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  1. I play lots and lots of games other than KSP such as Surviving Mars, EU4, Astroneer, Terratech, etc even though my pc is a toaster.
  2. Today my pc isn’t working and well, it boots and then shows the log on screen but with no words and just a cursor so, I can’t play KSP but I’m getting a better computer than my potato pc and hopefully it won’t do the same thing.
  3. The mods I currently use are: ProbesPlus, Mechjeb, Module manager, Kerbal Inventory System, Kerbal Attachment System, Planetary Base Inc, DMagic Orbital Science, And Finally, Space Taxi.
  4. Yeah basically since the pod was going to overheat and explode.
  5. Today I step foot on Eve for the first time erm, I mean Jebadiah did.
  6. So a few hours ago I tried getting to eve but then when I enter the atmosphere my entire ship overheats and explodes
  7. I've made it to, Mun, Minmus, Duna and, Eve
  8. Kill Jeb 8 times by crashing because of staging and having the capsule overheat and explode and then, I somehow put him in orbit of the sun and finally get him stranded on minmus.
  9. I made this cause I was bored.... Lol. Anyway, the goal of this game is to add everyone's post count to get to exactly 1000. So, let's say someone has 500 posts. Then someone comes in and posts who has 100 posts (when he posted.) So you would get 600. But if the number goes to 1001, the next person who posts would have to subtract 1001-(posts). And of course... NO DOUBLE POSTING. I'll start: 17.
  10. My parachute looks like this http://imgur.com/71H1eP3
  11. and I landed on the dark side welp Jebadiah prepare your flashlight
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