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  1. So I couldn't help but noticing that the Delta IV, and Delta IV Heavy have somewhat rounded nose cones, which I have heard are better at less than supersonic velocities, and pointed ones are good at supersonic velocities. The Falcon 9 fairings havs one in the middle. Can someone explain why all of this is? And what is the best design for a nose cone for a typical rocket?
  2. And is it different for different rockets or somewhat the same? (In real life)
  3. @p1t1o Thanks, and by the way is there a website where I can learn more about rocket ascents instead of just filling up the forum with questions?
  4. When a rocket is ascending, do you want to clear the lower atmosphere before gaining any signifigant horizontal velocity to avoid heat?
  5. When you are ascending out of Earth's atmosphere how far up do you turn to gain horizontal velocity with your first stage, and is that height to avoid heat, or drag?
  6. Just curious because playing KSP made me curious about the ratio.
  7. I know the Falcon 9 usually cuts of just around 62-64 kilometers but what about rockets like the Delta IV and Delta IV Heavy? I know there is no set height because of different payload weights but I just want an average.
  8. Just wondering who you guys think will send humans to Mars first.
  9. Okay so I know to get to Kerbin orbit it starts at about 4500 delta v, and to get to Earth orbit it starts at 9400. Why is that? I know the gravity is the same but is Kerbin smaller and does Earth have a thicker atmosphere?
  10. KJR

    Is there a Kerbal Joint Reinforcement mod for 1.3 and if so can someone put up a link or tell me of a similar mod?
  11. Thanks @Scarecrow that really helps me out.
  12. @Scarecrow Does that rocket have problems with wobbling in flight?
  13. I couldn't find a thread about Duna rockets, so I made one.
  14. Ok so i am planning a Duna trip but I have no clue what a typical rocket looks like for this. I am close to done with the tech tree but I just need to know what a typical duna rocket looks like. Edit: It is a Duna and back mission with only three kerbals, and it is just for science.
  15. Does it matter where in the stack I put a reaction wheel?