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  1. I complicated a game of forum hide-and-seek a tad too much, starring PHYSICS! PROBABILITY! ATOMIC THEORYS! RESEARCH! DIMENSIONS!
  2. Agreed. 'nough said
  3. Well, there is two options A: ask why we`re playing hide and go seek in a house, it gets boreing after a while OR! B: exit into N-dimensional space, the fourth dimension (?), technically i`m inside the house, able to be found but i`m curled with the dimension to make it almost impossible to see me, but i`m still there, hiding, and able to be found! And technically its possible, BUT VERY UNLIKELY, using the Quantum Teleportation Theory (?), there is is one in, like a trillion chance that I can teleport, so why not to a higher dimension, it has to have atoms, right, and If thats not enough, entanglement swapping (see link)... I think thats how it works , my atoms could swap with one in a higher dimension, so technically, I traveled there using the laws of physics, which is not crazy or preposterous (ok, kinda), but still! HA! PHYSICS! pls don`t kill me crater ... I think I found a loophole this took me way too long
  4. nothing apparently, thats a first
  5. Yup, that speck is regulus
  6. welp, sir, spacex just got tarrifs
  7. ! prepare for some sort of open cluster soon, then!
  8. I generally name my launchers after the founders of rocketry, my second stages after famous physicists, and like, landers and stuff after whatever I want (trust me, there has been a probey mc probeface somewhere)
  9. OK, so, i`m going to have kerbol be in its white dwarf stages, after it "let loose" its first gas cloud, so that means a nebula! (wheee!) Now, you`re probably thinking "so a skybox?), welp, sadly, no, I`m going to be using EVE to make the nebula, but i`m stumped at one thing, how would I make the gas "filaments" that you see? I.E. Like this one`s gas filaments
  10. Eclipse! Eclipse! Eclipse! Eclipse! lets start a chant guys!
  11. Wait....... I knew I forgot something
  13. You realize that they have no re-entry shielding, and they then proceed to vaporize due to superheated molecules.... Bad life choices man! I do a semi-routine minmas mission with ion engines
  14. Sooooooo souper.... Hows that bouldering going *pokes* you seem to be stuck in orbit around duna, sir boulder *pokes again* Boulder has been taunted!