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  1. Another question How do you calculate LO Altitude, Semi-Sync Altitude and Sync Altitude? And how do you convert it to Real Solar System?
  2. Awesome, thanks. Now what I don't get is that I can't find the DV1 of the Interplanetary Hohmann Transfer.
  3. What I meant here is that I can't find them on your file. Can you point me where they are?
  4. Can you isolate these formulas for me? And explain them? • Ejection Angle • Ejection Velocity • Interplanetary Hohmann Transfer Delta-V Please. Like putting them on a different excel file with all the variables and the formulas. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hmmm I find it a little bit complex. I'm working with another game which uses 2d orbital mechanics and doesn't need things like inclination, etc. Could you make a simplified version for 2d orbital mechanics?
  6. Awesome work! This is 1000x better than mine Just a couple questions: Can you make a RSS (Real Solar System) version? Is it customizable?
  7. @Pretorian28715 @william2002730 You're welcome. I'm interested on KSP Math too. If you find more articles or things that use math on KSP, be sure to tell me.
  8. @Pretorian28715 @Kartoffelkuchen @william2002730 Here you go http://www101.zippyshare.com/v/16NjGlJS/file.html
  9. Thanks. I made a spreadsheet covering this and more things. Check out my latest post to see it and let me know what you think.
  10. (Inspired by Interplanetary How-To Guide by Kosmo-Not) I proudly present to you the Nexus's Orbital Calculator It does a lot of calculations for you automatically. You only have to input the data. It has a: Orbit Calculator Hohmann Transfer Calculator Interplanetary Transfer Calculator And more... Works for both stock KSP and Real Solar System Download for free by clicking on the link below https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0WLcnclj_TFSVBRUEExSWlmeW8/view?usp=sharing (I'm open to constructive criticism and suggestions)
  11. Thanks. Can you help me with one that does Ejection Angles too? That's the only thing I want.
  12. Does it do Phase Angles, Ejection Angles, Delta V necessary for transfer, etc? If so, be sure to send it. If not, can you implement it in it? But anyway, give it to me, please
  13. @GoSlash27 Can you help me with this? I heard you're good with spreadsheets. --Nexus
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