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  1. What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    I made a jack-o-lantern! I apologize for the quality
  2. The Official Realism Overhaul Craft Repository.

    Not ro, but its rss! (hope your guys dont mind me posting this here) Its the Orbit Nr-1, a fictional rocket designed by the us navy for ultra light satellite launches can get .5 tons to leo
  3. Most magical moments in your KSP

    A new one! First rss orbit! The big hulk of earth flying by under you, but its soo serene You could say its very Atmospheric
  4. Most magical moments in your KSP

    My first steps on bop (tracks actually)
  5. KSP Age Groups?

    It would actually be very useful with principia
  6. Does Eve have life?

    How would you test for life on a game thats not meant for it?
  7. Does Eve have life?

    Life experiments on eve?
  8. What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    Not funny, but an event... In my english class, there was someone in my small group whom was eating popcorn, then they started coughing, not a normal cough, but a very strained cough. Then they started to stop coughing, good, right? Uuh, no. The other person asked if they were chocking, nod, ooooh crap. Thankfully, they got it out of they're throat themselves. Moral of the story; pay attention to those emergency thingies that you learn at school
  9. The airplane picture thread.

    Cessna! Its prop was moving btw just doesn`t look like it
  10. So, I finally got rss to work (yay!) but, I dont know what happened, I think the installs botched, but when I click on "comms" for example, It shoes everything from pods, control, same thing..... Any ideas? Is it also worth noting that all parts have "autoLOC_500433" as their name? Help?
  11. Getting RSS to work! (still)

  12. The design thread!

    Quick little thing that I drew up Call it the "EACHR" (need a better name) for Electronic Axial Compressed Hybird Ramjet Its designed so that It behaves kinda like a jet engine until it gets to mach 1 or so, then goes all ramjet
  13. Thread to complain bout stuff

    Same deal over here...