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  1. That would be cool especially my last probe that used Pioneer 10's HGA was blown up by a ship that looked like a bird.
  2. I know it is possible to use the SRB's from SOCK and Redirect on BDB parts like what I did with the Saturn Launch System.
  3. I decided to keep my current career going for now and decided to go Neptune and it's Moon Triton. Mila with Gemini lander named "Quark" This was fun though also Mila's last mission. I am decommissioning Mila due to it being almost 70 years old plus unlike the Bradbury. Mila wasn't stable when carrying a lander and ship at the same time so the crew transfer ship had to stay in LEO. As for a replacement, might just use Gemini Phoenix class ships.
  4. Maybe when I start a new career with a better Tech tree mod. Though maybe take a little break between KSP Careers.
  5. It took a long time but I finally did a manned mission to Pluto. Originally the Lander was gonna be named Valentine because it was planned to land on the Tombaugh Regio aka the heart but due to the passing of Nichelle Nichols the KSP decided to rename the Lander Uhura. No Saturn Launch System this time because it's meant to go into LEO and Rendezvous so a Saturn V works (Saturn I variants don't like me.) I skipped posting the Crew launch since it's the same as the others. After 4 years of traveling Mila has entered Pluto's SOI. Some images on the surface which surprisingly for being so far from the sun is very bright even with Ballisticfox's Vintage TUFX filter which usually makes places dark. Due to not having Breaking Ground I could not use the LRV but I do have bonus pictures of Science results which are hilarious. Honestly I am not sure what to do anymore. Try to land on Venus? keep playing and go to Neptune? or start a new career with a map compatible with GU or wait and see if I can get enough money for Breaking Ground? Only Time will tell.
  6. Since we had a Gemini Lander collecting dust in storage we decided to land on a Moon from Uranus. After a long time we chose Ariel. Next spoiler tag is some funny science dialogue.
  7. Thanks I was just concerned if posting pics in this forum would've been a problem. Thanks for the feedback and being ok about it.
  8. I finally did a Manned Mission to Titan and returned. LC-39B: Rocket SLS with payload consisting of Titan Lander named Odo. I love these new Flame effects. Since Odo is too big to be carried by Mila, it had to go to Saturn on it's own. Next images will be in Spoiler to prevent using too much space, First up the launch and docking of the crew. Next up the Photos of the Mission. The Mission overall took a really long time to make and do, which is why I did not make a rover but it was fun. Though I am not sure if doing this is pushing beyond BDB's main purpose especially most of my kitbashes uses both BDB and non BDB parts that make it too Scifi than most people's kitbashes here.
  9. I am happy to say my lander was able to to land on Io and Ganymede without refueling, and even tested another lander on Titan.
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