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  1. Roger that. I'll see if I can log out... haha. Thanks. edit: Delete my key file perhaps? e2: yep yep yep thanks !!
  2. I've had this happen and, to be frank, it makes me avoid IR parts if I can. I notice it happens when re-entering a scene with a scaled down part, it seems to attach to where it would be if it was full size. I still use the scissor lift part and some rail parts, don't be offended author.
  3. Did I bork something? I can't click anything, only thing that happens is the menu text fades when I hover over KX login tab.. Interesting.. log
  4. Apologies for lack of clarity. The stock tray that drops down when you hover over launch can be populated with K&K sites. I also use KerbinSide Airports atm perhaps that function is from that. Also in my situation I have all sites on and "launch from any site" enabled (K&K options). I don't need to even go into the K&K menu (via stock app tray) unless I forget to open a newly created site. I look in the tray, scroll down for the site I want, and click the launch icon directly beside its name. I'm somewhat familiar with it as I'm using it right now to run custom crawlerways and
  5. Well, in theory no. But it shouldn't be doing this. It turns itself off in all circumstances and I'd like it to behave as expected.
  6. When I use the green square launch button, it defaults to pad on me sometimes. I always always always go into the dropdown, and simply click launch next to the site. I do *not* select it. Maybe this is how you have to do it, too. Once the site is open I don't use the K&K icon menu thing anymore except for checking that sites are open. I have successfully used this process to spawn vessels on the Mun in 1.11.2. Good luck!
  7. I realize I have never thanked you for this mod. I cannot even begin to come close to how much thanks you deserve.. I also am here wondering if MJ could be causing an issue or my user error interfering. Somehow only MJ can use RCS. When I use SAS with RCS on, only translation actuation remains ON, yaw pitch roll turn themselves on (and off respectively) when I turn SAS back off. This happens regardless of whether MJ is trying to do anything. Which is puzzling... Is there a setting I don't know about I have inadvertently set?
  8. No dice on that or anything along the lines of mods like TCA interacting... It's seriously bizzare lol. Making it difficult near impossible to do anything manually.
  9. When you launch, is it via big green Launch button? Or do you open the site menu dropdown and scroll down to your site, select it, then click "launch" from down there in the dropdown menu? In my experience you need to do the latter, or it may just go to Pad/Runway09. Another issue I have run into is a spawn point being too close to another one. This will send you back to Space Center upon launch. That's about all the info I can think of... Godspeed. None of that ^ is applicable without any DLC launchsites.
  10. When I turn SAS (or MJ) on, RCS actuation turns itself off on Y/P/R but not Translation. I still have directional control of the vessel, and if SAS is off RCS fires as it should to reorient the vessel. This is a real headache for me, as you can imagine. I figure I did this myself by accident, but can anyone help me fix this? I took a lil gif but it won't upload hopefully it's clear what my issue is.
  11. I want to point out that you can scale child parts of robotics now. This used to cause problems, not anymore. I haven't messed with scaling robotic parts themselves though.
  12. I think you would need to do some math and time them. I can't think of a way to detect sunlight or anything like that.
  13. I am running tweakscale on 11.2 now, everything is going swimmingly. I am running Restock as well (no companion scared to bork). But for googlers etc, KSP 1.11.2 Tweakscale is soft compatible at the moment. You'll get a warning, but I've run maybe 70 hours in Science mode no issues.
  14. I discovered the need for...curtains..upon trying to land on a runway that was below the ground lol. Fun times.
  15. Translated for others via google It is a good mod. I really hate that the official directly replaces my previous mk1-2 file without permission. Now I can only use this silly mk1-3, very disappointed. I hope the author can follow up and update mk1-3 I think it's easy enough to remove certain Space patches. They are simply .cfg text files that tell a part to refer to a different internal.cfg than default. You can remove this entry and it'll remove the internal config and go back to default.
  16. Upon 'establish depot' the depot disappeared, is this a bug? I apologize in advance for likely missing it, but is there explicit documentation on WOLF components? I think I bit off more than I can chew, lol.
  17. IDK if it makes a difference, but I have never installed Recall manually.. If it comes bundled I'm using it but I just install Tweakscale itself, it works for me. It won't behave properly with Restock if that's applicable.
  18. I understand you mentioned stock, however, there is a wicked good station arm that comes with a servo programmer so you can set nice clean movements in space for docking parts. For what its worth, you definitely can build a Canadarm with robotics. You're going to need to go through some testing on your own to tune the damping, timings, etc. Default settings for robotics are a little wonky. I have no doubt you can use KAL controllers to program a good docking arm.
  19. I have some RSS pain in my right hand, a larger window would be a welcome accessibility addition as clicking and scrolling is a little much! I'm so excited you've got an idea for it. Regardless, as it is it's top 5 for me, a must install. Moving fuel and large crew transfers is a breeze even if the window is tiny @jinnantonixI don't think so, no. You mean like dump the whole capsule crew into a station for example? I am 90% sure you cannot.
  20. 260m, got it. Thank you. I will give this a try.
  21. Things working fine in 1.11.1 I haven't gone to .2 yet. I was wondering, though, is it possible to config the hotkey? Now with EVA Const. you Alt+Click to select a stack of cargo items, which will often swap you if you aren't careful. Not a huge deal but if I could make it only left Alt or something it would be a QoL improvement, especially because this mods strongest feature is that it essentially removes accidental vessel changes. Update: Ah, there's a settings.cfg in PluginData folder. Contains hotkeys and some other neat settings. I'm sure I just missed this pointed out elsewhere.
  22. I encountered "cannot roll out craft, clear the way first" despite the way being clear. In fact nothing has changed in the scene since the vessels were stored. Am I making a mistake somehow?
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