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  1. SUCCESS! Thank you so much Now I can go reinstall all my other mods again lol. But yeah it's weird that KSP and OPT don't play nice for JUST that one part.
  2. Euuuurrggghh, ok, so, still no dice. I removed all those mods, no go. Validated files, (2 were missing), still nada. Tried a clean, fresh install, reinstalling all mods save for the ones mentioned, nothing. Tried removing literally EVERY mod except OPT and it's dependencies.....and anything with the mentioned docking port is still teleporting to the sky >_________< I even tried starting a new save just on the off chance it was something with the save file itself. Here's an updated log: Thoughts anyone?
  3. The particle emitter thing is probably from the PlanetShine and/or Stock Planet Texture Overhaul mods. Mmk then, I'll try uninstalling/reinstalling those and FAR and just getting rid of BDArmory for now(I don't think that's updated to 1.4 yet), see if that fixes it, and report back. Just seems weird that these would cause only ONE part to instigate a teleport bug lol. You'd figure it'd be a bunch or all of OPT.
  4. Hey so I apparently just started having an issue in the last day or 2, I don't *think* it's been reported yet, but if I try and use the J-fuselage Large Docking port (whether attached to something else, either a partially built ship, a completed ship, or just by itself), when I get to the runway or launch pad, the ship (or part, if it's just the docking port) will teleport about a mile into the sky and start falling back to earth. I tried attaching clamps to the plane I was building, all that does is keep the ship from falling back to earth once it teleports, oddly enough . I tried a clean install of OPT and it's dependencies, no dice. Anyone else having this issue or know how to fix it? I kinda depend on this part for every space plane design i end up making, I'm not gonna be able to keep building until I get this resolved. Log, if needed:
  5. Figured it out. Was launching through Steam, which apparently by default launches in 32 bit mode, and OPT needs the 64 bit version >_<
  6. No dice. Tried that, same crash issue when trying to actually load a save.
  7. OK I just can NOT get this to work with 1.3.1, despite the latest version supposedly being compatible I have all the dependencies, up to date, I've installed everything in the right place (manually, I don't use CKAN), I've done a clean install and just tried installing OPT and dependencies by themselves, and I can get to the KSP main menu, but when trying to actually start or load a game, it'll go to the load screen and crash after 5 seconds (now and then it'll crash when loading the game, but that seems rare) >_< I really don't want to revert to 1.3.0 or earlier because that would require re-downloading/installing previous versions of all the other mods I use/intend to use, this is the only one causing an issue. I also have the 3 B9 Aerospace mods (and dependencies) installed and up to date, Fuel Tanks Plus, Hangar Extender, KSPWheel, and Kerbal Foundries, all up to date, along with dependencies. Game runs fine till I try to install OPT. Output log: Halp?
  8. OK I just can NOT get this to work with 1.3.1 I have all the dependencies, I've installed everything in the right place, and I can get to the KSP main menu, but when trying to actually start or load a game, it'll go to the load screen and crash after 5 seconds >_< I really don't want to revert to 1.3.0 because that would require re-downloading previous versions of all the OTHER mods I use, this is the only one causing an issue. Halp?
  9. Now if I could just figure out how all the stuff in that mod *works* T_T
  10. Ok, so I know others have posted about this, but I *still* can't find what I need, so I figured I'd ask directly KSPIE is *massively* confusing to me, and all the guides I've come across...well, frankly, they suck. They just make me more confused T_T I'm specifically trying to get the Kerbstein fusion engine to work, and I just...*can't*. I know you need a reactor, a generator, and that the generator needs radiators to function, and you need specific fuel types (Lithium 6 Deuteride, IIRC) for the engine...but nothing I've tried works. Would someone be so kind as to give me a specific parts list and simple step by step procedure to get this thing functioning?
  11. So I just wanted to share this beauty I just managed to get into orbit successfully (if slowly...those big engines take a long time to reach full thrust XD), since I saw people asking for examples of what can be made. OP note: I'm also using the OPT mod, and BDArmory. Anyway, I present to you.... the KBC Thor's Hammer: Still a little tweaking left to do with fuel lines and action groups, and I haven't tested the weapons yet, but...SHE FLIES! ...also I just realized that more of the Tantive IV made it into the design than I'd originally intended XD