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  1. @FahmiRBLXian I used - Airplane plus, Pwings, Procedural Parts and a couple other minor mods. It's kinda modeled off the P8 maritime patrol plane.
  2. Whats the better looking tank?
  3. I used Pwings and stock structural panels for the hull and Kerbal Field Weapons Pack for the turrent. Unfortunately I don't have the Kraft file anymore.
  4. Based on @Sebastiaz`s AHX 29 - https://kerbalx.com/Sebastiaz/AHX-29-LTV-Amber
  5. @BF2_Pilot Cool I look forward to new updates.
  6. @Sebastiaz This is the mod -
  7. Could we perhaps see more turrents, maybe even something based on the T-90?
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