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  1. this random caravan of poorly designed rovers.... With sepertrons stuck on them.
  2. really? I didn`t know that, but thanks!
  3. Not really me complaining about something per se, but me complaining about my stupidity.... I was working on a certain balsa project (not telling yet!) when I went to go put down some superglue I was using.... I look down, and theres the superglue bottle (tube?) stuck to my hand, let it be known that this is the 10 second stuff.... I had some on my hand, and didn`t notice it so it stuck onto the glue tube thing, and some of the glue on the tube cured on my hand, making the joint (get it? its my finger) pretty stronk... GAHH! So I proceeded to peel it off if my finger, cursing my stupidity, now I have so much glue on my hands and its driving me insane
  4. I got into a flat spin... in a b-25... from like, 2,000 feet, it looked epic
  5. meant to say proxima centauri..... The planet that they found there
  6. I`m kinda off and on writing a scifi thing (I can`t call it a book or novel yet, so its a "thing") Its basically about a crew who arrive at alpha centauri, and they`re struggling to find water (which is absolutely necessary), survive (obviously), and generally build a colony on a barren wasteland of a planet.
  7. No idea what the name will be yet... I`m just seeing how people think of it right now, feed back is welcome! This is written kinda like a memoir, and no, we have not gotten to alpha centauri yet... Someone is going to think so after the bolded writing. Well, I`m having a right good time here, aren`t I? Now you may be asking “what are you talking about?!” I`ll tell you! So! Project Icarus, sending an anti-matter rocket to alpha centauri-b, sounds fun, right? Well, for the most part, yes, very fun. Until your life relies on you finding enough water to sustain 5 people for fifteen years, make a colony, and have enough to get home. Yeah, now our life is a desperate struggle to find water. Now, in my fevered imagination you will probably be asking “but, what about bringing it with you?!” well, my answer to that is a simple one; no, just no. Turns out, that amount water weighs more than a freaking super Walmart, and has the certain problem of boiling off into space, forcing us to store it inside the spacecraft eating up our precious living space (so you know, we don`t kill each other?). Now, we did have water, because, you know, we aren`t camels or something, but just enough to get us to alpha centauri-b, and set up a rudimentary drill rig. <historical note: the following pages are based off of audio logs, video logs and, with the rest of the crew`s permission, crew logs. This is intended to increase the storytelling aspect of this book, and allow for a 1st person perspective.> T-10 seconds to TCI burn (trans centaurian incersion burn) “go, nogo for TCI!” Flight began rattling off strange and interesting acronyms, all being met with a “go” “T-9” “go for TCI!” Flight finished. Somewhere behind the crew of five a faint unearthly wailing of the anti-matter engine slowly rose to a roar, then after about fifteen minutes the roar slowly became a wail, again, and slowly silence took hold of the ship again. The pilot; whom they jokingly refer to as “hans” reported to mission control that the engine has throttled down, and that they were still alive. Eventually we started to hear some guitar or something, everyone looked over to jonathan; the ships engineer, now that I think about it, I have no idea what his role on the mission is, except for being some strange engineering merchant (no, really, I pay him sometimes to fix things). Yup, his smile says it all, he thought it would be a great time to play david bowie`s space oddity…. Right after an anti-matter burn; let me mention that in space oddity, major tom has some pretty interesting problems with his ship. Yeah, that’s him for you. I`m pretty sure that Houston could hear the groan from LEO (in fact I know so, hans left the audio channel open).
  8. interesting how you did the atmospheres this time, I like it
  9. Yeah, try to fuel... In the air... with another aircraft points: 10- Successful re-fueling 50- multiple aircraft re-fueling 80- movable re-fueling probe Instantaneous win- using probe and drogue... with a actual kerbal hose Rules: No mods that add -hoses (kas) Enjoy!
  10. "A good mission is if you get the objectives done, a better one is if you get some science while your at it, an excellent one is if you get off of kerbin" -me
  11. waiter! There is a consistent problem of there being boiling water in my soup! I asked for it cold!
  12. Space!
  13. I just got enemy kerman.....
  14. I forgot about the endless void in between
  15. welp, i`m interested... I cant code, and cant really send cube sats across the country though (and suck at pr).... though, the science stuff I can do