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  1. That would be quite awesome. I never considered those things gamebreaking, just not very well integrated, and I usually treat them with some care while picking contracts. You know, like stock testing contracts with ridiculous conditions.
  2. In a similar vein, also from DMOS, "Visual Reports" (Orbital Telescope) are asked for while landed, and SIGINT reports from specific biomes from low/high orbit, both of which are impossible; the telescope doesn't work while landed or atmospheric flight, and the SIGINT-dish only yields reports for northern or southern hemisphere, not biomes.
  3. VenDei

    [1.5.*] SXT Continued

    Hi LGG! I'm coming back to KSP after something of a hiatus, and OMG you're maintaining a bucketload of the mods I like in my game. Just updated my pledge on Patreon (still peanuts, but more peanuts), and thank you for all your work!
  4. VenDei

    Modifying tiers of R&D center?

    I think some part of SETI does something like that, but it's just a tiny part of that (hugely enjoyable) mod. I'm reasonably sure any mod that aims to do something like this will be dependent on Custom Barn Kit.
  5. Well, yeah, those definitely come in the right colours, but they always had the drawback of shining complete 180°. I tried tilting them to block them from shining towards the back, or block them with a structural element, which kind of works - but if someone looks for an idea for lights, I can try to get it in without the hassle, right? And yes, I'm kind of irrationally sensitive here. There's no functional benefit in making those lights.
  6. *facepalm* There IS a group of lights I'd love to see for ages in KSP, and I nearly forgot them: actual navigation lights. Which would be red (port, or "looking forward, left") and green (starboard, or "looking forward, right"), and mounted to the side of a vehicle, shine directly forwards and in a sector of about 110° to the side. That would be a little bit more than right towards the side, and wouldn't even need to be overly precise - it's just that with current mods getting navigation lights to not illuminate towards the back is such a hassle. There is one light nearly like that, but it has too narrow a beam and just looks weird.
  7. Those things look marvelous! But as long as you're looking for ideas, will this work with Crew Light? I love how it makes lights behave... well, sensible-ish. As I understand it it might not work right out of the box because Crew Light might not recognise your partmodule as lights.
  8. VenDei

    SOI chage alert mod

    After some consideration, true. KAC only looks as far ahead as KSP itself draws it itself. To be fair, maybe this is the point to point out that maybe a more stable and safe parking orbit is a better solution, eg. one that does not come across other SOIs. Which can be checked by setting the moon in question as target and a setting a dummy maneuver of 0 dV and then skipping the maneuver ahead as many orbits as are needed to be reasonably satisfied. That way it can be seen if and when the disturbing object comes near in future orbits of the parked object. I do that for the reverse purpose to see if and when debris is cleared naturally.
  9. VenDei

    SOI chage alert mod

    Actually it has an option for detecting and adding alarms for SOI changes automatically. In the preferences, on the tabs "Specifics" select "Sphere of Influence Alarms".
  10. VenDei

    What did you do in KSP today?

    The P-K 04 "Jenny Lind" after some experimental builds and shakedowns is finally in productive use!
  11. VenDei

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Too high TWR can make control and by extension an efficient ascent profile quite difficult. And/or explode your rocket when things get too hot in an atmosphere. Add that an SRB can't be throttled or shut down once fired, and you'll get a boost that you will only want to add with some consideration. Basically, an SRB is a sledgehammer when your needs range from tiny, fragile nails to bringing down a wall. Back to topic, really nice ship!
  12. Aw, you can't do that, I wanted to keep my mod-count below 100 for this 1.3-career... well, thank you! Inflatable stationparts that don't bring in a hunk of unwanted mechanics are exactly what I have missed.
  13. Yet another Mun-circumnavigation! Mission report is here: Just the pretty pictures are here: and here: Hope it counts with regards to the less-than-equatorial route, but if anything, it should be longer; also, contains all Mun biomes and anomalies.
  14. VenDei

    Mun circumnavigation - all over the place

    The last stretch!