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  1. After a long break for Christmas, my birthday and even a camping trip, I'm back to my PC and KSP. Update should be out very soon!
  2. Hi all! I just recorded footage for my first ever KSP cinematic; annoyyingly, even though I used ctrl+F2 to hide the HUD, the cursor's still there, and it's ruined 20 mins of footage. Are there any ways to fix this?
  3. Wow, no way! I've been listening to this soundtrack on YouTube while playing through my mission report save - it works incredibly well for exploring JNSQ, which up until now I've never used. Your music perfectly captures the essence of KSP, and of exploring the unknown. I will have to download this mod post haste! Incredible work, and I take my hat off to you - it's brilliant.
  4. Wow, that must've taken some serious flying skill to get into orbit! Fantastic job!
  5. All boots are on the ground and furiously working at the KSSA Yes, the vessel pictures were captured in Kronal Vessel Viewer and edited together in Microsoft Paint.
  6. Chapter Two: The Second Verse, Much The Same As The First Following on from the successful initial test of the Argonaut Block III, and the failed attempts at an orbital test with the Block II, KSSA approved a longer testing and milestone schedule for the Argonaut program. It read as follows: Year 51, day 132: Theseus re-entry and crew capsule abort testing. Year 51, day 146: Argonaut Block II Low Kerbin orbit test, attempt #3. Year 51, day 167: Argonaut Block III high-speed ballistic re-entry test. Year 51, day 173: Vorpal Launch System Block I test/static fire. Year 51, day 184: Argonaut
  7. Yep, the Argonaut spacecraft are made with stock parts, although I do use the ReStock+ mod with a few extra parts for lifters/launchers. Thank you Glad you're looking forward to it
  8. Chapter One: Testing, Testing, We're Trying to Get Through After the end of the Dynawing spaceplane program, the Kerman States Space Administration was left without manned spaceflight capabilities, and was forced to purchase seats on the Kostov crew ferries opreated by the Krassvet Federation. Times were dark in an era of declining budgets and wilting public support, and gradually, citizens of the Kerman States began to forget the great achievements of the KS manned space program. Until, one day, everything changed. The Kerman States government gave the go-ahead for the KSSA to develop t
  9. Hey everyone! I'm SiriusRocketry, and this mission report came about after a corrupted save file killed my abortive Jool V attempt. I've been struggling with staying committed to stock KSP, as my litany of barely-started mission reports on the forum can attest, so I was looking for a fresh challenge. I'd heard of the JNSQ planet pack on the grapevine, and after a bit of inspiration from both @septemberWaves's Constellation mission challenge and @Misguided Kerbal's JNSQ and BDB modded mission report One Small Step, I decided to embark on a new quest; creating a Kerbalized Orion program to t
  10. I'm going to be starting a new Jool 5 sometime later, and I have a JNSQ save file in progress that I might post to the forums at some point. Functionally though, Project Daedalus is gone. I might publish what the plans were for the storyline of the mission if anyone's interested.
  11. It seems as though this entry is dead. Earlier today I was planning to revisit the mission, only to find that to my dismay the save file had been corrupted. After all that work, KSP simply kills my Jool V attempt. Not very nice.
  12. What version of KSP and mods are you using? These are some lovely screenshots.
  13. Just had my first ever Career Mode death in my first ever career mode save. Landed on the Munar Midlands, jetpacked Jeb over to a crater for a look before I took off back to my station in polar orbit. Jeb ran out of EVA fuel on the hop back to the lander, and slammed into the Munar surface at 27 m/s, breaking several bones and breaching his suit before suffocating to death, unable to move, just 2km from the lander. (I was lazy and neglected to keep an eye on the fuel in his EVA pack; he bounced once, kraken'd out, and poofed). The crater he found was named Jebediah Crater in his memory, and
  14. Always starting mission report threads and career saves and never actually updating them after like a week
  15. Serious re-engineering in progress... probably best to put the thread on hold for now
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