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  1. Sorry for the confusion; It works anywhere in the GameData folder.
  2. So I just released a new version. This new version actually decreases induced drag, check it out.
  3. That's done now. Lift multiplier can be changed for a part by adding a ModuleGroundEffect to it. MODULE { name = ModuleGroundEffect groundEffectMultiplier = 200 } New version with the induced drag reduction and stuff is released on the github page.
  4. So far, it seems I found another way to modify lift force without changing lift coefficients and without using ModularFlightIntergrator. The mod now applies forces directly to the wing parts, as well as modify the blue lift arrows. The normal FlightIntergrator puts the calculated lift force into ModuleLiftingSurface.liftForce, and KSP has a TimingManager that can be used to run an update function after the ModularFlightIntergrator has done its magic. liftForce is useful for calculations, and doing something like applying negative of this value using part.Rigidbody.AddForce cancels the force en
  5. Seems like something worth adding after not touching this mod for more than a year. It's definitely possible by just multiplying the calculated lift value with a coefficient from a config. I think all I have to do is add a new PartModule that does nothing but store that coefficient, and a bunch of other stuff to deal with it. This should make it possible to have a wing part that has a very low base lift, but goes really high in ground effect. Another quick and easy way is to just clip wings into each other so there's more lift, but it would end up flying instead of staying on the ground.
  6. @IkranMakto @linuxgurugamer @JadeOfMaar Going a bit technical here, the mod cares about both ModuleLiftingSurface and ModuleControlSurface parts. Just for reassurance, the debug console should say something like "ControlSurfaces counted for [vessel name]: 16." It's not expected to work (that well) for single-vessel helicopters, like in Breaking Ground, Infernal Robotics maybe, exploited claw gimbals, any mod or technique that moves the parts in a single vessel. This is because of the way it calculates wing span. Oversimplified, it is the distance to the furthest sideways-moving wing
  7. Just confirmed it still works in 1.8 without any recompilation, at least on Linux. The mod is too simple to break easily, being only a bit of vector math with no dependencies. There isn't really anything to add, besides supporting ground-effecting off of 90 degree surfaces, like sides of cliffs or buildings, which isn't really necessary.
  8. Make hitting the ground a challenge A runway is a death trap designed to kill pilots who do not understand the concept of Ground Effect, a phenomenon created by communists to allow ships to fly with tiny wings. This simple mod adds Ground Effect to the stock aerodynamics, by applying extra forces over existing wings. It allows ground effect vehicles (GEV) to work properly. Features Increased lift over terrain and ocean Reduction in Induced Drag Up to 200% more lift at closest proximity
  9. Again, I found another bug that causes small vessels landed in water to explode violently. Wings get a huge increase of lift when they have a negative depth (underwater). I'll fix this soon. I don't know whether to trust myself or not when I say something is ready for release. Sorry, but I decided to discontinue FAR support for a couple of reasons: Solution would be like writing a separate mod, as FAR completely replaces stock aerodynamics. Rewriting and replacing parts of FAR is hacky and inelegant An aerodynamics mod for an aerodynamics mod wouldn't be good FA
  10. There's a bug that causes vessels consisting of a single wing to enter the NaN dimension, breaking the game. So decoupling a wing from a stack separator, or having a wing explode off of a craft, would destroy everything. This has been fixed in the latest release. By now, I think it's time to post this on Add-on Releases. Sure!
  11. Sorry for being slow, but this mod has been almost completely redone using a VesselModule instead of a PartModule. The PartModule version has a couple flaws. The 12,000 raycasts per second kills performance, and the module is saved into crafts, which show up as invalid if the mod isn't installed. New version calculates once per-vessel instead of per-wing. Performance is a couple thousand times faster, using only a single raycast. There are also some calculations that approximate the wingspan of the vessel, which scales the distance at which the effect start. Also, Module Manager is no lon
  12. I'm still working on this, there has just been other things I've been working on (such as making a new aerospace simulator entirely). I think it's kind of important to have ground distance vary between parts; this allows some ekranoplan designs to stay stable without SAS. After a bit of research, I'd agree that that raycasting per wing per update can really kill performance. The newest commit has some conditions that prevent raycasting when not necessary, but I just got another idea while typing this. Instead of raycasting, radarAltitude and terrainNormal (or a few raycasts around the vessel)
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