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  1. i have been away from this thread for a long time, so i have a couple questions: 1: are we still in 1.2.2 or are we on 1.3? 2: what stage are we in?
  2. well... since i missed the deadline by 57 minutes, i am deffinetly entering this, starting of with the original plane for the old challange company: TSG aerospace name of the plane: SP-32-1 "Arrow" cost: 17418000 part count: 45 mass: 10.753t range: 1556.775km fuel: 410 fuel usage: 0.11 at 6625m and 291m/s, 0.08 at 8000m and 280m/s coasting altitude and speed: if fuel is over 300 units the coasting altitude is 6625m and if below 300 units 8000m max speed at 6625m is 291m/s and at 8000m 280m/s notes: tweakscale was used just for the air intake, nothing else the TSG SP-32-1 "Arrow" is a relatively cheap and low maintanence turbofan airplane capable of transporting 32 kerbals over 1500 km, it uses 0.11 units of fuel on the high end and 0.08 units on the low end, it´s easy to fly, highly maneuverable and includes flaps and an engine capable of retroburning to help with landing. the TSG SP-32-1 "Arrow" is a smart choice for anyone who needs to take up to 32 kerbals to the other side of the world ! do not taxi at over 45m/s or you will face takeoff https://kerbalx.com/TSGaerospace/TSG-SP-32-1-Arrow also, action groups: 1: flaps 2: reverse thrust 3: toggle engine 4: toggle doors https://imgur.com/gallery/zTKMF next planned: turboprop plane
  3. Submission Deadline: 9AM PST, 7/6/2017
  4. tsgaerospace

    KSC Air And Car Show. [9-17 UPDATE]

    nevermind, the new vehicle is in 1.3.0... so just keep the old one
  5. tsgaerospace

    The OTech Track Attack Challenge

    yes, but only between 17:00 to 21:00 CET (central europe time, look it up and calculate it from there)
  6. tsgaerospace

    The OTech Track Attack Challenge

    well... it looks like i´m not participating then...
  7. it works in 1.3 and there is enough content for a loooong time, i´m using it with ett and kerbalism, but with ett there is one problem: it´s called vanguard-1,it requires you to get an openable sol. panel, but in that tech tree it takes 125 or so science to do so, so you are comming to theese contracts with far superior tech
  8. tsgaerospace

    KSC Air And Car Show. [9-17 UPDATE]

    can i change my car entery?
  9. tsgaerospace

    The OTech Track Attack Challenge

    my entery to the kart category should be complete max speed: 28.1 m/s warning: turning in speeds between 24 and 26.5 meters per second will most likely end in you upside down, any faster and you will most likely roll back on your wheels i tryed the kart track and did it in 55 seconds, on the 3. try with the second version of the car, the first did it in 1:06 minutes (the older version was about 120 kg heavier and had limited power to the wheels https://kerbalx.com/TSGaerospace/TSG-Calypso note: this car didn´t use autostrut or struts, it relies on it´s own structural strenght (excluding one panel and the wheels (the wheels do it on their own and the panel would otherwise lean into the engine bay)), so when you roll over the kerbal can get his leg stuck in the sidepanels, this happened to me in testing, do not worry, Bobke survived
  10. tsgaerospace

    The OTech Track Attack Challenge

    my car is currently in design and i have a question: can i use an ion engine as a makeshift gearbox for my car? i´m making a tiny tweakscaled down engine the ion engine produces only 0.0004KN of thrust so that will provide no boost at all the car is in construction, this is by far not the final look, i just wanted to showcase the engine, and second question: can i use fuel cells to provide a power source in addition to the 800 electric charge i´m going to put in or do i have to turn them off? http://imgur.com/BaOGqa5 edit: i removed all the fuel, fuel is heavy, and i need a light car, so the fuel cells now only store electricity and the ion engine won´t run at all
  11. if yes i will try to not miss the deadline by 57 minutes...
  12. tsgaerospace

    The Christmas Station Challenge:

    you cold get a lot more possibilities if 2.5 meters were allowd on the station
  13. tsgaerospace

    The OTech Track Attack Challenge

    can i reccommend a mod? good, it´s called take command, it allows to put a kerbal into a command seat in the vab/sph