exist in part (Filename: C:\buildslave\unity\build\Runtime/Export/Debug/Debug.bindings.h Line: 35) Log
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