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  1. The wisdom of running modded KSP from a cloned folder can't be overstated. Saves so much heartache and nerves when updates hit. "Updates? Yeah, I'll get to that when the dust has settled, meanwhile I'll just play on as if nothing happened." You can also keep a zip of a virgin installation of a version as backup in case you mess up with the mods, the zip somewhat preventing direct (ab)use.
  2. Kopernicus is version-locked, probably to avoid people discovering too exotic ways to break it by running it in unexpected contexts. It hasn't been updated for 1.7.1 yet, which isn't surprising given it's been not even been a full week. People are throwing fits that it doesn't work in 1.7.1, which is as intended. Personally, I'm fine with this. Things will turn out fine.
  3. From the top of my head, isn't the LV-T15 a whole lot better as an upper stage engine? You only need that later. Whereas the LV-T30, you can couple their no gimbal power with Mk-55 "Thud" engines with gimballing for a lot more powerful rockets, so you again only need them later?
  4. I understood what you meant the first time, thank you. And knew about that possibility before that, too.
  5. I did not ask if you do it, when you do it or even that YOU do it. I suggested that there's an interaction and that to me it makes sense to do something about it. More formally it would be a bug report. You read an obligation into that that does not exist, and I refuse to take the blame for it.
  6. You could probably do the "unsurgical" job easier by just renaming the plugin dll in restock if you want to completely disable anything it does, but that's hardly the point of having it in the first place, is it.
  7. I just had a look, and it seems that SXT is hit pretty hard by Restock's blacklisting technique. Maybe supplying a whitelist would make sense for this mod, as I guess Restock might become quite popular.
  8. The last mention of this is not 10 posts up. It is known. It doesn't keep the mod from functioning in any way. It only tells you the mod isn't current when it actually is. If it really bothers you, just edit the .version file to the correct current version.
  9. So basically... Community Part Titles? I love the concept, don't get me wrong, but maybe working together yields better and more results, as CPT already includes support for some major mods, too.
  10. Try the green cube icon in the space center scene for the options? It behaves differently there from anywhere else, which IS a tad confusing as it looks exactly the same. And I think habitation is by default set to have no effect, hence "indefinite".
  11. Hello @TaxiService! First of all, thank you for this mod. While, in truth, it probably makes more for selfimposed CommNet-problems than anything else, I'm really pleased to have planetary communication nets and interplanetary distribution nets seperate from each other instead of having everything connect to everything else in one big ball of EM-spagetthi. That being said, there is one tiny cosmetic thing I'd love to ask: Is it possible to have in addition to the rather imprecise colorpicker the possibility to enter a specific hex triplet for the colour of a frequency? Or whatever is simplest to handle, just a possibility to type in specifically the colour I want instead of approximating it on the colour picker. I'd really love to have the Kerbin net in bada55, among other things.
  12. That would be quite awesome. I never considered those things gamebreaking, just not very well integrated, and I usually treat them with some care while picking contracts. You know, like stock testing contracts with ridiculous conditions.
  13. In a similar vein, also from DMOS, "Visual Reports" (Orbital Telescope) are asked for while landed, and SIGINT reports from specific biomes from low/high orbit, both of which are impossible; the telescope doesn't work while landed or atmospheric flight, and the SIGINT-dish only yields reports for northern or southern hemisphere, not biomes.
  14. Hi LGG! I'm coming back to KSP after something of a hiatus, and OMG you're maintaining a bucketload of the mods I like in my game. Just updated my pledge on Patreon (still peanuts, but more peanuts), and thank you for all your work!
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