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  1. As promised my final mission in my KSRSS career. A Manned mission to Halley's Comet. Due to a part update, Roddenberry was deleted so I had to hastly make a new Gemini Phoenix. After Jeb entered the lander named "Twain" he made his descent which even a Gemini Lander is OP here. Houston we had a problem. Sorry for it being dark and no flag but the gravity is so small that I only have a split second to be on the surface lol. That was harder than it look and do I reccomend landing a kerbal on Halley's comet.......no its not worth it and you'd have more fun landing on Ceres.
  2. 1: I am surprised my laptop or external hard drive had not caught fire yet lol. 2: My brutal honest opnion about it. That is one of the least cursed rockets I seen in this topic lol.
  3. After many thoughts I decided a trip to Halley's Comet will be my last mission on my current career because of many reasons including, a full science tree and so much stuff it's laggy. However I will start a new career with Stock KSP system, planet packs and GU and maybe Life Support. To Commemorate this career I decided to post (In Spoilers) Some but not all of the most famous missions and machines I did in this career mode in chronological order. I really don't know what to say other than keep up the great work and boldy go where no Kerbal has gone before.
  4. The only Voyager part I know that is currently around are the RTG generators but from the sounds of it, they might be implemented in the future. As for a substitue Probes Plus and RN US Probes has the Voyager probes.
  5. My first attempt at using the ALSEP, turns out they were not connected. Oh well I got enough science in this career. Now I need to connect them and learn how to get the LRV working. Maybe next mission lol
  6. Since Minmus is not made of ice cream, we can use this telescope to see if Vall and Eeloo are made of ice cream.
  7. And they are great for Interstellar missions if you don't want to construct in space or need to send a colony to another system in one go.
  8. Roverdude's Orion is OP enough even with 2.5x scale lol. As for Super Orion, I think there is a mod that adds large Orion drives atleast large for Kerbals, I am not sure where. Though where and how are you gonna launch it without nuking the space center lol the Saturn V wont do it.
  9. Since it's my birthday today I decided to send a cake to the motherCENSORED Moon. First time I noticed the ullage motors separate on the S-IV. Time to light the candles, guess how many. Let's eat hope you all like Red Velvet. Was this an Ego trip? Yes it was but everyone is allowed to do it on their birthday lol.
  10. Airstream is a brand of Travel Trailer. They are widely known as those shiny silver round trailers that look like a silver blimp or as Mr. C on Happy Days referred to an Airstream as the Hindenburg because it resembled that. But yes it is a nod to the grey lol. The lighting makes it look silvery.
  11. I've done it before in 2.5X KSRSS with Apollo era hardware and without cheating. It is hard to do but if you time the alignment of Earth and Venus and have really good skill and or luck you can use Venus as a slingshot back to Earth and use the CSM's engine to reenter.
  12. I decided to do my own take on Artemis 1 while waiting for Saturday's launch using Benjee10's Orion. Launch Vehicle SLSS aka Saturn Launch System Stout. I'm gonna post the rest in Spoilers since I have alot of pictures up this post already lol. Not gonna lie I was playing "Rooster" by Alice in Chains during launch, don't know why lol.
  13. Yes it is. It fits with all the cursed rockets people here including myself has made and shown here lol. That was odd, it posted the replies twice.
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