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  1. Oh! I see you manually had to -add- the KSC biomes rather than manually filtering them. In ScienceContext.cs at line 439: ScienceInstance S = new ScienceInstance( experiment, new Situation( _bodyList[ _homeWorld ], ExperimentSituations.SrfLanded, _kscBiome, _kscBiomes[ x ] ), this ); This seems to populate the KSC minibiomes in the situation list. It's in a set of if statements from 428 to 477 I should be able to copy the lines between 428 and 477, put the copy in 478 to 527 (pushing the rest of the code down), and in the new copy change every SrfLanded to FlyingLow , to populate the science checklist for flying over KSC's minibiomes, right? Thx for your patience.
  2. So I'd have to compile it myself if I wanted KSC Flying? Seems a bit of a chore, but I guess it's necessary.
  3. How do I make it so, e.g. "Flying over Kerbin's Runway" or "Flying over Kerbin's VAB Main Building" or "Flying over Kerbin's Tracking Station Dish North" count as valid by editing it? I didn't see any obvious way to select the KSC biomes, but maybe I'm just stupid.
  4. There are some Science experiments in difficult situations that your mod seems to lack. On Kerbin, it's possible to get splashdowns at the Highlands and Mountains in a few rare locations. It's possible to get experiments while Flying Over the KSC biomes, if you run the experiments on the frame before you land.
  5. Seems to work fine with no changes for me on English version. I went to Kerbal Space Program\GameData\WaypointManager\ , edited WaypointManager.version , and changed the KSP_VERSION_MAX 's "MINOR" from a 2, to a 3, I was able to place waypoints and view those waypoints in flight view. Stock contracts to survey the surface placed those waypoints in map view.
  6. QuickContracts is working with 1.3 in english version with no changes needed. Go to Kerbal Space Program\GameData\QuickMods\QuickContracts , edit QuickContracts.version (notepad will do) , and change the KSP_VERSION_MAX 's "MINOR" from a 2, to a 3, Might not work with other languages, haven't tested.
  7. UI seems improved I like the ambient light improvement Here are some bugs which still aren't fixed: Leaving a ladder by climbing out makes the biome/situation of the landed craft stick to the kerbal. Holding shift while manually adjusting the position of items in the VAB/SPH allows you to move them ridiculous distances Situation changes 1 frame after biome does, so you can e.g. get EVA while Flying over Kerbin's Launchpad by doing EVA on the frame right before you land. Or you can get a Surface Sample from Kerbin's Shores, while you're on the launchpad, by doing the surface sample on the frame before you jump. If you run a Materials Lab or Goo experiment, and opt to reset the experiment without storing the results, you can still transfer the experiment while it's resetting. This results in the experiment being stored, and the Materials lab resetting, without the need for a scientist. You're told you have "not enough funds" to launch a craft, while aggressive negotiations is running, if the cost of the craft would exceed your funds BEFORE the discount is applied. Aggressive negotiations reduces the cost of launching crafts, but does NOT reduce the monetary reward from recovery. So you can launch a craft and then immediately recover it to gain money. Air-breathing engines (e.g. Wheesley) and their intakes work perfectly fine underwater.