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  1. Sorry it's taken so long to respond. I just tried what what was suggested I uninstalled, deleted the old gamedata and started fresh, booted once without mods and then added Here's my gamedata folder each time I've tried by following the walkthrough I also tried dropping the GPP_Texture folder under GPP as suggested as seen below Weird enough, I got this error that 1.2.3 was not supported Just for the hell of it I tried with 1.2.2 I tried it like this and with Kopernicus and modular flight like the 1.2.3 installs instructs, both didn't work I got the
  2. I did each time, I tried it once without running it vanilla just to test. I've tried it by running without mods just to the main screen, then loading in GPP, and I've tried it by starting a new game and then deleting the save file just to see if that made a difference which it did not. Sorry it's taken me a while to respond, I'm at work now but I'll take a screen shot when I get home tonight. For the most part it looks the same as the screen shot in the walk through before I KSP, after I boot some other files start to show, I remember one being named community tech tree or something,
  3. I'm having an issue with getting this working. I'm on a brand new computer, literally nothing installed besides Steam and KSP (Windows 10) I've followed the directions to a 'T' in every fashion I can imagine. I've uninstalled and delete the game files and re-downloaded GPP multiple times and I can't get it to work I'm opening the fresh KSP install once, no new game, no saved data I copy GPP, Kopernicus and Modular Flight Integrator into the game data along with the modular manager dll, It shows the loading screenshots like galileo's installed. It even asks if I want to che
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