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  1. I consider this mod essential in combination with Kerbal Construction time. Fantastic work! It adds so much realism. I did encounter a bug, though. It appears only occasionally though: I tested a rocket in KRASH from the VAB. Then I terminated the simulation and went back to the VAB, then clicked on orange exit button to get back to the space center, but instead I land where I last terminated the simulation (e.g. in orbit around kerbin with the spacecraft there). If I bring up the menu via ESC, I still get the option to terminate the simulation, but doing so nothing happens. So I end up with the spacecraft being in orbit (or whereever I last left it before terminating KRASH while I had used it from the VAB), but without actually properly built the spacecraft in KCT. Nothing major, as I can just destroy the craft from the tracking station. It seems though that somehow the scenarios of 'simulated' and 'real' get mixed up.
  2. Another, even better idea would be: Instead of punishing the player randomly for things that were not his fault (i.d. random failures), reward him for improving the parts instead. Generation 1 of parts starts off with 20% worse stats than stock (e.g. worse mass, worse ISP, less movement range on fins, higher tank leakage, more electricity consumption). Each generation improves the stats by e.g. 2% so that at generation 10 you have perfectly working stock designs. This way it is fun and rewarding to improve the reliability rating and at least you can properly plan for and counteract failure. Consumes too much fuel / too much fuel leakage on generation 2 still? Maybe bring more than you would typically need. Right now the situation is: Too unreliable generation 2 booster? Just bring spare boosters. Oh look - one of my reliability rated 9 boosters has failed and the rated 9 spare booster have both failed in the same (!) launch. Maybe the tenth generation will finally be able to just launch without failing uncontrollably.
  3. Still working in 1.5.1. I really do like the mod. A great sounding rocket, which actually fits in with the KSP color theme and a V2 look-alike which looks as if it were stock-alike. Great job!
  4. I can confirm the same audio isssue which WuphonsReach reported. Furthermore I just want to share my experience with Oh Scrap!: In general I think having failures in KSP can make the game so much more exciting, as you can never be quite sure as to whether this launch is going to go the same way the last one did. Making the best out of a bad situation contributes to a lot of fun in KSP. However, with random failures the line to frustration is very thin. I tried this mod now twice, because I really liked its idea and the reliability based failure model. There has been some great amount of thought and work put into this mod, hats off. But ingame I found the failures were much, much to frequent and thus instead of providing some exciting, unexpected challenge here and there, I just wasn't having any fun anymore. Mostly that is because when you start a new career in KSP, you will be going through new parts quickly and each part needs to be tested around 5-6 times before you can do a proper launch. Even worse, the failure rate for the same type of SRBs seems abnormally high. Every time I had around 4 - 6 SRBs of the same type attached to a rocket, in 9/10 times one would inevitably fail during launch / ignition, even though all of them had a reliability rating of 8 - 9. And that is where I decided this mod is simply too frustrating in its current state, if you decide to play career. Would it be possible to release a seperate version of this mod, which - similarly to Dang It! - starts off with a high reliability, but then degrades continously. Each part is rated for X safe uses or X safe hours (afterwards the reliability goes down rapidly) and that rating goes up with each generation. That would mean parts for longer missions would still needed to be tested for increased long-term reliabilty, but then you wouldn't need to test every single new part in career dozens of times before you can actually use it for that one single mission which the contract requires. That would actually be fun and not frustrating in career. It would allow you to use new parts for contracts, without having to test them a dozens times beforehand.
  5. If you are experiencing KSP burnout, you simply need to fly at a lower altitude .
  6. Your Quick modlets are absolutely essential for KSP, Malah! While using QuickGoTo on 1.2.2 I've had a bug occor: When changing from the SPH to the VAB, it does load into the VAB. However, the mission flag is not mine, the previously edited vehicle is not there and worst of all: I can't click any buttons at all. Thus I have to forcefully quit KSP and restart it again, where everything is working fine again. Considering KSP takes 5 to load, this bug feels rather severe.
  7. I prefer having set sizes for all the other parts of KSP and would rather not use TweakScale on them in my career game. So I wanted to know if it is possible to use TweakScale to only scale your decals and nothing else :).
  8. Thank you! This solved the problem for me as well.
  9. More marvelous mods maintained by you, @linuxgurugamer! This might be better suited in the TweakScale thread, but how do I restrict TweakScale only to work on the flags?
  10. I've had the same problem with the instantly leaking snacks! parts. Do you know why that happens, linuxgurugamer?
  11. First of all, I want to thank you for the copious amount of useful mods you provide! You mentioned you do not want to bring back the mini packs of SXT until you are satisfied with SXT Continued itself. Do you think you could maybe make some of those mini packs available unofficially? I'm especially keen on the airbags module.
  12. I'm at my wits end, I really need help. For a week now I've tried to find a solution for this issue. Whether I'm at 1.2.2 (SVE high res on a stock game) with the installation guide Galileo posted a few pages back, or whether I am at 1.3.0 with either CKAN or a manualinstall as described on the first page, my sunflare / sun seems very grainy to me and very far from the briliance of other screenshots. 1.2.2: Or 1.3.0: If you view it in fullscreen, everything seems crisp, only the sun looks very low-pixel. I'm playing at 2560 x 1440 and AA, light count and shadow cascades cranked up to maximum. What causes this?