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  1. The Official Realism Overhaul Craft Repository.

    1,000 tons, i've launched a entire interplanetary mothership
  2. The Official Realism Overhaul Craft Repository.

    Design war you say? Count me in
  3. Help with Relationships Thread

    totally didnt forget about when valentines day was
  4. Don't Click This

  5. The user below me...

    I do have a cat! TUBM is currently snowed in
  6. Help with Relationships Thread

    I got that reference What did he say to you? Did go along the lines of "when you grow up...."
  7. I is back

    welcome back!
  8. ULA launch thread

  9. Favorite 1957-2018 rocket?

    First rocket ive ever watched (without livestream)
  10. Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    Not correct! @Vanamonde Now let me get back to me saturn
  11. Uber realistic saturn 5

    Re-working s-1
  12. Uber realistic saturn 5

    Ook, looks like its just one portion, the csm, stage 3 are the ones I know work
  13. Uber realistic saturn 5

    welp.. Corrupted files. cant access the craft in game
  14. Uber realistic saturn 5

    After some re-work! (thanks for the radiator idea!) Sorry for the terrible order of the pictures
  15. Weather Chat Megathread

    looks like our snow is going to stay till sunday