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  1. Since most are talking about the LM and derivatives. I have found out that the Apollo LM Descent stage makes great platforms for Landing Probes on planets and Moons without atmosphere like Moho. That and a Vanguard engine fits in it too lol. The reason a parachute is on there is, the original version of that probe went to Laythe so I used a copy of it and forgot to remove the chute ^^;
  2. After some tests and sending a orbiter to do some scans, we finally were able to send a landing probe to Sarnus' Moon Tekto. We got the backup Laythe Sunbather probe but altered it with side mounted antennas and the lamps now blink. Code named (I'm not good with naming things let alone acronyms) Tekto Information Learning Landing Yearner aka T.I.L.L.Y or Tilly named after a Lighthouse in Oregon. Thanks to Tilly we learned that landing on Tekto is easy very similar to landing on Eve and taking off is alot easier than Eve, however it will still pose a challenge for possible manned mission
  3. Also need the Boombox from Bargain Rockets. lol
  4. I sent a probe to Sarnus which is a personal milestone since it's the first time I visited a planet from the Outer Planets Pack. That was fun and since now we know we got plenty of Delta V to orbit Sarnus and got to a Moon we are planning on landing a probe on the Moon Tekto.
  5. With some old parts in storage we finally made a landing probe to Laythe. The Sunbather. We found a Bottom half of an Apollo Lunar Module, an old engine from a Vanguard Rocket that never flew, slapped a battery, probe core, parachute, transmitter dish, science equipment and since the local city was replacing their sodium street lamps with LED we got the old lamps and bulbs for dirt cheap.
  6. Pictures of the Joolian System taken by the Van Kerman Space Telescope.
  7. Launching of the Van Kerman Deep Space Telescope. rocket was nicknamed Space Needle, don't know why Gene thought of that nickname but it was the one pulled out of the hat. Ah the S-IV stage it has so many uses like, carrying a lunar module, being a habitat for planetary flybys, a space station and now a telescope.
  8. While doing a Rescue Contract to the Mun's North Pole I decided to use this as an opportunity to get science. and Val decided to use this as an opportunity to practice her golf swing for the KSC invitational golf tournament.
  9. Take all the time you need. The older models though need a touch up or modifying are still good for pictures and fun to use in Career Mode. Plus these early renders look great and based on these pictures when the final version of them do come out whenever, it will be worth the wait. Don't rush take your time.
  10. After taking a long break from playing the game I decided to launch a Vintage Spy Satellite into orbit above Kerbin. Content made by Bluedog Designs.
  11. I finally landed a Kerbal on every terrestrial object except for Eve in stock KSP. But before I go to 1.10 I am staying in 1.9.1 because I found a legal forked version of Kopernicus which works and so does the RSS mod but sadly RSSVE doesn't work. About to launch some science equipment with a Titan I.
  12. Sorry ahead of time for uploading alot of pictures. I finally did it I did a manned mission to Eeloo! It wasn't easy even though they gave us the budget for building the rocket, lander and a Rover we didn't have enough for Science Equipment other than Ice Cream scoops and Waffle Cones. Launch Vehicle: I don't know what to name it. Payload: 3 Kerbals, Apollo/Orion Nuclear Pulse nicknamed "Mickey", Kraken IV Lander nicknamed "Pluto", 1 Rover. After over a year of flying and playing Children's Card Games like Uno and Kerb Gi Oh(Don't let me Kerbalize stuff) we f
  13. Welp with waning interest in space exploration after the Mun landings, our budget was cut big time but the KSC grinded just enough money and resources to send a unmanned lander to Eeloo to prove that it is either a Planet, Dwarf Planet or a Big Ball of Ice Cream and hopefully to spark interest again. Though we are mostly using recycled parts from cancelled planned Mun landings and boosters for a scrapped Duna Landing. Ship: Eeloo Express Landing Probe. Launch Vehicle: Saturn MLV. After a little less than a year the Eeloo Express arrived at its destination.
  14. I am not a mod admin but. I am running it in 1.9.1 and it works for me I may not have the golden back on the Gemini but that might be because its not released yet or I got an older version of the mod but it works for me and the textures are fine, it might be conflicting with a mod or you improperly installed it.
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