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  1. Dose it work with 1.2.2
  2. Thanks
  3. I could do it that way but I think it would just be coooler to press say action group 10 and arm th eclaw and then sticking it to th ecarrier deck+ it looks a bit rubbish with a big docking port on the belly of the plane and the planes some times knock into the port and go of course nad BD wing man can't correct that. thanks Yes that so the carrier and plane become docked I still would like to try it just to see thanks
  4. SO i was wondering if there was a way to copy the claw module from the claw part and to put it in a wheel config. It would be useful for things like aircraft carriers and things like that. Thanks (PS> I know that this is probably in the wrong forum so could a mod please move it into the wright forum)
  5. SO the game just crashes when i launch the game so i have the eror log and could someone please tell me whats wrong because it worked before
  6. So I've been wanting to do a ksp war for a while now and I was wondering if engine wanted to do it with me. It would be a turn based thing so we would pas,around a save file. it will have quite a lot of mods in it so your computer may struggle. ive already started making a map for it so please pm me if your intrasted Thanks
  7. Thank you so much to every one who has help I managed to get it fix by using ckan and it now works again
  8. So I've checked and the game is using tweak scale in thegamdata but I still can't tweak the scale of stuff so I'm not sure what's wrong
  9. So I've tried deleting as traces of tweak scale from my game data and I copied in 2 things called tweakscale and module manager.2.7.5.dll and it still isn't working and I'm rely not sure what's up
  10. Thank you so much
  11. I'm a bit confused about what I need to do to fix it so could you maybe explain it in simple terms what I have to do (thanks so much for your help but im new to ksp moding/code files and stuff like that so I don't rely understanding that much)
  12. So I've just changed it so there so there's only the tweakscale-v2.3.6 in my gameata and it still doesn't work what's wrong now
  13. Ok sorry about that Ok whare can I get the correct version (I am in 1.2.2 forgot to mention that sorry)
  14. So im trying to get tweak scale to work but its not so could someone please help ive put soem photos of my mod folder in so couldm someone explain whats wwrong with it Thanks so much (PS. the gamedata file is also tweakscale)