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  1. 2.2.0 for KSP 1.12.3 What's Changed Add resetChildrenWhenVesselDestroyed parameter to VesselParameterGroup by @siimav in #3 Possible fix for logspam reported in #1 Add continuous integration (GitHub Actions) by @siimav and @StonesmileGit in #2 Full Changelog: 2.1.4...v2.2.0.0
  2. Fortunately we have a wiki that contains the answer to that question and many more! https://github.com/KSP-RO/RP-0/wiki/First-Rocket-&-Early-Career-Tutorial
  3. No, liquid engines aren't supposed to have smoke trails.
  4. No idea about the other complaints but that part definitely isn't true.
  5. RP-1 only supports contracts that come preinstalled with the mod itself. You can't install other contract packs and expect them to work.
  6. Yes, that is correct. Probably can be defaulted to true later on once we validate that there isn't some piece of code out there that does something weird and relies on saving getting triggered at these places.
  7. The change you made in 2b0a034edf3817917c7f50f9f74eb5baad62aaf0 is going to break each and every mod that uses KSPAssemblyDependency to indicate that it depends on Toolbar Controller. I would strongly suggest reverting the change and releasing a hotfix ASAP.
  8. Actually there's some code about asteroid (or comets? I forgot exactly) that requires 1.10+.
  9. RA is a dependency of RP-1 and was in fact developed with RO/RP-1 in mind. The fact that it supports stock and whatever other planetary system you throw at it is just a bonus. I'm still sticking with my theory that what you did wrong was not purchasing the RA antenna tech upgrades from the RnD complex. We aren't going out of our way to break ResearchBodies (or any other mod that doesn't affect gameplay balance). Now the thing is that if it doesn't work for whatever reason then it means that someone on the dev team needs to spend their time to figure out WHY it doesn't work and then probably even more time to work out a fix. Usually that time could be spent on something that benefits the wider audience rather than uncommon use cases like ResearchBodies. This project is open to community contributions though so you or someone else is welcome to submit the necessary fixes for ResearchBodies.
  10. RP-1 doesn't support ResearchBodies - it's as easy as that. As for MLI layer count and RealAntennas tech levels, you will need to purchase the PartUpgrades from the RnD center to be able to use them.
  11. @Kazkar what RP-1 version are you using? There's a fix in v1.11.9.0 for a similar issue.
  12. That KCT version only works on KSP 1.12 whereas you're on 1.11 or lower.
  13. Not that easy. Pretty sure a scene change is needed for the additional KJR joints to get cleaned up. In addition to that your station will most likely wobble itself to bits by the time you're finished with EVA construction.
  14. Highly unlikely since there are no artists on the team.
  15. Create a .cfg file inside your gamedata and copy the following patch inside it: +PART[microEngine]:FINAL { @name = microEngine_v2 @description = temp, don't use me, use the other one! @title ^= :$: DontUseMe: } This will create a duplicate part with the identity of the _v2, so if something does reference it, there's something to find. You'll notice you have the wrong one if you try to pull it from the picker because of the description and title. You can later ensure your saves and crafts don't have this part and remove this patch.
  16. Meanwhile, there's been a couple of releases... v1.11.8 for KSP 1.12.x Parts Add SSS and ET parts Configure H-1-250K by @Capkirk123 #1647 Fix Baby Sergeant/Castor progression by @NathanKell in #1648 Support 1.12 small RCS parts by @NathanKell in #1653 Fix ECM of ROH heatshield Miscellaneous Add tooltip with required tech node to procedural avionics window Fix vessel ghosting in Space Center scene Fix cfg syntax errors by @HebaruSan in #1643 and #1652 Try to autoresolve ship build issues that cost next to nothing Tank Definition PartUpgrades by @DRVeyl in #1651 CONTRIBUTORS Thank you to everyone who contributed to this release: @siimav, @StonesmileGit, @HebaruSan, @Capkirk123, @NathanKell, @DRVeyl v1.11.9 for KSP 1.12.x Parts Add Heat Control configs, improve nuclear reactor ECMs by @Capkirk123 in #1644 Add RD-0203 speculative Upgrade by @Capkirk123 in #1655 Fix costs of RD-0213 and RD-0214 by @TwistedGiraffe in #1657 Miscellaneous Fix issue with crewmember flight log not getting persisted correctly. This meant that nauts didn't properly get experience and retirement bonuses. This issue also had the side effect of crew not waking up from g-induced LoC. Fix avionics getting briefly locked at flight scene load Disable stock ∆v widget and associated calculations CONTRIBUTORS Thank you to everyone who contributed to this release: @Capkirk123, @siimav, @NathanKell, @TwistedGiraffe
  17. You're playing with part entry purchases disabled which is breaking procedural avionics.
  18. Use :AFTER[RealSolarSystem] as the ModuleManager pass if you want to add or modify the planets.
  19. Looks like you either installed the RSS-Texture wrong or not at all. Normally I would suggest using CKAN for installing RSS but it's lacking a graphical UI on Macs. Up to you if you want to try the manual approach again or use CKAN to make sure it gets installed correctly.
  20. v14.11.0 for KSP 1.12.x New Feature: Speculative Level RO now supports making distinctions between different levels of speculativeness on parts, engine configs, etc. You can set this level in Difficulty Options (either in a new save or a current save). The levels are: Operational: Historically flown hardware Prototype: Hardware that was tested in whole or in part, but has not flown Concept: Real projects that made it to a paper design study or mockup Speculative: Realistic extrapolations of historical designs AltHist: Designs from fictional timelines that nonetheless match the performance of real hardware SciFi: The sky's the limit! Any parts/configs at a speculative level higher than that selected will not be available to you. PRs: Dynamic Part Hider (#2586) Add speclevel tagging to engines, fix techTransfer (#2606) Config Changes Add configs for two additional sizes of RCS Blocks Configure RCS Blocks with Variants that Squad added in 1.11 Adjust tank masses when LH2 is loaded (#2578) Add restart timer to RD-119, S5.92, update descriptions (#2592) Add RO configs for New Tantares Mir station parts revamp. (#2515) Change MLI Settings tp use RF+PartUpgrades (#2595) Add RD-0120T, fix RD-0120, 701, 704 (#2549) Add Rocketdyne G-1 (#2598) Update Near Future Propulsion configs (#2574) Add SSME variants and triprop support (#2569) Add Near future Launch Vehicles Support (#2567) Add High Performance Prototype engines (#2603) Bug Fixes Fix broken tech transfer F-1->F-1A (can't have spaces) Fix BDB Keyhole Parachute (#2601) Other Changes Add more resource boiling points, move resource prices from RO to RP-1 (#2600) Rename Integral to Isogrid in part title / description Add SolarConfig support for multiple identical solar modules (#2599) ROWaterfall: support useRelativeScaling with hybrid plumes ROWaterfall: import templates from @Katniss218 Contributors: Thanks to: @pap1723, @Capkirk123, @D0m1nu2, @jimmymcgoochie, @siimav, @NathanKell, @al2me6, @Vieju17, @StonesmileGit
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