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  1. SiriusRocketry

    JS Hangtian Crafts (JS航天)

    Love the station @Jestersage
  2. SiriusRocketry

    The food you're craving right now...

    Pie. A big, juicy, steamy, gravy-y pie, preferably steak with tomato sauce and salty chunk chips on the side...
  3. Hello @Raptor9, it's a shame you're feeling like that. I'm the same at the moment- I love the forums, of course, but I'm totally burnt out right now. Hopefully you'll get back to the game we all love soon
  4. SiriusRocketry

    Where do you live?

    Nice! Yup, in the Marlborough Sounds. Epic views, great place.
  5. SiriusRocketry

    My AWESOME Hobby....

    I collect the Speed Champions later. I have 12 cars and several little bits and bobs. also a big, LEGO collecting problem.
  6. SiriusRocketry

    Where do you live?

    Only New Zealander here? Right then. Actually I'm British, but I emigrated here a while ago, glad I did... Nowhere I'd rather be than right here right now. Love NZ, such a beautiful country with so much wildlife...
  7. I'll try this challenge soon, I don't have time right now.
  8. SiriusRocketry

    Gameslinx Planet Overhaul career playthrough

    @The Minmus Derp not likely, seeing as the OP hasn't updated the thread in a year.
  9. SiriusRocketry

    Coltastican Space Agency

    Nice work! I'm getting interested more and more in mission reports, and yours is in the 'early' stages, which I love to read about. Followed!
  10. Speedily completed the Skylab challenge, before @doggonemess posts medals! IMGUR ALBUM: (warning, pics not in order) @VelocityPolaris @Alpha 360 @obney kerman done!
  11. SiriusRocketry

    Do you ever chuckle at your old missions or concepts?

    I see that many of you have earned your way into the 50k drop club... My first Mün landing was the exact opposite. I cancelled most of my vertical velocity, only to remember my horizontal velocity a few seconds from touchdown. I hit the ground, still doing 60 m/s, and destroyed everything other than the command pod, with Valentina in it. My next Mün lander epic rescue mission was done correctly, with Val hopping into Jeb and Bob's lander and returning home.
  12. SiriusRocketry

    Science fiction authors of the KSP forums, UNITE!

    I love the sense of world building in the novel so far, and the reverence that the Norfolk gains.
  13. SiriusRocketry

    Science fiction authors of the KSP forums, UNITE!

    Super interesting, @daniel l.
  14. SiriusRocketry

    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    Yee @The Minmus Derp