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  1. I all ready use it. But wanted some progression
  2. Hey @RoverDude I would like your advice. I am playing with MKS and the OPM mod and would like a mod that adds better engines and some neat tech toys to help push larger MKS payloads to the OPM planets.. So there is more progression. Would you recommend Interstellar or Near future? With compatibility with MKS in mind. Or is there a different option?
  3. Editing the MKS LS config file Hey, I am trying to edit the MKS config file to double hab time. I edited both the Life support config file and the MKS config file. But in game the GUI shows the same hab time for all parts.
  4. I am getting Save file corruption every few days with this mod installed. I am playing 1.3 version of KPS and the same version of this mod.
  5. I am sorry to tell you we have closed the KSC and are reopening in the next town over.
  6. Hi! I am searching for a content creator who has made a vod series playing KPS using some of the mods I am. Mainly UIS life support, interstellar and remote tech. I have about 80-ish mods installed many to add parts and to create new challenges. Commentary is preferred over music vods. Any recommendations?
  7. HELLO ALL! I am setting up KSPIE for the first time with Near future mod pack. What must I do to make the 2 mods play nicely? Do I really gain any functionality by having the 2 mods that are not filled by one mod alone? There is a number of confusing threads bouncing around and I would like to hear it form the horses mouth! (your are the horse) (nay) 2nd question!, I am using USI life support. Is there any component in KSPIE that will not work with USI LS? Note, I am still running 1.3.1 until all of the mods in my list are updated.
  8. I don't know how I keep getting the wrong Kopernicus installed. Any ways, Do you have any Ideals on why the orbits of many of my Mum missions are out of place or missing? This happens when I close the game (save) then restart it.
  9. the Akita cab wheels seems to be only left hand side wheels. and seem to drive in reverse by default. Anyone one know what is going on? I can reverce the motor Direction on the left hand side and it kinda works. But the rover slowly turns right when under acceleration.
  10. I reverted back to 1.2 KPS to get this mod to work. But now the solar panels don't work. the seem to be tracking not the sun. I only tested on kerbin. Is there any fix I can use?
  11. I can't get the MKS LS tech nodes to show up in the tech tree. I am runign 1.3 KPS and MKS USI. with the newest mod manager. Also running interstellar.extended.
  12. Could up you upload your temp fixed files, you can PM me the link if you want. But if you link in this thread I would get permission or explain it is unofficial and to use at your own risk. P.S. please don't give me malware!