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  1. @notJebKerman thank's for the answer, but your link looks dead
  2. @cxg2827 Nice mod! I want to congrulate and thank's you first. Actually I've got one problem. I don't know connect my truss to the habitacles. Can you explain me and/or show me a picture you connect the truss to the life parts? Thank's a lot sir.
  3. @DECQ is your mod compatible with the Kerbal Commnet ? Doesn't looks like
  4. Nice mod sir, like the russian way (: I'm here to report some disgrement. I'm using your mod and others parts mod and mechjeb2 mod. I'm not using RO mod. The rocket hasnt problem to get out of athmosphere but the third stage looks to lacks of power. Maybe i'm not taking the good way but I haven't got issues with other rockets mod
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