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  1. So noone has a way to contact Yemo? It's a frustrating situation but I guess I can play older versions if I want the mod.
  2. Unmanned Before Manned adds the old cockpit as a starting cockpit. It is basically the normal inline cockpit (which you unlock later) but with less heat resistance and only 12m/s crash tolerance. It is called the Mk1 Retro Cockpit by the mod.
  3. I was inspired to make a Mig 15-like plane in my career mode. Here it is: It is called A-3 Buzzard. It is my third aircraft in the career and like the first 2, named after a bird. Top Level flight speed (at 11km): 434m/s Absolute Top Speed (diving): 523m/s Max flight altitude: 13 km Altitude record: 15.6 km This here is the long winged version, the A-3B Buzzard: In High atmosphere: It is slower than the short wing version but can fly 2km higher. It is a weapon to surpass Metal Gear. Craft File for Short Winged version: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1P9b9jAFHiB-xfM7xt7oyJlQ8Pxsu6B6j Craft file for Longboye: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1eTvoj3BXmm-6wyNY6-stcTegQUDRjM7i Required mods: Procedural parts, Procedural Wings B9, USI Life Support, Ven`s Stock Part Revamp (find the newest fork), Unmanned before Manned, SXT I seriously see no reason to download this but I included the craft files just in case. It does require some messing with mods so it is more work than it's worth.
  4. The gas in real gas giants does get dense enough to swim in it and even deeper, to stand on it.
  5. The plane is flying on Gael. The second part is completely irrelevant. Now that I think about it I should post plane builds elsewhere, even if they are in GPP since they are not relevant to GPP directly. Sorry for my general stupidity.
  6. I made a new P-47 replica with Advanced Jet Engine mod (for real engine performances and sizes). I had to use clipping for this one but it is better this way because it looks fatter and therefore more accurate to the actual plane. Here is an Imgur link:https://imgur.com/a/RKkwHkn (note I just added an airbrake, which the P-47 didn't have, so I can land easier). Also I have started learning programming (C#, which should get along with Unity) so in the future I might make some KSP mods myself.
  7. Does this work with b9 Procedural Wings?
  8. Hmmmmmmmmm... Seems interesting. Expert landing 10/10 It seems I found some pyramids on Goonie. This is the first Easter Egg I found, other than the Monolith. I was flying to another continent to get some science and then I saw a structure. I tried to be careful but the trampoline landing gear bounced.
  9. I'm sorry if this was asked before but does this mod need to be reconfigured if I use it in rescaled games, considering travel times might be longer.
  10. What to do with weird part proportions of some engines that don't fit any plane parts? Adapters?
  11. Excuse me, should I reconfigure RemoteTech for 10.625x or not?
  12. I did delete all "FOR SETIRebalance" in the config. Is there a way to fix that other than that?
  13. Is it just me, or do I get more science than before? Now I get large science amounts by doing Thermometer, Barometer adn Telemetry experiments (Around 30 science, 33 with contracts) in my first mission (ground, low and high atmosphere), which is enough for me to unlock the first level of technology alongside Stability, whereas I wasn't able to before. Even before the 70% science nerf, which was removed.
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