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  1. The FCC is trying to remove Net Neutrality

    Naah...that's too much work...
  2. High Resolution images of KSP characters

    Also, is their texture in the game folder somewhere? in .dds format?
  3. High Resolution images of KSP characters

    Hmm.. has Mort appeared in any of the trailers? I can rip a picture from that...
  4. Hello, I am in need of high resolution pics of the supporting cast of Kerbal Space program (Mortimer,Gene, Werhner etc) Can someone point me in the right direction?
  5. Well a Chinese official was talking about harvesting He-3 from moon's crust (Lol!) And these are the same guys who somehow built a reactionless drive! EU and India have the hardware for manned exploration ready, its just that they wont pursue it unless it has the complete backing of the Government (They took their lessons from NASA) Russia.. well I really want a cosmonaut on the Mun for some reason lol So Billionaire it is! Maybe a whacky person will do what 'sensible' governments dont want to.
  6. We are nowhere near the original topic anymore
  7. Alternative - and fun trajectories!

    The ship is separates into 2 parts, the Mars Transfer Vehicle and the Mars Excursion Vehicle MEV separates from MTV and gets a 500m/s 'kick' This lets it reach Mars 20 days earlier. The MEV aerocaptures into orbit first and then descends as a single unit. After surface mission is over in 20 days, MTV is now overhead, in a hyperbolic orbit. The crew gets in the ascent stage and kicks to orbit. It then accelerates to match MTV velocity, they dock and then after a 800m/s of boost, they are on their way to a Venus Swingby. Using the Venus Swingby, they will sheat off their orbital velocity and fall to Earth's SOI. @DAL59
  8. Alternative - and fun trajectories!

    Oh.. But in Kerbin's SOI, even if you rendezvous with the asteroid on hyperbolic trajectory, you know that by burning retrograde you will fall back in Kerbin's orbit. But once my ascent module docks with my spaceship moving at escape velocity in Duna's SOI, how do I make sure that it will fall back in Kerbin's SOI after departure? Congratulation on the new attraction!
  9. When I set a maneuver node, I can at most see 3(?) SOI changes. Any way to increase that?
  10. Alternative - and fun trajectories!

    @Nuke Your 5 stars are testament to your achievement! Congrats! But have you attempted the 'Crocco' trajectory? (Burn only once at Kerbin and set a Kerbin- Duna- Kerbin free return orbit...)
  11. Alternative - and fun trajectories!

    Tsiolkovsky is literally my display pic...... Dont need to remind me of that one... No I meant, how do you think a mission whose major component will just flyby be more massive than a mission whose entire spacecraft will burn for insertion and then again for ejection? Maybe there is a communication gap here..
  12. Alternative - and fun trajectories!

    Umm, please elaborate? I mean English is not my first language..
  13. Alternative - and fun trajectories!

    But we are only accelerating a relatively small Ascent module to hyperbolic trajectory. Far less fuel required than accelerating the entire vehicle to that velocity. Also, they wont be doing any capture burn so propellant saved there too! The descent stage is given a 500 m/s boost when it separated, so theres a 20 day time gap. Although yes, if you missed once, there might be another chance....
  14. Alternative - and fun trajectories!

    Although Hydrogen peroxide can be used as a monopropellant( decomposing it into hydrogen and oxygen and then igniting it), its more useful as an oxidiser. Although only the British rocket Black Arrow used a Kerosene/ peroxide mixture. Thats because H2O2 decomposes into H2 and O2with evolution of heat. This evolved heat then further quickens the process of dissosciation. Soon, the gaseous byproducts would exert stress on the fuel tank, and if not vented out. There'Bs no way peroxide will last for the transit time in space.... Also, for a 6 person crew(Minimum crew for Mars) a 150m3 of habitable space is required. Skylab had almost 320 cubic metres of habitable space (Much fuel tank, such space!) which would be twice of what they really need! So launches will be like this: Launch Hab and propulsion bus Launch Ascent stage of MEV Launch first part of descent stage Launch second part of descent stage. The entire MEV(Mars Excursion Module) weighs around 80 tons, so for individual launches they might not use a Saturn V.. Maybe a smaller booster. Sources: Habitable volume: Peroxide behaviour: MEV weight: I read it long ago, cant really remember which document...
  15. I was muddling through the internet yesterday, and saw some pretty fun trajectories for Mars exploration: Following the above trajectory, a Mars exploration mission would have been possible with two, maximum three Saturn V launches. Hyperbolic orbit rendezvous, is it possible in KSP?