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  1. Landed on every body in the stock System apart from Jool, Eeloo and Moho. Manned I've built a Mun-Minmus Duna frontier economy with manned missions to the Jool system. Landed manned on Vall, Bop and Pol. Planning an unmanned Eve return, an unmanned Eeloo landing and possibly a Laythe/Tylo manned mission. Once they're done I'll be installing OPM...
  2. Waving at @James Kerman from across the Tasman: I may be living in the UK right now but New Zealand will always be my home, where I'm from.
  3. *Blue Danube starts playing as Discovery swings into view over the Joolian cloud bands*
  4. Right, so in the recent furore surrounding the KSP writing community, I returned here and noticed the 'old thread addendum'. I originally began this solely as a mission report, but to my chagrin, this little continuity and canon spiralled out of control, and I found myself writing a little story to accompany the screenshots. Now, this is no behemoth novel - at most, the planned draft of an outline calls for five to six chapters, with a maximum word count of 6-10k. Internally, I have a reputation for starting stories and losing motivation to finish them: I've set myself a goal of finishing this by the end of 2020. Perhaps then I can reinvigorate my writer's instincts to produce something more ambitious. I'm seeing The Final Option as the opposite of final: a battleground to recapture my writing mojo and inspiration, no matter how poor the writing may be in my eyes. For now, I'm focused on finishing the draft of the second chapter. I fly back home to New Zealand on June 1st - I want to finish the chapter and have it posted by then. TL;DR The story isn't dead, although the screenshot will be reduced thanks to hosting issues. Hopefully people haven't wandered off in disinterest by now (not that I'd blame them after more than three months).
  5. And with that, the cycle of an incredible and deserving novel well worthy of a Harry Potter style movie franchise, Funko merchandising deals or at the very least a stellar-rated Netflix serial comes to an end. I can't really say much more than others better with words than I have already said, so I'll leave it at this: Thank you, @KSK. Your work and personal support as a writer in this community is nothing short of incredible. The Kerbals may have made it interplanetary in the end, but I think it's you who has made the real journey: thank you so much for sharing this with us. Kerbas ad astra.
  6. Brendal Kerman. First Kerbal to step foot on Duna way back in 1.2 when I did a direct Duna ascent because I had no clue how to dock. Got him into Kerbin's SOI but the ship ran out of fuel when I burned the wrong way and encountered Minmus instead of Kerbin's atmosphere. Jumped out and used used the jetpack to brake into LMO, where, after two hours of trying, I succeeded in picking him up in my first ever rendezvous. Brought him home for good, where he retired and lived a happy life as the KSC gardener.
  7. Back in 0.8, when the fuel tank textures looked like something out of a PS2 game and they were called FLT500s not 400s... I promptly forgot about the game once it came out of 'free' phase and eventually repurchased it in February 2017. Naturally, I had no clue what to do. I think it was 1.1 or 1.2.2 by then. So I guess I had two 'first KSP versions'.
  8. KERBIN LAUNCH ALLIANCE Kerbin's Most Predictably Named Space AgencyTM Welcome to the world's most predictably named mission report! After burning out on KSP several times, and having played about two hours over a six-month period, I began to think 'Well, what if the only reason that I keep burning out is because I keep setting ridiculously high goals?' Thus; the KLA came to be. Born completely out of exasperation and mild disinterest, I decided to create a sandbox mission report where I meander along at my own pace, achieving very little and filling up my hard drive with awful screenshots taken accidentally six times from the same angle. Enjoy! This playthrough runs in a mostly stock 1.3.1 install with a few visual mods. (1.3.1 FTW!) Kea- satellite communication systems that are of no use to anyone Comet- I told you putting a rocket on a plane was a bad idea
  9. I thought no refuelling was allowed? I've been doing the entire thing using only fuel in the initial Kerbin launch.
  10. The landers weren't really the issue: it was the interplanetary vehicle: my fuel ran out too quickly, so I had to cut the 40t of landers loose to continue the mission.
  11. Launcher from Jool-5 attempt no.2. 530t LKO rated.
  12. @JacobJHC I regret to inform you that my Jool 5 has failed. The Deep Space Transfer Vehicle was too low on dV, and one of the fuel lines on the Tylo lander straight up vanished, for no discernible reason, during Tylo descent. Valentina had to manually abort the Tylo landing during descent, and redocked with the mothership. I transferred all the fuel out of the Laythe and Tylo landers (except for the Tylo lander's upperstage, which will now be repurposed as a Vall/Bop/Pol lander) and abandoned the landers in Tylo orbit. Will continue recording my videos as I plot a restricted mission to Vall, Bop and Pol, then back to Kerbin, where the Space Program is likely to be shuttered thanks to the non-completion of the Jool-5 mission, or at least kept barely afloat thanks to the scant funding from landings on the other moons, resulting in the closure of all missions outside Kerbin SOI for a while. Of course this has all been recorded, and video will be up soon.
  13. Oh dear Christ: he seems to have strip mined a mountain, melted it down into rocketry components, and filled it to the brim with explosive fuel! oh, hold on, it's just another Sunday with Whackjob Glad to see you back!