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  1. SiriusRocketry


    No Time for Caution from the Interstellar soundtrack. I deliberately damaged an interplanetary craft and spun it up to high speeds when I had to Dock a Laythe SSTO to it. 'You can't dock with the Kraken 7 Jeb! It's impossible!' 'No. It's necessary.'
  2. SiriusRocketry

    Exploration Methods

    My interplanetary career missions go like this (examples from current career) Duna is the subject of this list: Pilgrim program (probes) Pilgrim 2: flyby Duna and Ike Pilgrim 5: orbiter of Duna, mini Ike lander Pilgrim 7: orbiter for Ike, Duna landing Theta program (manned) pre-Mission 1: cargo launched to Duna, nuclear mothership assembly in orbit. Theta 1: Landing in the Midlands Sea: 40 day stay. Theta 2: Landing just below the North Pole. 25 day stay Theta 3: Landing in Duna Highlands, 37 day stay (last 8 days of mission aborted due to imminent lander damage) Theta 4: Landing 5km from the lip of the Western Canyon. 55 day stay Theta 5: Final mission: landing in Duna's Midlands. 45 day stay.
  3. First Kerbin orbiter probe, like Sputnik and Explorer I. Sorry for the confusion.
  4. @Raptor9 I am surprised you haven't posted the first Kerbin orbiter probe
  5. SiriusRocketry

    The most angry youve gotten in KSP

    An hour of Jool maneuvers ruined when a time warp glitch flung my ship into a massive elliptical orbit with a periapsis in the atmosphere. 80 kilometres deep in the atmosphere. The craft disintegrated, and five total hours were rendered null and void >:(
  6. I want to use cockpits for a realistic feel: no kerbals sticking out of a craft. How much DV is required for a Tylo lander and a Laythe lander (separate)?
  7. @GRS Yeah... I am currently in the testing phase of my mission. I will send pics when done. I am stuck with fitting three landers on mothership: or even two creates asymmetric weight- Vall Bop and Pol lander weighs roughly 6t and Laythe lander (still under revision is closer to 15-20. I'm trying to get a realistic feel, so the nuclear mothership is being constructed in LKO. Any advice?
  8. Incidentally, does anyone have any visual mods for 1.6.1? Considering jumping from 1.3.1 to a new version for the first time in a year.
  9. Extended space travel? Getting to and crashing on the Mun only takes a couple of days!
  10. SiriusRocketry

    Kerbal Powers Roleplay

    Um is itokay to play solely as a story based nation? Not too keen on BDarmory tbh
  11. SiriusRocketry

    The Space Program With No Name (updated Jan 12, 2019)

    Updated on my birthday! Hurrah!
  12. I MUST attempt this. Never did it before, and I can't call myself a Kerbal until I do... I'm out of retirement, baby!
  13. SiriusRocketry

    1 Year....

    I passed a year back in February... Actually I'm almost at two years! Jesus where has the time got to...
  14. SiriusRocketry

    Looking for what to do in KSP.

    Sounds incredibly tricky to do in so few launches. I'd extend it out a bit maybe, add Duna.