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  1. Trying to make a planet for my own amusement. Nothing fancy, just my own gas giant that I could orbit... How do you orbit a celestial body with an escape velocity of 0.0 m/s? Spent an entire evening trying to make this.. made me appreciate all the hard work that our modder friends are doing..
  2. Yours! Its a cataclysm! Also its in RO/RSS so extra points for that!
  3. Global Warming!! It exists on Kerbin too!! Wake up now!!!
  4. Antriksh Yaatra: The Journey 'Moving forward when the entire world holds you back.' Chapter 1 : The Humble Beginning Calls were made, meetings were held and after everything was said and done, the plan for the Kindian Space Research Organisation (KSRO) was finalised. They would first conduct atmospheric and meteorological test around the launch site. Several sounding rockets were considered for this purpose. Ultimately Jatin settled on a few unused parts from UNKK. It was not high tech and they were going to throw it away. But hey, those parts gets the job done! The first sounding rocket was the ‘Rbk’ rocket. It was just a little solid rocket motor (read: glorified firecracker) which would hurl a science payload in the sky. Everyone glared at Jatin when he asked them why they could not do that with an airplane. Day 1 The little rocket stood on the launchpad in all its glory(which, frankly was minuscule). The staff were bidding goodbyes to the rocket, their eyes teary. Jatin was slowly losing his patience with all the crying ladies and gentlekerbs. “For the love of science! There are a hundreds of such rockets all over the place! It was going to be launched one day or the other!” Jatin bellowed when he finally lost it! “But Sir! We will miss it!” Lalit Kerman, the intern, was bawling his eyes out as he was trying to reason with (the very angry) Jatin. “Stop that or I will strap you to the rocket! Then both of you can die together!” That shut up everyone pretty quickly. Soon everyone was back at their stations as the rocket prepared to launch. Ten Nine Eight Seven Six Five Four Three Two One Zero And Lift off! The staff cheered on as the rocket ignited and cleared the launchpad within a moment. Its high TWR ensured that pesky crosswind has no effect on the trajectory The motor ran out of fuel and then separated from the payload. Some science was done, and the nose parachute activated on descent. The payload touched down with all that tasty scientific data. The guys over at R & D could not wait for getting their hands on it!
  5. Follow the aforementioned link. Also I have no clue about OpenGL..
  6. Hello good people! I have decided to finally start a career mode after playing around in sandboxes for ages. This story will be told from Jatin Kerman's point of view. So enjoy this mission report. And do give a feedback! Antriksh Yaatra: The Journey 'Moving forward when the entire world holds you back.' Chapter 1.1 : The Revelation In a sleepy town of a sleepy country, Jatin Kerman gets out of his bed, sleepy as heck. Yesterday was just like the day before and tomorrow will be no different either. Its amazing how dull the nation had become after achieving independence. Now the only short bursts of excitement happened during the annual Kockey tournament. But then again, his country, Kindia, won that every single time, so it was getting boring too. If only there was some excitement in his life…. He poured himself a cup of tea and picked up the newspaper. The front page made him do a double take. Hmmm? A space program? Or is it ‘programme’ ? And what is this talk about moose? Regardless, it seems that the country’s leadership had finally lost its mind. Space travel is for the rich (like UNKK) or the excessively proud (Like their Koviet friends). But us? We were just learning how to walk! There was no need for this stupidity! Anyways not his problem. He was going to stay the heck out of this. Wait a minute! There is something else written here! No! No! They can’t do this to him! The only thing he knew about rockets is that they go up and hurt people! Well he wanted a little excitement, so now he was getting some.
  7. @artwhaley Indeed, I have blender installed but its way too intimidating for a newcomer. A step by step tutorial would be nice!
  8. I was asking of your opinion on the UV map. Also I am not too happy with the circles.. I think I messed up.. And like I said I am a total noob in 3D modelling..
  9. Ah well, I completed the UV mapping... Now to draw the actual textures... Oh my.. l am not entirely sure its going ok... What do you say @Spaceman17 ?
  10. @Spaceman17 As the @TheRagingIrishman said, I have to work on the textures. Also I think I have messed up the scale of the pod. So I am setting the project aside until I learn how to texture. (It's a Chinese Shenzou by the way. My brother wants to write a KSP fanfic ) Although I did design another pod (The Indian OV- Orbital Vehicle; only concepts of this spacecraft have been released) Based on this thumbnail: Now I need to learn texturing, emissives and a bunch of other stuff. I never tried anything like this before (Zero experience! I started today!) Its just that I can't say no to my brother!
  11. Ah okay.. Thanks for the suggestion!
  12. @harrisjosh2711 At the encircled point - I want to make the wheel which is used in waterproof ship doors : ....but smaller.
  13. I am trying to develop a pod for my amusement. I saw a tutorial on Wings3D on the forum. I want to fix a wheel of sorts at the collapsed point. Could anyone help me out, let me know how to do it?
  14. My little station without purpose, the 'Aalasya'.... No seriously there are way too many docking ports! I have no clue what to do with them!