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  1. Hey everybody, It looks like, since I reset my BIOS to an anterior version I have no more crashes, the processor must have been a little instable with the really little oc I made or maybe an driver problem. Cheers to everyone for the help
  2. Hey Spanner, sorry to answer so late, I havent' done any modification to the game or steam as I am not an expert. I just installed the game via steam and one time I installed the kerbal alarm clock that I deleted after. I didn't change my swap settings I just moved it from my ssd to hdd. Check with this link google drive works usually: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_99jMYm_pqRaEZhRHdhTkxNT0k
  3. I'm not sure to understand, don't you think I would have had prroblem with other progrograms if the problem didn't came from kerbal. I'm not an expert with systepm settings so maybe I souldn't try what you suggest.
  4. I upload an other log file, maybe it will help: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_99jMYm_pqRUE82eHFNS2lQYWc I played the game for a long time before it became unstable, I reinstall windows, steam, kerbal, checked my memory, processor, what can I do now ? Maybe the error comes for steam and not kerbal? what should I try? I love this game, this is so annoying....
  5. Hello everyone! I 've I discovered this game a month ago and i've played it quite a bit. Since a week or so it has been really hard to play it. I have no idea why but the game crashes every 5 minutes. I have opened a post on Steam but a member said maybe it would be better here, so here I'm! I've tried everything I can reinstall the game, steam, windows, with a new save file... Here is one of a hundred crash log : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_99jMYm_pqReFBHYU5aTVZDbUk I don't understand much of it, maybe someone can help? Thanks!
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