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  1. I do like the max increase of warning days. There's one more change I'd suggest, @linuxgurugamer: Would it be possible to make the height of the IFILS info window adjustable? It's a bit awkward that we can see only / scroll through only one line at a time. It gets awkward quickly, when there's a couple of different life support modules on the vessel.
  2. Under which filter tab category in the VAB are the parts supposed to show up @linuxgurugamer?
  3. On many, many rockets one of the fairings falls off immediately on the launchpad with the following flight event log: This makes the fairings essentially useless. Does anyone have any input on this problem?
  4. Just a quick bug report: This new version breaks the Strategia mod. Only crewed missions are partially available (left most column). All other ones are completely empty.
  5. Github lists only two source code files in the assets, the mod itself seems to be missing for the release?
  6. A random event fired which increased Valentina's wage. From 500 to 600.000023841858. It's not a bug per se, but really odd .
  7. Yeah, I can't wait until the FlowGraph bug is finally fixed! ScrapYard works so well together with KCT and StageRecovery, that I'm really missing playing without it. Is there any news on that front , @zer0Kerbal?
  8. While in a game. When initially setting up a game, changing from "easy" to "normal", "moderate" or "hard" doesn't change the value below at all, actually.
  9. You fixed all those issues already? Impressive ! One very minor issue I just found: In the options, right column, the difficulty setting "Normal" doesn't seem to do anything. "Easy", "Moderate" and "Hard" all set the sliders correctly. Clicking on "Normal" doesn't change the sliders from the previous selected difficulty. I discovered another oddity: The PAW thinks there's only 0.04 Kibbles left (1), when all other resources show there's actually about 3 left (2 + 3) , @linuxgurugamer.
  10. Since I'm only early on in a new career, I haven't noticed lag that much. When physics warping, I noticed that the option Display Update Frequency did cause massive lag when on 1 second. I suggest increasing the standard preset to maybe 5 seconds or so, @linuxgurugamer.
  11. Excellent! There seems to be an issue with the life support estimate in the VAB, @linuxgurugamer In my modded career I used the MK1 pod, removed all the Kibbles&Bits, but the life support estimate didn't update / shows the wrong amount still (here 3.00 instead of the 0.00 in the pod now): Opening or closing the panel did not update it, nor did leaving and re-entering the VAB.
  12. Small addendum, @linuxgurugamer: When setting up a new game, since the radio buttons are not exclusive, changing from easy to hard settings before the game doesn't change the associated values below.
  13. I'm still convinced this is just a very elaborate April fool's joke.
  14. Thanks for the update and the fixes ! The parts now do appear in the tech tree where they ought to. Is it intended that you can toggle all four radio buttons for the difficulty values in the right column when setting up a new career game, @linuxgurugamer? Seems like it should be either / or instead, right?
  15. May I kindly ask whether you know what causes the -1.0hrs MTBF bug in the VAB? @Angel-125 Another thing: Would it be possible to have the option for the failure of solar panels added to the next release, @Angel-125? (instead of having to create custom MM patches which I'll mess up)
  16. (In my modded career) the bug appears in installed via CKAN. Here's the KSP.log .
  17. I absolutely love that you've implemented the font size and transparency options, that's the only thing I was yearning for. Thanks ! Small note: I accidentally tried to change the window transparency with the alternate skin enabled and since that doesn't work, it throws a bunch of errors: Probably has no long-lasting consequences and doesn't really matter much, though.
  18. How do I select parts placed inside a Universal Storage: Cylindrical Fairing / Payload Bay configuration? Once placed it becomes nearly impossible to select the parts again. Is there a way to make the fairing bay get out of the way / make it invisible so you can actually place and rearrange parts inside it properly?
  19. Don't feel rushed with those two issues. I can't expect to have it cater to every mod. I just thought I'd mention them since I encountered them.
  20. It is, I had forgotten to refresh CKAN -.- . Love the parts, great job! While adding them into a heavily modded career I noticed that with Restock(+) the texture for AbortPack1.25 and Abort Pack 2.5 are missing. Would it be possible to add a patch for that? Since I'm using Probes Before Crew, I noticed that in the tech tree the Abort Pack 1.25 is located in the very first node (and not where the MK1 command pod is). The other two Abort Packs however sit nicely in the same nodes their MK command parts are in.
  21. That looks lovely! I can't wait for the CKAN release. You mean Space Poop ?
  22. Is it possible to access the science reports again, after they have appeared and faded out? I do like to read the little tidbits, but they disappear so fast after a science experiment has completed, and so far I haven't found a way to access them again (unlike in the base game, where you can just look at the stored data onboard a vessel).
  23. I love this fantastic mod! So many nice parts to store all the science experiments and life support in much more convenient ways. I stumbled upon a small little typo, @Paul Kingtiger: When the Primary Bays of the Universal Storage: Tapered Fairing (0.625m to 1.25m) are extended, the Retract option calls them now Brimary Bays. But maybe that's just the Kerbal spelling . ________________ Another tiny issue I encountered for the same Universal Storage: Tapered Fairing (0.625m to 1.25m): Enabling the solar panels only works if I select the Structural Configuration. Any other configuration (Crew Transfer Tunn, Wedge Bracket) and clicking the Toggle Solar Panel button does nothing. Is this intended or a bug, @Paul Kingtiger?
  24. 1) I downloaded your 2.0.0 Beta 1 version, extracted it and put the ResourceOverview folder into the GameData folder. 2) The vessels were various ~40 part self-built vessels early in a modded career playthrough and (3) all those vessels were unmanned. Do you want me to upload any files in particular?
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