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  1. @K^2 Are there any sort of simulation websites or tools I could use to try out exact optimization just because? Also if you don't mind could you elaborate more on the first part of your reply? I'm just a bit curious about this part.
  2. Are these the criteria for the nost efficient ascent profile possible? 1. It is a gravity turn to reduce cosine losses. 2. You want to be turning horizontally at a rate where you get as close as possible to failing due to heat or aerodynamic stress or to your safety parameters for those things so that you reduce gravity losses for the entire flight. This is because the more horizontal you are at any point, the less of the delta-v you are putting in is able to be taken by gravity, and as you turn less of your delta-v is used for vertical velocity which isn't needed for getting into or
  3. What do the Hold AP time start and finish do and how do they affect the launch, also if I don't want them on how do i turn them off?
  4. By maximum delta-v, I meant for an all-purpose vehicle, but thanks for the tip.
  5. How many and what size for each? I know that one large 1st stage and a small but efficient second stage is great but is there any better configuration for maximum delta-v?
  6. I am going for an all purpose launcher though for heavy lifting. Any tips for max delta-v that have to do with the topic of my questions?
  7. A couple questions. 1. How much of the total delta-v of my launch vehicle should the 1st and second stages have respectively? (e.g. 1st stage 1/2, 2nd stage 1/2) 2. What is the optimal mass comparison between the two for maximum delta-v? (e.g. 2nd stage is 1/4 the mass of 1st stage) 3. Should I design the 1st stage first or the 2nd stage and build the 1st stage around that?
  8. Granted, but before you can take a bite you get shot by the pizza police because your pizza was illegally obtained. I wish that I was on the ISS
  9. If you sat in an office chair and fired an AK-47 that was placed so the thrust from recoil would be directed through the Center of Mass, how far would you move per shot?
  10. Okay so I would like to get the most efficient ascent possible, what mod could calculate the most efficient trajectory and fly that?
  11. Okay so I can't install Mechjeb, I have Windows 10 if that helps. Also I didn't get KSP on Steam if that helps too. I tried placing it in the GameData folder and Squad folder but neither worked. Any ideas? My version is 1.3
  12. Could this possibly be used on one of SpaceX's Mars capsules?
  13. Thanks for answering, but I have another question. Don't you just need an initial pitchover, not manual control?
  14. Can you explain this a bit more? I don't really get what you mean. Also can you explain this a bit more too?
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