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  1. SiriusRocketry


    @RealKerbal3x Thank you, and apologies for my laziness. Spark = yummy Poodle = blech. Double nozzles is a double no.
  2. SiriusRocketry


    Big Brother is always watching for dissenters. Go fight the Eurasians like the rest of Airstrip One's young, healthy men.
  3. SiriusRocketry


    I'm too lazy to search... Grrrrngh... Just the Poodle/Spark please
  4. Make Veteran starters a game option (for noobs) and allow more customizability for those of us who are more advanced and can choose kerbals without fear of an all-engineer team
  5. SiriusRocketry

    Space express airlines orbital tourism challenge

    I'll build one! It'll be a while tho..
  6. SiriusRocketry

    Burned out on KSP

    Basically: does anyone know any cure for burning out?
  7. SiriusRocketry

    Burned out on KSP

    Completely burned out on the game, please suggest ways to reintegrate me and my beloved game. I have a beefy PC so any mods which change the game are allowed, other than RSS/RO. A stockalike realism mod is preferred. Cheers
  8. SiriusRocketry


    Anyone have pics of the engine revamp?
  9. SiriusRocketry

    Poodle use case

    I love Poodles; not only are they great for upper stages and high TWR spacecraft propulsion, they are good looking and great in CSM replicas.
  10. SiriusRocketry


    Ah I know this one. 23.
  11. SiriusRocketry

    One sentence you could say to annoy an entire fan base?

    KSP is too hard, why can't you aim straight at the Mun? Just Cause is a bad copy of GTA with more explosions. Roblox is literally Unturned without zombies. Forza Motorsport has bad physics (Less an angry-ing sentence than a statement of absolute truth)
  12. SiriusRocketry


    Is the next one... 17?
  13. SiriusRocketry

    Sirius Space Program

    Desperate bump... Would it be OK if I used the same mods and such, and cheated the save to the same amount of funds and science as before on my new machine? Sincerely hoping to be playing again in the new year.
  14. SiriusRocketry

    A Kerbal's Guide to our solar system

    donut planet plz
  15. SiriusRocketry

    Is There Life on Laythe? (David Bowey parody)

    Is there life on LAAAAAAAAYTHE...