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  1. The sand box doesn't work yet. Docking is janky, orbits are unpredictable and going EVA gives an impulse to your craft. In my opinion, once the sandbox works as it should and there is some kind of official modding API then the communithy will pick up the slack and the game could be a replacement for KSP1
  2. The morale of the community is pretty low right now and it doesn't look set to change any time soon. Hopefully things will change.
  3. I suppose struts are necessary because you can only have one point of attachment in the kerbal building system. Struts are an exception which create reinforcing joints between otherwise unattached parts. It'd be nice if we could have them as more than just peices of wire, like fairing peices which are shapeable and have aerodynamic properties. That would be an evolution of the previous game. Of course, procedural fuel tanks would solve a lot of these issues right from the beginning. I like RP1's inmplementation of procedural tanks where you had to science unlock and tool different diameters and materials.
  4. All of the effort they go to in developing sensible wobble will just be totally undercut by someone who will mod in an autostrut band-aid, which is what the community really want anyway. There are better things to be spending dev resources on.
  5. Yes, it isn't playable for me without trajectories. I don't want to be building massively over engineered rockets just to deal with transfer inefficiencies, which increase exponentialy down the stack. I'd be bored of the game before it even starts.
  6. Was not expecting a manzai reference in this AMA. Love gaki and Downtown (bring back the new years batsu special). Some nice peeks under the game's hood too.
  7. I have my ticket on the train, next stop: vertiform city.
  8. Have you seen the new Tube parts in the structural tab? Could be the new interstage meta, but I haven't really played enough with them to know.
  9. The cool thing is that you can still see the flag from the KSC view
  10. Try a new campaign, save is probably corrupt.
  11. The docking port did not unclamp, so I had to land the whole stack
  12. The concentric blue circles are useful for eyeballing. If they are opposite sides, you are speeding past without much effect from gravity. The closer they are together the more effect you are feeling from the body, if you are entering and exiting on the same side then you are whipping around the body and circularisation should be cheap. I think making them different colours would be good, so you know if you are ahead or behind the orbit of the body, would make gravity assists much clearer than KSP1. Actual periapsis info and flight path would be ideal though.
  13. R9 5900X, 3080Ti 12GB, 32GB 3000mhz DDR4 I looked at the FPS at the beginning and it was about 40 when launching but over 100 everywhere else. I then turned hte FPS counter off and the game plays fine. GPU load seems to sit at about 96% (ouch) an dabotu 8 of my 12 cores are being used. The game also sits at abotu 16GB RAM being used. I haven't seen any of the slideshow performance issues of big craft, even with complicated fuel feeding. There is a lot of physics jankiness that I remember from early KSP days. Stuff like SAS wobbling crafts apart on launchpads etc. Also the SAS is very innacurate, another problem I remember from early KSP, RCS will be constantly overcorrecting in space wasting mono etc. The problems I've mentioned don't really bother me because I know they are solved problems, we just have to wait for the solution to be implemented.
  14. I like the new workspace building space, you can split your stages up, edit, and restack them as needed. Very clever. Sound design is top notch, procedural wings are fantastic. The keyboard controls for flight are much easier to handle. The maneuver nodes scale their sensitivity based on something I can't work out (maybe context) or jsut how fast you're dragging. The UI is much easier to use. I think a lot of the negativity was just waiting in the wings to pounce on the first day, like an angry flashmob. Things will settle down, there's a lot to like here. It isn't perfect, but it will only get better.
  15. This is a bit of a pardigm shift for this game which will take a while for people to get the hang of. I'm now building a Saturn V analogue and each stage is it's own assembly, at the moment you can't change the body for the TWR calculated but Mun gravity is about a 6th of Kerbin so it can be easily reckoned. You build all the stages separately and stack them as desired for launch. It's a much more flexible idea than subassemblies. I'm not sure if you can import an assembly in to a different workspace, but that would be the icing. This is a well thoguht out redesign given thought from the ground up. Very impressive. People review bombing this game really haven't given it a chance.
  16. I like it and it already improves on the original in a lot of ways. Given a bit of time, it will fully surpass the original.
  17. I was a rocket builder, across the kerbolar system wide, where the kraken did reside
  18. Whenever I get nyan cats in my computer I just rinse it under a cold tap
  19. I'm in favour of semi-saturable reaction wheels, persistant rotation and improved RCS.
  20. You put the lime in the coconut and drink them both up. Put the lime in the coconut and call me in the morning.
  21. Procedural parts have been the default for a while in RSS/RO and they allow a much wider degree of freedom in building. I wish they'd have adopted fully procedural for KSP2, but the wings will be good.
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