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  1. Circularizing during the unmanned landing, unfortunately I need to get more science to get better nuclear rockets for the lander.
  2. This is from an unmanned Apollo 9 like mission for a Atomic lander and so far it functions well in a Vacuum and these fuel tanks made by USI really work well with using not much fuel in orbit, next step is a unmanned Apollo 10 like mission, then a unmanned landing and finally a manned Mun landing, if this works well then this lander could be used for other bodies like Ike or any of the Joolian Moons minus Laythe and possibly even Eeelo and Moho.
  3. I have an HP Pavillion g6 that has 4GB RAM and I run Scatterer and SVE high textures. The game does lag and take a long and I mean long time to load but that might be for all the other mods I got and the game runs fine, sure it lags and has big lag moments but I've gone to and landed on other bodies in the stock game without MJ fine. But I know how you feel with the OPM, that is one mod I want to use, that or the before Kerbin mod which sadly my PC would not be able to use.
  4. Some shots of Kerbin's southern Aurora while landing a science probe.
  5. A test of the winged Gemini, I was surprised that it actually worked as a glider. Many might consider the chutes as cheating but my space plane skills are not the best plus both the real life Space Shuttle and Buran had chutes to slow down when on the ground. The chutes did not work as the planned activating above the ground but atleast the boiler plate survived.
  6. I am liking the version 1.4.X EVA chutes they are awesome and you can do a somewhat more accurate Vostok landing. Maybe one day in the 2020s or something a ejector seat system could be implemented. Sadly I could not get an image of Jeb on the capsule due to lag and the fact when I EVA him he flew off, however. There's a nice spot. Touchdown.
  7. After a long break form space exploring and personal reasons I am back, sadly I doubt I'll be doing EVE missions soon. But for now here are 2 pics of me testing out if the cloud and Soviet mods worked.
  8. Pictures from two failed unmanned Eve landings, I don't even know if the modified Mun rocket or the SRBs will work cause I can't get them to land properly. The first attempt had a ignition failure causing the main engine to not start, making it land too hard destroying the legs. Attempt number 2 These setbacks wont stop me from doing a manned mission to Eve's surface and back, I'll keep trying.
  9. We are still trying to develop an Eve lander, however we got the green light for a Manned orbit of Eve, spacewalk and a landing on it's moon Gilly. Sorry for the lack of pictures of the spacewalk and surface of Gilly but this mission took me hours to do.
  10. The KSC is having trouble on an Eve lander design after the company that made the engines for the Laythe and Duna Landers stopped making the powerful models (They were highly radioactive) plus they needed to test if this new experimental material can withstand Eve's pressure and gravity. Bill had the idea to build a lander from the novel he's reading about a bunch of ape like creatures landing on a Planet that is bigger than Eve, so they agreed and did an unmanned test. We fixed the nosedive issue that happened with Elvira and the Classified first unmanned landing attempt. Drogue Chute deployed. Main Chute deployed. We have landed. Unfortunately the engines were too weak to get it off the ground, but good news is the Material used to make the lander did work and we had contact with the lander for 17 days before the signal went out.
  11. Jiggles Kerman, you had one job and that was to help Val land the space shuttle at KSC and you pitched too up which caused it too stall and splashdown. Don't give me that look, just for that and your careless actions you are disqualified from the Manned Eve missions.
  12. Images from the Cupid Probe when it was scanning Eve and Gilly, the probe was later sent to Kerbol due to fear of bacteria and radiation contaminating Eve or Gilly. Final shot of Kerbol before Cupid got disintegrated.
  13. Photos form the Elvira landing probe have arrived! Normally I would send an orbiting probe to take pictures and do Biome and terrain scans but based on Telescopic studies, it's size, thick atmosphere and closeness to Kerbol we had to make sure if a landing was even possible. Sadly 3 minutes after taking the picture we lost contact with Elvira even though it's generators were meant to make it last for 2 weeks. Even though she lasted 23 minutes on Eve, Elvira has given us alot of information of Eve. 1: A landing is possible. 2: It's radiation belt is way more stronger than the Van Kerman belt, however on the surface there is little to no radiation at all due to the thick clouds. 3: It's surface temperature varies from extreme cold to extreme hot even hotter than Moho, so we need to make suits that can adapt to the temperatures. 4: The Atmosphere is very deadly. 5: It does have seismic activity so Eve is active. 6: It's gravity and atmospheric pressure is very strong which might explain why we lost contact with Elvira so we need to make suits that can withstand the pressure, and I don't think a modified Duna or Laythe lander would work. Overall I am very happy the way this mission turned out.
  14. Testing out the Elvira Eve Lander Probe Prototype on Kerbin. The actual design will be revealed when it lands or crashes on Eve.