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  1. True and fortunately we got it into orbit and enroute to Valentine. If it succeeds we might one day open up tourist destinations to the Valentine system just will take 75-100 years to get there lol.
  2. "Magic star above Send a message to my love Tell her that I'll wait patiently Sad and so lonely Dreaming of her only Swift and graceful as a dove way up above."
  3. That mission to Laythe last week gave me just enough science to unlock Nuclear Pulse rockets. As to how to test it we are gonna send a probe to Valentine which may take about 75-120 years to get to and we just had enough budget to send a probe there without science equipment. And yes the probe core is a Juno Guidance unit. Unfortunately a Standard S-II with standard J-2s was not powerful enough to get it up. So we may or may not had violated a international treaty, atleast it wasn't used for war.
  4. Werhner Von Kerman decided instead of sending Voyager 2 to land on Duna's polar caps we should send it to Sarnus' moon Tekto. Hey no use arguing against him since he provides us snacks. Wow most of the planets are alligned.
  5. Procedural parts are your best friend in Career mode. I tend to use them for extra Monopropellant and battery storage though lately I have been using them for LS as well.
  6. Ok I know I am really late for the Voyager/Mars Bandwagon but after many flybys of planets and manned landings on the Mun and Minmus, I was finally able to get enough science for all the parts with Skyhawk's Tree. No cool reentry effect it wasn't going that fast. I am starting to believe I am very lucky on landing landers right between huge rocks.
  7. Decided to visit the North Pole.....on Minmus. No LRV because of the rocky terrain and I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I have Breaking Ground and a engineer but there is no option to put the LRV parts on it only in the chassis storage, what do I need to do to fully assemble the LRV?
  8. What could be the payload on this Redstone? Look up in the sky its a bird, its a plane? No its a....tree? These things are always a fire hazard. Don't ask how it survived. Technical notes: I found a XMAS mod was released on Spacedock and when I saw the tree I wanted to send it into space and I found out its roughly the size of a Mercury Capsule so the BDB Mercury heatshield and Redstone rocket fits perfectly as for the tree topper we could not use a Star or Angel so a leftover Gemini chute had to be used as the topper lol.
  9. The Koviets surprised us by testing their Mun rocket on Minmus and then landing on it before us. So to one up them we decided to also land on Minmus but bring in a new LRV. Mission: Apollo 7 Payload: CSM named Jesper, LM named Klaus, Apollo Minmus Surface Experiment Package and LRV Crew: Fredtrey Kerman Commander and LM Pilot, Erly Kerman Scientist, Jebediah Kerman CSM Pilot. (Not sure why the LEM's IVA is buggy like that.) Erly unloading the LRV, unfortunately I forgot that you need a engineer to add the parts to the LRV and Erly is a Scientist. We also payed Softee 1 a visit and took back its camera to be donated to the National Museum.
  10. I decided to send a Juno guidance unit to flyby Sarnus and (Accidentally) Eeloo. Also welcome the Titan IV-Delta. The pictures of the Sarnus and Eeloo flybys. Am I insane for doing things a Juno guidance unit was not meant to do.
  11. After the first Mun landing the first thing I grabbed with science was ALSEP and thankfully it did not lag where we landed. Apollo 5 landed on the Polar lowlands of the Mun and unfortunately due to blaring Rock Me Amadeus which caused the crew not being able to hear Mission Control the last mission, the Kerbal States chose the name of the ships to be more patriotic and play patriotic tunes.....The ratings went way down because of it. As for why Jeb is wearing a Koviet suit....Based on information from "Weather" Satellites and other sources the Koviet's Mun rocket has been blowing up so to taunt make them feel better Jeb put on a Koviet suit we "Borrowed" from that capsule that landed in our land. In all honesty I just wanted to post ALSEP pictures here lol.
  12. I wasn't gonna show pics from this Minmus rover mission here due to lack of BDB parts but since it turns out we landed 1km from Softee 1 I decided to pay the old girl a visit. Almost 10 years gone by and Softee 1's camera still works lol.
  13. LOL I am running Stock Scale with TAC Life Support, OPM and Extra Solar. Originally I was gonna use Galaxies unbound but either A: My computer with 32 GB of RAM can't handle it or B: a mod is causing a memory leak and I am too lazy to find out which one.
  14. Everyone has their own liking. True but I am a sucker for Power Ballads and Aerosmith has been overdone lol.
  15. Yes except for during launch when "Where My Heart Will Take Me" by Russell Watson aka theme to Star Trek Enterprise which plays as tradition with launching. But other than that they did constantly blast "Rock me Amadeus" the whole mission.
  16. Speaking of Skyhawk's techtree I finally did a Mun landing with it. Mission: Apollo 4. Payload: CSM named Amadeus and LEM named Falco. Crew: Valentina as Commander and LM pilot, Jebediah as CSM pilot and Bill as Engineer. Unfortunately Falco's name decal did not load. CTV camera footage of Valentina steeping onto the surface. Now Bill, thanks Val for holding the camera. Thankfully I did not unlock the ALSEP because where I landed parallax lagged my computer to no end.
  17. Sent Mun Pie 7 to the Mun and then a unmanned probe to orbit Jool. I found a mod that adds airplane parts including Nav lights so I used them on Mun Pie 7. The Jool mission went well....until it crashed into Bop. Fortunately those missions gave me enough science to finally unlock full Apollo.
  18. Both Roverdude's Orion and the Stockish Project Orion mods fit well with BDB especially since they fit on the Saturn S-II stage for launch.
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