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  1. Close but no cigar. Perhaps @Lisias will grace us with their presence?
  2. I'm curious if there has ever been an attempt to create a Global colour selection of some kind? An Apply to All of sorts? I often repaint a craft and when there's a couple hundred parts, such a global function would serve a great QoL purpose. Anyway thanks for maintaining.
  3. The Kerbal community always follows up. I had this problem.. I suppose I can go without Scatterer for my BDA install. Thanks!
  4. Likely never from Linux, he's very busy I assume. You can make your own textures, which fills the need for custom textures.
  5. I attempted to patch the Life Support Tanks, no dice. They must have different default nodes and I wasn't quite sure, but my attempt failed. This is what I tried to append to the patch. @PART[ProceduralPartsTACLSTank]:AFTER[ProceduralParts] { @node_stack_top = 0, 0.375, 0, 0, 1, 0, 1 @node_stack_bottom= 0, -0.375, 0, 0, -1, 0, 1 } I assumed it was going to be the same as the Fuel Tanks, so I used their @nodes. Obviously this was incorrect but I'm not sure how to fix it.
  6. @Lisias I discovered something pretty small in the patch re: my last issue. Procedural Parts hides the Life Support Tank by default, yet it's searchable. A persistent user (like myself) could use this part and find their craft bugged out because the LS Tank isn't included in the patch. Something to keep in mind when you get to this issue. I think I can fix it here for myself but for-warning. Hope you're well!!
  7. Ok fair! I have run into this issue many times in the past, I must have had a similar issue though I don't remember much about what else was modded.
  8. I believe this is a known issue. It's existed since the beginning of TS. I'm sure Lisias has more info, though.
  9. I think this is correct. Unless someone were to code a way to destroy a vessel, recreate the crew and funds, and call it 'recovering' off world. But such a thing does not exist in KK as far as I know.
  10. The patch works as intended on a heavily modded save. It misses one part, Universal Stack Adapter (I forget it's origin but it's old). I don't actually use this part much and it's obsolete with PP installed. 10/10 all things considered. Hopefully I won't need to talk to you anytime soon but it's always a pleasure!
  11. WOW! I knew you'd be helpful but I learned some things, too! Thanks so much Lisias. I'll download this and check it out, otherwise I'll simply avoid PP as much as I can for SAs. They're 'new' Hollow parts are to die for, so hopefully we can track down a proper patch in time. Again thanks so much!! Always appreciate the help.
  12. I can't figure this out and it's almost game breaking. Basically can't use any subassemblies etc. Essentially, Merging a craft loads it with all its' axis spread out. Is this Tweakscale? Or is it Procedural Parts? Log
  13. Problem between keyboard and chair: I can't find the surface experiments, what might I have done wrong? I do have all DLC and all Requirements.
  14. Wow I was wondering if this would ever see a release!! Wonderful! Excited to try it.
  15. In the editor, you click K&K in the toolbar to bring up the Launchsite Selector. I believe this is the step you are missing. (screenshot under spoiler) Launchsites lit Red instead of Green are Closed. Once a site is Open it then appears in the launch menu. Q2: Yes there are a plethora of tiles that are paved, dirt, corners, other road tiles, taxiways, etc. Almost any static from any other K&K static pack will work at present. It's simply loading a 3D model, you can even create your own! Q3: Orientation is tricky. For example when I created a second Crawlerway + Launchpad, I wasn't sure what the default spawn orientation is so I had to test it. Re: More statics other than the default, you can find a bunch of links earlier in the thread here where Panarchist came through.
  16. So you've placed a runway, then made it a Launchsite, then in the Editor you clicked K&K to bring up all launchsites and selected 'Open Launchsite for X funds'? That last part is very important. After this step your new Runway should show up like Dessert Runway or Island Airfield. I encounter a bug where occasionally I only see the Stock+ sites in the green Launch dropdown menu. Usually the sites have closed themselves somehow, but reopening it fixes the problem. Perhaps you've inadvertently encountered this as well.
  17. Loving this! I'm struggling to tune the Depth of Field properly.. I can only seem to get everything blurry or everything in focus. Can anyone help me understand the parameters? I tried a few configs out there but gamers generally don't favour DoF so I have to make it myself and I'm finding it tricky.
  18. No way! I've been using such an old version with 1.13 haha. Thanks for the update I never thought it would be revived for end-state KSP.
  19. holy moly this is incredible thanks for bringing it to my attention
  20. Thanks! I'm not paying enough attention, clearly.
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