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  1. I'm curious if anyone has tried SimilarNumber's changes. Does it work as advertised?
  2. Hold alt and scroll up (or down, IDK) on the mouse wheel to decrease the FoV.
  3. Working as intended. https://github.com/KSP-RO/RP-0/wiki/New-FAQs#why-can-i-recover-to-the-sph-but-not-the-vab
  4. I'm glad that someone took a stab at addressing the EVA construction issue. I noticed that you're using "RunVesselUpdateJointLater" wrong though. As-is the code will not go beyond the WaitForFixedUpdate because you didn't feed the IEnumerator to the StartCoroutine method. If the code works and you're willing to clean it up to have only the relevant changes, then I would be happy to incorporate it to an official release.
  5. @BasileusButyn Remove the Persistent Thrust mod
  6. v1.11.3 for KSP 1.10 Changes Write number of killed kerbals to career log. Move Apollo Block III+ HS to command from EDL. Move LMAE version of Apollo Block III+ SPS back to 1970 rocketry from 1976. Increase rewards for Mars/Phobos sample return. Increase rewards for space station contracts. Lower rewards on SCANsat biome contracts. Adjust ScanSat body categories and rewards (#1585) Set Kerbal G Tolerance Multiplier to 1 for all difficulty presets. Decrease entry cost for LR87/91-AJ-9-Kero. Add kOS disk space to upgrade part description (#1579) Add Reputation and Hype to career logging (#1584) Increase cost of ROE RD-215, RN RD-216 (#1582) Add J57-P-8 and RD-9B to tech tree (#1588) Disable the new 1.12 stock contracts Add EVA chute and jetpack to the tech tree. Enable AutoStrut in the start tech node. Bug Fixes Restore the previous behavior where the user was warned for unmet facility requirements but still add vessel to build queue. Fix bug in ModuleUnpressurizedCockpit causing incorrect asphyxiation behaviour. Fix bug where split VAB and SPH queue caused long rollout times. Fix KCTVesselTracker losing data for undocked vessels. This allowed recovering VAB-built vessels to SPH and vice versa. CONTRIBUTORS Thank you to everyone who contributed to this release: @siimav, @NathanKell, @Amselfass, @bongotastic, @lpgagnon @TwistedGiraffe @Capkirk123 @StonesmileGit
  7. v14.8.0 for KSP 1.10 Config Changes Decrease RD-0212 mass and Isp, increase thrust (#2535) Restore the thermal rebalance values that got lost at #2452 R-4D fuel ratios and fuel changed (#2531) Un-hide restockplus RSRM (#2545) Fix scale of KTDU417 with restock (#2547) Slightly increase thrust on LR87/91 AJ-9-Kero Change title and description on LR89 series engine Fix transfer for speculative Kero LR87/91 Decrease AltairIII fuel amount (#2552) Add engine configs for the RL-10A-4N and RL-10A-4-1N extendable-nozzle variants, used by Atlas II and III. Add support for new ROEngines parts. Add J57-P-8, RD-9B (#2548) Adjust size and CoM offset of jet engines (#2548) Bug Fixes Fix KTDU425 rated burn time not being displayed (#2534) Fix detection of Persistent Rotation Upgraded. Contributors: Thanks to: @lpgagnon, @al2me6, @siimav, @ZombieZilla, @undeadfake, @Capkirk123, @NathanKell Thanks to all who have given support in issues, comments and discord discussions. Your contributions are greatly valued!
  8. @MagnusLL RP-1 v1.10 is known to be save-breaking. I'm guessing your save is started with a version before that.
  9. v1.11.1 for KSP 1.10 Requires RO v14.7.0 or newer. Changes Add ServiceModule tags to ROTanks SM parts Add NoResourceCostMult tag to ROCapsules CST SM Add missing comms tech nodes to the year mapping file that controls year-based research rates Fix getting tech research rate bonus for 1 more year than intended Possible fix for avionics getting momentarily locked on launch pad Write research rate and year-based multiplier for completed tech to career log Prevent maintenance adding funds when subsidies are higher than costs
  10. v1.11.0 for KSP 1.10 Requires RO v14.7.0 or newer. New Features Adjust research rate per-node based on how much the node is ahead or behind the current date (#1560) Add vessel merging and engine refurbishment cost (#1551) Reset Kerbalism experiment samples on KCT-recover Add various tooltips to KCT and RP-1 (#1545) Add tooltips with part titles to courses (#1562) Allow using the highest under-research airlaunch level in sims Parts Deprecate XLR43 and move the engine configs to NAA-75 and LR89 engines. The XLR43, aka NAA75, was North American Aviation (Rocketdyne)'s development of the earlier XLR41, itself an improved US copy of the A-4 engine. Due to confusion on our part, its configs were originally split between an XLR43 part, the NAA75-110 part (aka Redstone/Jupiter-C/Juno I engine), and the Atlas booster engine part (LR43/LR89). This has been rectified where the two NAA75s (XLR43-NA-1 aka NAA75-65, and NAA75-110) share the same model, and the spaghetti-tube improved version (XLR43-NA-3, then LR43, then LR89) share the LR89 model. If you are using the XLR43 part, you should swap it out for the correct non-deprecated part. Doing so will be free. (See #1552 for the ECM changes related to this.) Adjust ECMs for mid-late capsules Fuel Cells now have an appreciable entry cost Star 13E now has sane ECM Fix AJ260s not having ECMs Pods, landers, and service modules no longer have their costs inflated by their batteries. Make the Mk1-3 pod ECM not much cheaper than Apollo (200k vs 250k, where Apollo's pays for other stuff too) Move Apollo heatshield back from lunar landing to lunar HS Support more kerbalEVA part variants Adjust Soyuz ECMs, configure RN Soyuz (#1554) Adjust some engine and solid ECMs (#1552) - in addition to the XLR43 changes, the LR87 series now shares some development cost with the Navaho (XLR43/LR79/LR89/etc) line; a typo was corrected for early RD107/108 config upgrades; and the STAR shared entry cost was fixed to eliminate the spurious STARComposite ECM. Configure NFExploration dishes #1563 Contracts Add optional reward to XPL and XPSS contracts for horizontal landings with <10° descent angle (#1555) All Return Home contracts require the vessel to stop before completing the contract Fix the last tier commsat contract rewards being lower than intended Adjust reputation reward for early contracts (#1559) Miscellaneous Add aniline mix to KCT resource multipliers (#1550) Ease jump to simulation UT in 1d steps when Principia is installed. This alleviates extreme memory usage. (#1549) Add a more descriptive stuck-in-sim error message Disable Kerbalism vessel-wide uniform EC consumption by default Log the facility the vessel was built at for launch events CONTRIBUTORS Thank you to everyone who contributed to this release: @Capkirk123, @siimav, @NathanKell, @StonesmileGit, @bongotastic, @al2me6, @ryanc55, @lpgagnon
  11. v14.7.0 for KSP 1.10 Config Changes Updated Space Shuttle System Configs (#2522) Update SOCK Aero to match latest changes to SSS Configure NFExploration dishes (RA-only) (#2524) Merge & Deprecate XLR43 (#2513) Contributors: Thanks to: @giuliodondi, @StonesmileGit, @lpgagnon, @Capkirk123 Thanks to all who have given support in issues, comments and discord discussions. Your contributions are greatly valued!
  12. v18.2.0 for KSP 1.10+ Changelog Fix wrong atmospheric pressure being shown in CelestialBody KBApp @NathanKell Set default surface/orbital navball transition altitude for all bodies @al2me6 French body names by @eggrobin in #244 Fix the bad tangent in Venus pressureCurve @siimav Add comets to Custom Asteroids config by @Starstrider42 in #226
  13. Please refer to https://github.com/KSP-RO/ProceduralFairings/issues/30#issuecomment-877918419
  14. Only KSP 1.10.1 works properly right now. Please follow the install guide here: https://github.com/KSP-RO/RP-0/wiki/RO-&-RP-1-Installation-for-1.10.1
  15. Did you ignite the engines is a separate stage prior to detaching clamps?
  16. In the meanwhile, there's been a few small releases... v1.10.5 for KSP 1.10 KCT Fix copied Build List vessels losing their memory of whether the VAB or SPH is building them (fixes Recover to SPH being available for VAB-built vessels when it should not be). Contracts X-Planes High (Difficult) contract gets a slight reward boost. Improve difficulty level handling of X-Planes High contracts. Miscellaneous Updated loading screen tips. CONTRIBUTORS Thank you to everyone who contributed to this release: @siimav, @norcalplanner v1.10.4 for KSP 1.10 KCT Add a new Location button to configure the default launch location of a KCT launchpad (for KK integration). This prevents having to Select Launchsite on every vessel individually, though the default location can still be overridden that way. Contracts Experimental Rocketplanes contracts now regenerate every day like other contracts. Increase the X-Planes Low contract reward. Science and Tech Tree Use the new Conic Cockpit model for the X-2 Upgrade. Parts Deprecate Restock battery parts; use Service Module tanks instead since they vary with materials science level. Include science part assets from DMagic Orbital Science (like we do for BDB and Coatl Aerospace assets) rather than depending on that mod. (That was the last non-1.10 dependency.) CONTRIBUTORS Thank you to everyone who contributed to this release: @siimav @NathanKell
  17. The reason is that DBS conflicts with Kerbalism which is now a dependency of RP-1. Technically NFE doesn't require DBS to work. No idea about Kerbal Atomics though.
  18. v1.10.2.0 for KSP 1.10 Note: This is a save-breaking release along with RO v14.0. Major Updates: Flying Low science has been removed. In exchange, a variety of crewed supersonic experiments have been added, and the rewards for Flying High science have been increased. (#1499) Solid motors have had a large rebalance. Costs have been rationalized (and often lowered), entry costs and entry cost modifiers have been reworked for a better upgrade progression and to use the corrected propellants from RO v14. Solid propellant resource costs have been set to 0 to avoid underloading causing issues. UA1206 and UA1207 motors have been moved back to their planned flight dates rather than their real flight dates. Some very early solids have been moved back slightly. (#1503) Avionics Early Science Core avionics are now unable to use RCS to translate forward and back. Only science cores using Improved Avionics technology or above can use forward-back translation. The mass of the WAC/Aerobee avionics cores (and the first two procedural avionics science core techs) has been lowered to better capture the performance of early sounding rockets now that residuals are implemented (see RO v14). KCT Vessels may only be recovered to the facility in which they were built. (#1524 ) Contracts Rework X-Planes Supersonic contracts into a sequential set of contracts with escalating difficulty. (#1510) Increased advances and rewards for Lunar Flyby and Impactor contracts since it is much harder to achieve these with unguided moonshots. Give Experimental Rocketplanes the usual soft cooldown, and make it unavailable once X-Planes High has been done. Add a difficulty setting to disable X-Plane contracts (and slightly increase the reward of early rocket contracts to compensate). (#1523) Fix issues with the Rendezvous contract by introducing our own Rendezvous parameter. (#1526) Fix some typos. Parts Configure RSRM-1986. (#1385) Fix missing placement of Ranger Retro engine (#1518) Fix missing cost for Apollo D-2 antenna. Other Improve Career Log error handling. CONTRIBUTORS Thank you to everyone who contributed for this release: @lpgagnon, @Capkirk123, @NathanKell, @jwvanderbeck, @siimav, @leudaimon, @al2me6, @marsh1832, @adouge.
  19. If don't intend to rewrite KCT then the fork we integrated into RP-1 might be of interest to you. It has a ton of refactoring and some optimizations. The UI code has also been split into methods and into separate files but it's still IMGUI so definitely not perfect. We probably cut a bunch of features that aren't used by RP-1 though so that version certainly isn't compatible with most people's installs outside RP-1. https://github.com/KSP-RO/RP-0/tree/master/Source/KerbalConstructionTime
  20. RP-1 Realistic Progression One v1.9 for KSP 1.8.1 - 1.10.1 NathanKell released this 5 hours ago Note: Postpone updating to this release if you have an ongoing career where you have accepted the 'First Human Moon Landing' contract but haven't completed 'Crewed Lunar Flyby'. Doing so would cause the 'First Human Moon Landing' contract to automatically fail with a significant funds penalty. Major Updates: The midgame of RP-1 has been rebalanced to lower the snowball effect of the early and mid lunar missions. This involves changes to the tech tree, to contract parameters and rewards, and to parts. KCT's codebase has seen a big refactor - the user facing improvements include descriptions for the various tags applied to parts and a KCT-friendly Engineer's Report. RP-1 has been updated to support the latest changes in RO v13.1. Chief among these is a change to heating, and so there have been changes to the heatshields in RP-1 (more reordering and changes are to come). In particular the Sample Return Capsule now uses a heatsink-style heat shield (i.e. it does not come with ablator), and so reentries using it must be very carefully done. Make sure to provide a substantial retro fire (200m/s or more), and come from a very low orbit. Avionics Avionics units no longer stack. This means that to control a rocket of 20 tons, at least one avionics unit must have a controllable mass of 20+ tons. Note that you can still have separate lower and upper stage avionics, they just don't combine their controllable masses. This feature defaults to off in existing saves, and is toggleable in the RP-1 difficulty settings. Add a setting in RP-1's difficulty settings to allow toggling whether the Procedural Avionics GUI opens automatically when right-clicking a part in the editor Add Range Safety functionality to all parts with Procedural Avionics Warn when trying to close the Proc Avionics window if the avionics type has not been applied KCT Improvements and bugfixes to sim functionality. Should fix a random crash with Principia on reverts. Fix crew selection dialog for vessels with multiple different crewable parts KCT now overrides the Engineer's Report applauncher, so that it displays the actual mass and size of the vessel Part tags now have individual descriptions that show in the editor part tooltip Large refactor of the KCT codebase for stability and performance Support the new tag PadInfrastructure so that parts from MLP can be ignored for mass/size checks even if they are not themselves launch clamps Highlight Rollout button when rollout checks fail (#1513) Contracts Add a tab to the RP-1 GUI that allows setting allowable satellite contract payload limits Improvements to the SCANSat contracts Go back to gating First Docking behind unlocking docking ports (#1475) No longer prevent having both Suborbital Crewed and First Crewed Orbital active Fix some issues with the lunar impactor contract not completing Break the Sound Barrier contract now depends on the Mach value, not a hardcoded 343m/s Enable all space station contracts rather than only one per station (#1511) Reduce midgame contract payouts (#1418) Alter lunar contract requirements to lower midgame snowball effect (#1472) Add new far side lunar landing contract Slight increase to early satellite contract rewards Add shared soft cooldown to all repeatable satellite contracts Make First Solar-Powered Satellite contract require positive electricity balance (Note: a Contract Configurator bug requires switching away from and back to the vessel before the contract will complete) Science and Tech Move Hydrazine (RCS/generic engine propellant) to 1968, since that was the first time it was used in an infinite-ignition setting Add ScanSat biome scan to cameras (#1467) Improve kOS tech progression, now follows selected avionics tech level (#1498) Phobos and Deimos now have only a single biome each, and only have low-space science (#1505) Lower cost of all '58-'61 tech nodes Lower landed multipliers on the Moon Parts Support reDIRECT Add tech progression for the ORM-65 engine (#1468) Unlock the first tank configs from the start (#1469) Support new small thrusters from RO (#1463) Support new X-1 cockpit from RO Interstages, decouplers, and fairing bases no longer require tooling. Fairing side tooling is more expensive now however. Add small radial sep motor (#1482) Support ROCapsules Apollo Block III Service Module (#1478) Fix the LR87-LH2 ECMs Improve ECM handling for the AJ10-Advanced and the AJ10-133 Set resource costs of solids to 0 to avoid a resource cost issue when partially loading propellant Clean up station part prices and ECMs Support GE Apollo D-2 from ROCapsules Support ROEngines SNTP Fix Zond avionics Moved the Gamma 201/301 back a node in the tech tree Other Fix issues with training course generation. Use part title instead of name for unconfigured parts. Add a new difficulty option for crew training that disables mission training but keeps proficiency training Increase the craft size limits for launch pads Fix CommNet being disabled on the Easy difficulty preset Alter hypoxia behavior so it becomes more dangerous as altitude increases and density decreases, and as time above the limit increases. Ducking above a cockpit's altitude limit is much more dangerous now! CONTRIBUTORS Thank you to everyone who contributed for this release! @lpgagnon, @pap1723, @Capkirk123, @NathanKell, @jwvanderbeck, @siimav, @DRVeyl, @leudaimon, @nova-ad-astra, @mattwrobel, @RCrockford, @StonesmileGit
  21. Is using define a critical part of the solution? I know for a fact that the counter will randomly get reset for that contract.
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