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  1. Engine power mod

    So I’m surly nkt the only person who thinks Kerbal launches are not as cool as real one. They don’t sound as awesome and the screen doesn’t shake like at all. So dose anyone know a mod,which makes launches more impressive in a more screen shaking pounder just more realistic sort of way. Better plumes would be cool too. Thanks
  2. What’s the point of rovers?

    Ohh do yiu do stick stuff I mainly play with BDA and stuff. also thanks for the map that’s really cool. How did,yiu cross the sea though
  3. KSP Weekly Challenge Suggestions

    So what’s this weeks chalenge? im confused as to what one is the current one
  4. What’s the point of rovers?

    Wait where can you edit the signature Yep
  5. What’s the point of rovers?

    Ahh ok thanks
  6. What’s the point of rovers?

    Ok thanks. Also how do you get all the photos under your msg
  7. First of I know this is the wrong forum but I don’t know,what one to put it in so could the mods please move it to the right place So I was wondering how peaple got the text/photos under the things they say in the fourms. Could someone tell me.
  8. What’s the point of rovers?

    What like course have you taken. Did you by the poles or equatorial. Could you make a map as I think that’s quite cool Only if you want to though
  9. What’s the point of rovers?

    Well I do spend most of my time in KSP making tanks because of a series I do
  10. What’s the point of rovers?

    Ok tanks
  11. What’s the point of rovers?

    But can they be us full to make money as I need to upgrade r&d
  12. What’s the point of rovers?

    Also can they be used to get you money somehow (probe rovers not maned)
  13. What’s the point of rovers?

    Ok thank you guys for lol yeh responses. Dose anyone know the best place to land as in closest to the most biomes
  14. What’s the point of rovers?

    So I’ve landed kerbals on the mun and I’ve decided that the best “next step” for my space program would be to send a rover to the muns poles or somewhere else but then I realised. What’s the point? Will it give me more science or money or what. Apart from being realistic what is the point of rovers on ksp if you arnt using them for base building/maintenance. Please tell me what you think rovers are good for. Also mods if if this isn’t in the right place,then please move it to the right forum.
  15. Wait. They are adding the parachutes but what about the dlc. Is that a non dlc feature now too.