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  1. That KCT version only works on KSP 1.12 whereas you're on 1.11 or lower.
  2. Not that easy. Pretty sure a scene change is needed for the additional KJR joints to get cleaned up. In addition to that your station will most likely wobble itself to bits by the time you're finished with EVA construction.
  3. Highly unlikely since there are no artists on the team.
  4. Create a .cfg file inside your gamedata and copy the following patch inside it: +PART[microEngine]:FINAL { @name = microEngine_v2 @description = temp, don't use me, use the other one! @title ^= :$: DontUseMe: } This will create a duplicate part with the identity of the _v2, so if something does reference it, there's something to find. You'll notice you have the wrong one if you try to pull it from the picker because of the description and title. You can later ensure your saves and crafts don't have this part and remove this patch.
  5. Meanwhile, there's been a couple of releases... v1.11.8 for KSP 1.12.x Parts Add SSS and ET parts Configure H-1-250K by @Capkirk123 #1647 Fix Baby Sergeant/Castor progression by @NathanKell in #1648 Support 1.12 small RCS parts by @NathanKell in #1653 Fix ECM of ROH heatshield Miscellaneous Add tooltip with required tech node to procedural avionics window Fix vessel ghosting in Space Center scene Fix cfg syntax errors by @HebaruSan in #1643 and #1652 Try to autoresolve ship build issues that cost next to nothing Tank Definition PartUpgrades by @DRVeyl in #1651 CONTRIBUTORS Thank you to everyone who contributed to this release: @siimav, @StonesmileGit, @HebaruSan, @Capkirk123, @NathanKell, @DRVeyl v1.11.9 for KSP 1.12.x Parts Add Heat Control configs, improve nuclear reactor ECMs by @Capkirk123 in #1644 Add RD-0203 speculative Upgrade by @Capkirk123 in #1655 Fix costs of RD-0213 and RD-0214 by @TwistedGiraffe in #1657 Miscellaneous Fix issue with crewmember flight log not getting persisted correctly. This meant that nauts didn't properly get experience and retirement bonuses. This issue also had the side effect of crew not waking up from g-induced LoC. Fix avionics getting briefly locked at flight scene load Disable stock ∆v widget and associated calculations CONTRIBUTORS Thank you to everyone who contributed to this release: @Capkirk123, @siimav, @NathanKell, @TwistedGiraffe
  6. You're playing with part entry purchases disabled which is breaking procedural avionics.
  7. Use :AFTER[RealSolarSystem] as the ModuleManager pass if you want to add or modify the planets.
  8. Looks like you either installed the RSS-Texture wrong or not at all. Normally I would suggest using CKAN for installing RSS but it's lacking a graphical UI on Macs. Up to you if you want to try the manual approach again or use CKAN to make sure it gets installed correctly.
  9. v14.11.0 for KSP 1.12.x New Feature: Speculative Level RO now supports making distinctions between different levels of speculativeness on parts, engine configs, etc. You can set this level in Difficulty Options (either in a new save or a current save). The levels are: Operational: Historically flown hardware Prototype: Hardware that was tested in whole or in part, but has not flown Concept: Real projects that made it to a paper design study or mockup Speculative: Realistic extrapolations of historical designs AltHist: Designs from fictional timelines that nonetheless match the performance of real hardware SciFi: The sky's the limit! Any parts/configs at a speculative level higher than that selected will not be available to you. PRs: Dynamic Part Hider (#2586) Add speclevel tagging to engines, fix techTransfer (#2606) Config Changes Add configs for two additional sizes of RCS Blocks Configure RCS Blocks with Variants that Squad added in 1.11 Adjust tank masses when LH2 is loaded (#2578) Add restart timer to RD-119, S5.92, update descriptions (#2592) Add RO configs for New Tantares Mir station parts revamp. (#2515) Change MLI Settings tp use RF+PartUpgrades (#2595) Add RD-0120T, fix RD-0120, 701, 704 (#2549) Add Rocketdyne G-1 (#2598) Update Near Future Propulsion configs (#2574) Add SSME variants and triprop support (#2569) Add Near future Launch Vehicles Support (#2567) Add High Performance Prototype engines (#2603) Bug Fixes Fix broken tech transfer F-1->F-1A (can't have spaces) Fix BDB Keyhole Parachute (#2601) Other Changes Add more resource boiling points, move resource prices from RO to RP-1 (#2600) Rename Integral to Isogrid in part title / description Add SolarConfig support for multiple identical solar modules (#2599) ROWaterfall: support useRelativeScaling with hybrid plumes ROWaterfall: import templates from @Katniss218 Contributors: Thanks to: @pap1723, @Capkirk123, @D0m1nu2, @jimmymcgoochie, @siimav, @NathanKell, @al2me6, @Vieju17, @StonesmileGit
  10. v1.11.7 for KSP 1.12.x New Features Add PartModule-level validation to KCT and make procedural avionics the first to use it #1633. In practice this means that even locked avionics/engine configs can be selected and used in simulations. Add kerbal chute and eva pack selection to KCT crew assignment dialog #1583 Parts Add Support for the new RCS Blocks that Squad added for KSP v1.11 Configure NFP Engines #1614 Add NFLV support #1611 Add ECM, tech config for high performance prototype engines #1597 Add support for ROC Zenit camera system #1629 Contracts Disable GPS and GLONASS contracts #1608 Fix duration getting reset on "Orbital Flight with Maneuvers and 2+ Crew" contract Prevent Surface Outpost contracts from choosing any vessel #1630 Miscellaneous Do not allow vessels with locked parts to be added to build plans Procedural avionics window UX improvements #1631 Add MLI PARTUPGRADES #1632, #1634 Add KCT configs for more fuel types #1637 Fix RF basecost patch not getting applied #1623 Add missing Crew Training for RO parts #1636 Move RF resource cost setting from RO to RP-0 #1640 Add tip about simulating airlaunches Add untooled parts reminder CONTRIBUTORS Thank you to everyone who contributed to this release: @siimav, @StonesmileGit, @pap1723, @Capkirk123, @Teykn, @NathanKell, @arrowmaster
  11. Kerbal Joint Reinforcement v3.6.1 for KSP 1.12.x Enable the DockingPortLockedEvents patch in KSPCommunityFixes to properly support the rotation feature on stock docking ports
  12. While it's good that you used CKAN for installing RP-1, you appear to have installed additional mods that are not compatible. Research Bodies is definitely among them. Please follow the install guide on properly setting up an RP-1 install and seeing what additional mods are supported. https://github.com/KSP-RO/RP-0/wiki/RO-&-RP-1-Installation-for-1.10.1
  13. Those errors won't happen if you follow the install guide to the letter: https://github.com/KSP-RO/RP-0/wiki/RO-&-RP-1-Installation-for-1.10.1
  14. v1.11.5 for KSP 1.10 Changes Sspx update #1606 Add support for ROSolar Blanket Panels Add tooltips to KCT recovery dialog Add reminder about Deep Space avionics Add support for new ROTanks parts Add support for Photon Corp RSRM and RSRMV Remove support for ProcFairings pre v6 Optimize RP0ThermoChanger Boost noPlaneFundMult to 1.2 Add support for FWC-SRM engine config #1621 Move D2 1-engine skirt to same node as interstages #1627 Add Model 304, move LH2 fuel gate #1617 Bug Fixes Fix pad mass and size limits showing 0 for upgraded saves Fix the cost of lvl 1 pad Fix GUIStyle memory leaks in KCT code Move return parameter on all sample return contracts inside vesselGroup #1590 Fix D2 RCS, AJ10-133, and Vostok Antenna being orphans Fix SSPX Storage Module config #1619 Correct part name for ROC-D2Interstage3 #1624 Correct typo: Prototype Spaceplaces #1626 CONTRIBUTORS Thank you to everyone who contributed to this release: @siimav, @Tagir-1, @StonesmileGit, @pap1723, @NathanKell, @DRVeyl, @arrowmaster, @von-Kerman
  15. v14.10.0 for KSP 1.10 Config Changes Sspx update #2561 Set LMDE / TRW-201 to unlimited ignitions Correct X-405, Stentor sea-level thrust #2580 Fix TR107, RS76, RS84 OF ratios #2583 Increase TinyTim reliability #2584 Fix Junkers cockpit and X-15 (1.25m) cockpit IVA EyeOffsets #2570 Add RO Support for ROTanks KatnissTanks Add support for Photon Corp RSRM and RSRMV. Waterfall configs only Fix R-4D-11 TF config #2582 Add PhotonCorp RealPlume configs for RSRM and RSRMV Increase J57-P-8 temp limit #2589 Engine config for Filament Wound Casing RSRM #2587 Add tagging system for ModuleCargoPart #2591 Basic configs for KSP 1.11+ kerbals #2537 Add support for RMM #2585 Add P&W Model 304 #2581 Bug Fixes Fix the "don't show again" button on the PR warning Fix Photon Corp WaterFall glow clipping ROWaterfall: fix auto-config for derived MEC Other Changes Remove support for ProcFairings pre-v6 Contributors: Thanks to: @von-Kerman, @Tagir-1, @NathanKell, @ilmcamam, @Capkirk123, @al2me6, @pap1723, @StonesmileGit, @DRVeyl, @lpgagnon, @siimav Thanks to all who have given support in issues, comments and discord discussions. Your contributions are greatly valued!
  16. Kerbal Joint Reinforcement v3.6.0 for KSP 1.12.x Add support for the stock EVA construction feature, thanks @SimilarNumber Improve robotics support. Note however that since the new KSP1.12 docking port doesn't fire onRoboticPartLockChanged event, it will stay locked forever. Enabling the Debug setting now lists all extra joints KJR created and draws them onscreen Fix typo that caused duplicate joints to be created to root part Make CheckMultiJointBetweenParts() check existence of a joint in both directions
  17. I'm curious if anyone has tried SimilarNumber's changes. Does it work as advertised?
  18. Hold alt and scroll up (or down, IDK) on the mouse wheel to decrease the FoV.
  19. Working as intended. https://github.com/KSP-RO/RP-0/wiki/New-FAQs#why-can-i-recover-to-the-sph-but-not-the-vab
  20. I'm glad that someone took a stab at addressing the EVA construction issue. I noticed that you're using "RunVesselUpdateJointLater" wrong though. As-is the code will not go beyond the WaitForFixedUpdate because you didn't feed the IEnumerator to the StartCoroutine method. If the code works and you're willing to clean it up to have only the relevant changes, then I would be happy to incorporate it to an official release.
  21. @BasileusButyn Remove the Persistent Thrust mod
  22. v1.11.3 for KSP 1.10 Changes Write number of killed kerbals to career log. Move Apollo Block III+ HS to command from EDL. Move LMAE version of Apollo Block III+ SPS back to 1970 rocketry from 1976. Increase rewards for Mars/Phobos sample return. Increase rewards for space station contracts. Lower rewards on SCANsat biome contracts. Adjust ScanSat body categories and rewards (#1585) Set Kerbal G Tolerance Multiplier to 1 for all difficulty presets. Decrease entry cost for LR87/91-AJ-9-Kero. Add kOS disk space to upgrade part description (#1579) Add Reputation and Hype to career logging (#1584) Increase cost of ROE RD-215, RN RD-216 (#1582) Add J57-P-8 and RD-9B to tech tree (#1588) Disable the new 1.12 stock contracts Add EVA chute and jetpack to the tech tree. Enable AutoStrut in the start tech node. Bug Fixes Restore the previous behavior where the user was warned for unmet facility requirements but still add vessel to build queue. Fix bug in ModuleUnpressurizedCockpit causing incorrect asphyxiation behaviour. Fix bug where split VAB and SPH queue caused long rollout times. Fix KCTVesselTracker losing data for undocked vessels. This allowed recovering VAB-built vessels to SPH and vice versa. CONTRIBUTORS Thank you to everyone who contributed to this release: @siimav, @NathanKell, @Amselfass, @bongotastic, @lpgagnon @TwistedGiraffe @Capkirk123 @StonesmileGit
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