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  1. @Ezriilc, apologies, the generator page is the site i was talking about, and when i followed the forum thread link, it led to the other thread and an "old thread" warning with no recent posts... i misassumed that it was replaced by this thread... never thought to look at the rules link (thought it was rules for the site itself, lol)
  2. two things... is there any possibility of a link/doc/subsection that defines what each device is for (actually had to do some hunting to find this thread since the website still points at the old thread) and explains what exactly constitutes the challenge wreathe for each ribbon? and, i know this was addressed a bit before, but i offer a neutral alternative... an opt-in kind of thing. A silver/gold side-clip device denoting an SAS/semi-assisted manned flight as opposed to a purely unassisted stock flight (no SAS even). it would then be the "ultimate achievement" to take off stock unassisted, achieve orbit, travel to wherever, and return to kerbin surface (especially if you use challenge mods like RO, lol). but not having the device could simply mean that youre controlling too many flights to bother manual control each time, or that (like me) you can barely land an atmoplane *with* SAS. just my 2cents and i may be dismissed as you see fit.
  3. @blackheart612, @Skylon, thank you, ill check the CoM, and actually its a roll to the left (CR-side)and then a counter-spin to the right, followed by a pitch nose-up and a counter-clockwise spin... if it was a real helicopter, id say it was a bad rotor pitch control and out of sync tail unit (not enough power at first, then too much)... but what you said makes sense. ill take a look and give a heads up. it could just be that im bad at flying in atmo in this game, lol
  4. actually, it was the texturing i was talking about... seems most modders, especially the better ones, try to be acurate in the details... and the engine parts (and intakes for many of them) would be a lot of different textures, and then the individual stats to keep from having multiple identicals with different skins... dont get me wrong, id love to see a package of ww2 engines (especially the Me- and Ju- plane engines), i just don't see it happening any time soon...
  5. so i havent had a chance to land a soyuz capsule yet... do they have the last-second retrothrusters to soften the landing? (i keep going boom on reentry... when i actually get into space, that is... kscale and deadly reentry are a rough combo)
  6. my mistake, then... but even that would be a lot
  7. @TiktaalikDreaming, i DO have UbM, RT, and CTT... so it might have gotten arranged somewhere completely pointless? (the a10-a4 fairing is in the third tier, while the rest of the a10 is in start...) ill take a look in sandbox mode and see if i can find do it there. @halowraith1, that would be a massive package... the flying wing/wedge, the extended agregate-series, and the heli prototype (that would have never gotten off the ground) to name a few... nice idea, but thatd be a lot to do, and then to download
  8. @TiktaalikDreaming so i just looked and i dont see the parachute nosecone OR the coupler... are those new to 1.3?
  9. ok, i get the feeling this should be a question for firespitters thread, but since it has to do with the parts here... how do i fly a helicopter? i got the rotors balanced over the CoM... got the control rotor in place and pointed the right way... but it spins out (not counter-rotating, i checked that already) and rolls over, not to mention the max throttle just to lift off... really dont want to add ANOTHER mod just to use the copters (pc is at its limit already...)
  10. @TiktaalikDreaming, well... i feel pretty stupid... i got to the "interstage coupler" and realized my mistake... guess where i went wrong? lol
  11. call me stupid... but what are the flat pieces for? the bottom picture? it seems like i should know this, but... and btw... "yes, the new engines can hover upside down..." just call it reverse pitch and say its on purpose. cant find the video but the army has(had) a stunt pilot that can invert a uh-1 for extended time frames, lol
  12. So maybe im doing something wrong... but the v2 wont seperate from the a10? Or is this the wrong mod?
  13. i dont know about others, but for me i misunderstood photos and such... i just learned a new thing. do you have anything up that shows which parts are meant for which launch vehicle though? or can you point me to a decent place that uses the same part/series numbering in the mod? i see alot of 107, 108, etc, and thats a tough trail to follow, lol.
  14. So... im using my phone atm, but im trying to follow historical progression (RO, RSS, and HistContracts) and im stuck... if anyone can help me out with which parts for which rockets id appreciate it. Just pm me unless its something you think everyone could use. Btw... ive googled and binged to no avail. And im stuck at sput 2 (wasnt the payload, with laika, supposed to detach and return seperately... by chute?)
  15. so thats what the frames are for... thank you. it was getting very aggravating trying to ballistic spin into orbit (not even CLOSE to enough fuel for that).