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  1. SiriusRocketry

    Jebediah-A KSP Story (CHAPTER TWO!)

    Yeah, I can see that... Pretty drastic measures for Jeb! Possibly killing the Krussians is pretty dangerous. Looking forward to Chapter 3!
  2. SiriusRocketry

    Sirius Space Program

    It's finally here! Vanguard I- first artificial satellite Blaze- re-entry test from space!
  3. SiriusRocketry

    The Kronos Maneuver

    ...Yeesh...throwing poor Jeb into the deep end in the first chapter. Nice, creepy and you have my interest. Rep!
  4. SiriusRocketry

    "Kerbini IV" post-mission report

    Interesting mission report - welcome to the forums. I like the Steam messaging between Haimon and Gene, how did you set that up? Regardless, good work and I hope to see more.
  5. SiriusRocketry

    Sirius Space Program

    Update soon, sorry for the wait. I have very little time.
  6. SiriusRocketry

    Coming Soon™ . . . Races!

    F1 fans... Yay. Go Leclerc! Anyone got any low part count F1 cars? Or tips to make one?
  7. SiriusRocketry

    Coming Soon™ . . . Races!

    I'll try tomorrow, or later today. Maybe I'll make a track. Anyone got any low part count realistic race cars for 1.3.1?
  8. I had no idea! Thanks for the compliment on the shuttle- I can't get it to equatorial orbit though which is a pain.
  9. Demon to fly, and tricky to launch. The STS-1A Explorer mission can be seen here (images not in order)
  10. SiriusRocketry

    Coming Soon™ . . . Races!

    1.) I don't need it...I don't need it... I definitely don't need it...I NEEEED IT!! 2.) How do you install and edit tracks- can we get a video? 3.) Makeshift F1 soon.
  11. My entry should be up tomorrow- I'm going to use the classic American approach, as opposed to Buran. Also do we HAVE to do 4-4R? I really want to crack on with station missions, and 4 will probably take a while.
  12. SiriusRocketry

    The 1.5 Hype Train

    RT-10 and 5 cannot be changed. Squad, please don't destroy them... Also can we get an inline lander can? The hexagon edges on the can irritate me Soyuz replicas! (stock, non-making history 2-man pod?)
  13. Where's the Discord? I'm hoping to get back into this soon.
  14. SiriusRocketry

    Sirius Space Program

    Continuation of Micron program- a great achievement, and a horrific realization.