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  1. maybe the krakens more of a STAY STILL kinda guy.....
  2. I plan to become a Telecommunications company in this when I join, using my Satellite Bus - 0.7 to my larger Satellite Bus - 1.4, so you can look forward to business!
  3. Hi Kerbonauts! As you all know, the evolution of stock propellers/rotors in KSP has come a very long way. Ever since legit aerodynamics crash - landed at Kerbin people have been trying to figure this thing out. I would like to see what people think of stock propellers, rotors, prop. planes, and helicopters. This post isn't a contest or a poll, just seeing how people approach this thing. Submitting You can submit anywhere from: pictures, gifs, tips, advice, troubles/problems, explanations, compliments to others, or constructive criticism. This post is short and straight to the point! remember, jebius explosius
  4. Name : K.E.E.S. Gives A Big Hi There! Author : K.E.E.S. Date : 22:28 , 7/8/2017 Post Data : Hi there! I'm Jamie Perkins, creator of K.E.E.S., or the Kerbal Engineering and Experimental Society. I hope to bring together brilliant scientists, gamers, engineers, and enthusiasts to help fight a common issue. Curiosity. By this I mean The thing that drives humans to do what they do, whether it be landing a man on the moon, exploring the amazon, or even just cleaning out the back of the fridge. Unfortunately, though, that drives half of kerbals to touch the big red shiny button that Bill said NOT to touch! This society is meant to being out the best in human and kerbal engineering to complete common goals using Teamwork, Persistence, Smarts, and Creativity. We Need You! We're looking for 10 lucky accounts to join the K.E.E.S.! How The System Works! For an Exclusive Task, I will first post the task and notify it as Exclusive, which means that everybody can view it and try it on their own, but only the Members of the Society can post and start to assemble a plan in this comment section. After I post the task, I will review and talk with Members on who gets what job for now, whether it be the best type of landing system, VTOL balancing, Stock Propeller/Helicopter Systems, Space Elevator Steadiness, or something like that. This is a somewhat serious society, and the goal is to improve or to reinvent certain kerbal techniques completely. If somebody is being abusive, or or you feel like another member in this Society is cyber - bullying you in any way, I will talk with them and we will take a vote on whether we should kick that account out of this Society. Following that, I will post a notification of dis - charge and a notification for an opening sport in the K.E.E.S.. Once the goal has been tested and confirmed, I will record the data amd show the rest of the Kerbonauts our findings on how to improve various kerbal systems or incredible missions. How To Sign Up! First and foremost, you must really be committed to the Kerbal world and vigorous engineering challenges that we will definitely face. Second, you most post a link to a google slides or a google documents paper or something like that on why you would be a good candidate. Treat it like a resume, because I WILL be judging based on your grammar, commitment, specific characteristics about you, and your engineering capabilities and qualities. Thanks! Thank you for reading this short but meaningful post, and as always, Jebius, Explosius!
  5. Thank you for asking. In tweakscale, (Which is one of my favorite mods), you can change the sizes of the parts to fit what you need. Lets take the Vector engine. Using Tweakscale, you could take the size of the part and change it, What I want to do is make it that you could change the nozzle shape, the combustion chamber ratios, or even the fuel types.
  6. Hi everybody, I am preparing to design and share a mod that I would like to call MicroLab. How It Works: After installing the mod, you would open up your game like usual. At the Ksc, behind the Tracking Station, there would be a small building, like a 1/4 mission control size room. This is the MicroLab. In the MicroLab, you can create tweaked parts using existing models or start from scratch using stock textures and specified part sizes. Say you had a small Eeloo probe and the only way to keep it powered was by using the RTG. but you didn't want that big bulky RTG, or you don't like the shape or need a specific attatchment node for Jeb to hang off the side. If you are in career you get all of the possibilities available with the Mod. If you are in Career or science, you will gradually unlock different efficiencies, part types, and node placement. It will completely be using stock textures, to cut down the amount of different data in your GameData. Possibilities: Command Pods - not yet under development. Fuel tanks - start from scratch or tweak current models. Engines - under development for tweak able models, or start from scratch. Control - tweak current models Structural - scratch Coupling - under development Payload - under development Aerodynamics - not yet under development Ground - not yet under development Thermal - start from scratch or tweak able models Electrical - start from scratch or tweak able models Communication - not yet under development Science - not yet under development Utility - development is finalizing What Exactly: As you can see this is still under much construction and things will definitely change. I'm doing this with Unity and Blender and a couple other extra programs. I do not have an exact date for it's first release, but I can say that it will be released later than sooner, due to the fact that this is a one man project, and a big one, at that. Suggestions: I would love to hear any advice, info, or suggestions for specific features or parts to add or improve on. I have been a Kerbal for about... oh 4 years maybe, so I think it is long overdue for me to make this. I've always wanted to do this in KSP and anything you have to say, criticism or suggestions, are greatly needed, and greatly helpful. Thanks and have a nice day!
  7. I personally would like to see more in terms of small satellite parts, not necessarily CubeSat, but more compact and specified parts for communication satellites to span Kerbin, maybe you could add a smaller RTG, or even a whole new part diameter, like 0.313, or something like that. Tweak scale is always an option, but I would like to see small stock parts.
  8. Hello everybody, I am here to announce the proud launch of TechTier. We are based around creating a realistic space program environment. We will include top of the line realistic launch times, conditions, physics, and of course rockets. For instance, say that today the temperature at Cape Canaveral is 78 degrees Fahrenheit, this is a nominal launch temperature if we had a launch set for today. We will be using extra realisticness by adding in launch timer and event callout. We will also be using others such as booster cams, (no floating cameras), occasional failures, and real development times for new rockets and technology. Any real world satellites or suggestions will be accepted if available with our current rocket capabilities. I am running a pretty packed version of Realism Overhaul to meet real world requirements. We primarily specialize in LEO station building, LEO or GSO orbits, as well as NASA related missions. I will mainly be launching from Cape Canaveral, but if required, I have KSC switcher for maximum performance. I will soon set up a post for real world or highly detailed satellite suggestions as well as, eventually, manned missions. While this is 100% for the fun of it basically, I will, to the best of my knowledge, explain the physics and reasoning behind my designs. I hope everybody enjoys this journey, and without further adue, enjoy! Link to my heroes who inspired me: http://www.spacex.com/
  9. I think it would be cute to see a kerbal zipping around the ksc on a tiny ( or gigantic), hover board. Once you get your results, I would love to see them down below. Look forward to seeing that soon, and have fun. Requirements for Challenge Allowed: Mods, sas, kerbal has to be visible in command seat, must hover above ground, must have video or picture of kerbal on top of VAB with hoverboard, can use jet or lift surface spinner, and you must have fun doing it! Not Allowed cheats, wheels( this is supposed to hover), must be intact after course is finished. Mission Guidelines 1. Start on runway 2. Go through one of the R&D tunnels 3. Circle the mk1 memorial in the center 4. Go to the launching pad 5. Align on top of pad 6. Hover up into the air until over VAB 7. Land on VAB helipad 8. Plant flag 9. Land on edge of runway where you started. 10. Have fun!
  10. Ok, thanks, I will think of something more possible and more explained
  11. Can I delete this post because it doesn't follow guidelines
  12. I think it would be amusing to see people try to reach duna with nothing but the space bar. You must post pictures/videos of your flight for proof. Extra challenge: try not to use decouplers
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