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  1. I used to live on Vancouver island (military rotation). The geology is really fascinating over there, especially from a place that had none. I used to go over to the trent river and just pull up fossils.
  2. A few shots I've taken, some I dunno if I like how they turned out
  3. Not trying to bring relationship problems here or anything but.... First break up, ever (sorta kinda, we're friends now). Quite frankly I was expecting a lot worse than what it is.
  4. A couple examples of some stuff I listen to
  5. 5/10 I run across you somewhat frequently
  6. You can't do what you don't do. Give em a try, maybe you'll like it
  7. But what about shock absorbers, don't want to crack the thing in half
  8. So quick update, I've fired off 3 motors as of late, the most successful had a mild rud about 3/4ths of the way though the burn, causing the washer I'm using as a makeshift nozzle to fly off the motor. Note that this was from a tripod, I'm not standing anywhere near this Note: the first image wasn't the same test as the second, but it was a good picture
  9. I have awoken from my slumber... Thanks mate, let's hope for a couple more thousand, maybe more, who knows
  10. I've already checked out the libraries, nada. I've developed a design with copper fittings that would be a good step in the door, abiet extremely crude and not optimized in any way, shape or form
  11. Note, this project is on hold till the school actually gets some 3d printers
  12. thats funny, im using epoxy for my pulsejet, which isnt quite as extreme, but its just interesting
  13. I would have never thought that epoxy was exothermic, I'll have to look further into it
  14. Yeah was is looking like the best idea, baking would also harden the epoxy
  15. I think I'm rolling with the epoxy mold idea (I did a couple calculations off paper too if you're wondering where I got those numbers
  16. That is a very good idea, it's sort of like carbon fiber if you really squint
  17. OK so if someone can "sanity" check me that would be great. The thrust caused by a pulse jet is of course, the pressure acting against the walls, etc. So if I were to make it small, and I mean like, 5 inches long, could I possibly reduce the required pressure for combustion/thrust, and therefore heat? I know it works that way with rocket engines (in a perfect world), and pulsejets use a variant of the DeLaval nozzle. As of current i'm looking at a safe run time of 1 minute at 124°c/minute, so at 2 minutes I'll be exceeding maximum operational temperature of the plastic, through the insulating epoxy (Quiksteel), and melt the extrusion material. I'm wondering if during the mixing process I can put some insulator in with the quicksteel to decrease its thermal conductiveness.
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