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  1. I read this and it occurred to me that it would be amusing to have various versions of the US English localisation file - Southern, Non-Gender Specific, Canadian, California, East Coast... (/me ducks and runs away)
  2. (I am not laughing, I am not laughing, I am not laughing) Hahahahahahaha! Sarbian, I salute your patience. Why is it that those who most loudly insist that MJ must be the problem, always turn out to have not done their basic homework? Yes, I know, I'm being unkind, but seriously...
  3. The first step in solving this problem is to toggle the "Force Roll" setting. If it's on, turn it off. If it's off, turn it on. There's no guarantee this will work, but it's the simplest possible fix, and sometimes it works, If not, post again, and we will walk you through the possible fixes. One other thing you can do is delete your current /Mechjeb directory and install fresh, rather than overwriting the previous version. In past this has helped me.
  4. This one has been present for a loooong time, and I have never really figured it out. I personally leave Force Roll toggled ON and my rockets don't roll, but YMMV. One thing you can try is rotating the rocket 90 degrees in the VAB. Load the rocket, save it under a different name so you're not changing your original savefile, then pick it up by the command part, (or hold Shift and pick it up by anything), then tap Q once to rotate it 90 degrees and save. Try that both with and without Force Roll. If that doesn't fix it, then load the original savefile, save it under a different name again, pick it up and tap E once to rotate it 90 degrees the other way and save, then try that both with and without Force Roll. Somewhere in those 4 possibilities you should find a config that works. Good luck. I know how infuriating this problem can be.
  5. Because I am an English teacher, (well, EFL anyhow), I fixed your spelling of "sadly". Now, why don't you tell us what version of KSP you are using, what version of MJ2 you are using, what your OS happens to be, and then attach your logfiles as described in the first post of this thread. Then we can perhaps begin to help you diagnose the problem.
  6. I don't use the Rendevous Autopilot anymore. I use Maneuver Planner to setup a Hohmann, then use Rendevous Planner to do a "match velocities at closest approach". With the hyper-efficiency of the new Hohmann, this seems to be far more fuel efficient, and makes rescue missions far more do-able. For me. Your mileage may vary. I would respectfully suggest that the hyper-sensitivity of the RCS is a design flaw in the craft, and needs to be addressed in the VAB. And you do not suck at this game, you just need to get more experience. We all start out feeling the way you do, I promise
  7. https://www.rt.com/news/467203-soyuz-failed-docking-fedor/ Story about failed docking attempt of Soyuz with ISS. " Roscosmos engineers believed that that a faulty rendezvous system, known as Kurs, was to blame for the failure. The system aligns an approaching craft with the station and performs an automated docking." Sounds like they need some help from Sarbian. Tell them to be sure they attach logfiles to their bug report, hehehehe
  8. Agreed! In that case the solution is to start from a higher orbit, in my experience. I can't really explain it in theoretical terms, but I had one lander design that would land within 20 meters from a 300km orbit, but if I started from 100km up, it could be off by 200 meters. @Gordon Dry - Yes, absolutely! Landing in atmosphere has always been a Charlie Foxtrot.
  9. Was someone complaining about accuracy of the Landing Guidance module? I landed the probe at Mun East Crater first, then manually input its coordinates into the Landing Guidance and landed this manned lander right next to it. Surely no reasonable person could ask for more. MechJeb Dev #886 Sarbian * KSP (WindowsPlayer x64) en-us
  10. This has been an intermittent problem for me since forever. I select Minmus as my target, and it launches with a 6-degree inclination, but not matched to that of Minmus. I keep telling myself that at some point I will conduct an orderly, methodical, well-documented investigation into this phenomenon, but I never get around to it. At one point I had it working. I did that by deleting my MJ2 directory completely and re-installing from scratch, but now it's doing the same old thing again. Yet the fact that I cured it by doing something on my PC leads me to suspect that it may not be an actual bug in MechJeb. TL;DR - happening to me too, and I don't know why. I are confused.
  11. Hey Iceman, nice to meet you. Welcome to the community When you're reporting a bug like this, it's usually helpful to include some logfiles. What exactly these logfiles are called, and how to find them is explained here - (Click on the bold text "How to get support". You'll need to scroll down a bit)
  12. I know this isn't an MJ problem, its a KSP issue. I'm just posting here to see if others in our little community have encountered the same - I am finding that the new version of KSP loads and runs more sluggishly than before the Breaking Ground update. It's like unoptimized code. It takes longer to load, and when the menu appears it freezes the screen for 15-20 seconds. I have checked Settings and it's still the same; I have things turned down a bit from max. Also exiting KSP takes notably longer. Is anyone else seeing this?
  13. Ummm, no, no, he ran away and joined the French Foreign Legion. /me nods seriously ***edit*** Seriously, yes, it's all OK, the current version works with 883. I know why you ask, there hasn't been an updated version since April, but the thing is that we all knew a major update was coming. Major updates have, in past, often broken MJ. So Sarbian & Jim usually let updates slide for a while when we know a major patch is in the works; there's no point updating just to have it broken. Now the new Breaking Ground expansion has dropped, and we can probably expect to see some updates in the next 10 days or so, though it seems like this update has not broken MJ, for once. Just grab 883 at - https://ksp.sarbian.com/jenkins/job/MechJeb2-Dev/ - and use that for a while