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  1. Another question How do you calculate LO Altitude, Semi-Sync Altitude and Sync Altitude? And how do you convert it to Real Solar System?
  2. Awesome, thanks. Now what I don't get is that I can't find the DV1 of the Interplanetary Hohmann Transfer.
  3. What I meant here is that I can't find them on your file. Can you point me where they are?
  4. Can you isolate these formulas for me? And explain them? • Ejection Angle • Ejection Velocity • Interplanetary Hohmann Transfer Delta-V Please. Like putting them on a different excel file with all the variables and the formulas. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hmmm I find it a little bit complex. I'm working with another game which uses 2d orbital mechanics and doesn't need things like inclination, etc. Could you make a simplified version for 2d orbital mechanics?
  6. Awesome work! This is 1000x better than mine Just a couple questions: Can you make a RSS (Real Solar System) version? Is it customizable?
  7. @Pretorian28715 @william2002730 You're welcome. I'm interested on KSP Math too. If you find more articles or things that use math on KSP, be sure to tell me.
  8. @Pretorian28715 @Kartoffelkuchen @william2002730 Here you go
  9. Thanks. I made a spreadsheet covering this and more things. Check out my latest post to see it and let me know what you think.
  10. (Inspired by Interplanetary How-To Guide by Kosmo-Not) I proudly present to you the Nexus's Orbital Calculator It does a lot of calculations for you automatically. You only have to input the data. It has a: Orbit Calculator Hohmann Transfer Calculator Interplanetary Transfer Calculator And more... Works for both stock KSP and Real Solar System Download for free by clicking on the link below (I'm open to constructive criticism and suggestions)
  11. Thanks. Can you help me with one that does Ejection Angles too? That's the only thing I want.
  12. Does it do Phase Angles, Ejection Angles, Delta V necessary for transfer, etc? If so, be sure to send it. If not, can you implement it in it? But anyway, give it to me, please
  13. @GoSlash27 Can you help me with this? I heard you're good with spreadsheets. --Nexus