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  1. You don't use them, that's cool.I can do what I need. Just don't get upset you see your warp drive flying all chromed out though, everything's better shiny I can mess with the Tweakscale but I'm not too sure about making those 4 color maps for TU, Far as I can tell that's easier for a modeler to do then me stripping the UV's and laying them over a converted BMP in layers so I can lay out the colors.
  2. Can you include some support for Textures Unlimited, perhaps a set of textures for the recolor depot please? Id like to match the parts to my SSTO. Tweakscale support on the warp core or a few size options, my cargo bay is scaled up to 5 meters by 35. Yeah, that's a 1000 Ton SSTO to anywhere in Kerbal system, working on getting her to another Galaxy.
  3. How do I remove system heat dependency so I can use the mod? Or can I just not install that and the worthless spacedust.
  4. Seeing as how I'm a lowly bottle rocket rank, I decided to play with one..I wish I was recording because I laughed for a long time on this first launch..
  5. Downloaded every version on Curse, no Tweakscale configs..Probably was a seperate thread at one time.
  6. I've pretty well coded them all back in, the file is up to about 1124 lines. some parts do not seem to scale so I'''m sure that the config is not correct or I just missed them. I really didn't read all that much on actually configuring different part types and It's probably best I not trash this too much. I will test them all at some point and go thru them to more specifically scale those parts, if possible. There's a few more engines I have to add yet, but I like to be able to tweak everything, sometimes you want that look but not have this massive megaton craft your trying to lift to orbit
  7. Anyone have tweakscale config for all the parts? Legacy and main?
  8. Ive built my x-2 and am finishing the booster stage now. Testing soon..My x2 will already take off from KSP and get into space though it lacks fuel to achieve a LKO..Might get off Duna though...
  9. Like me he's got a thousand projects likely in a dozen games, LOL.
  10. Fired off your HOYO ARES 1-X Plus ArienVI, Had some issues with the KoS script with the staging but it did fly real purty.I used the CSM and Lander craft on a 3 stage design using 4 of the Ares 1-X solid boosters, a "real engines" engine, I forget the model, and 16k of fuel and 20k of oxidizer got me to mun orbit with just a touch of fuel left, see pic. Landing on Mun however was attempted manually and poorly (Someone forgot the Mecjeb2 on the lander and I don't have a script for lunar landing) killing all crew..sniff sniff. Did I mention she was real Purty. Great work on the models and textu
  11. You'd be surprised, LOL. I'm just ornery and don't quit. have tons of scripts and hardly know what half do, alot are called from stuff Ive written or downloaded..I like messing with single launch geosat's constellations and such. right now automated cubes that open and deploy bases are the interest for the day. I love Infernal Robotics and KoS.
  12. Trade you KoS compiled for 1.3.0, for the scripts you have....It's not official mind you, but it works. I followed some notes from pipakin's edits. As he stated " it's the bare minimum to get KoS running." Expect gremlins. My missiles are making 36+ KM treks out to the island with a plethora of weaponry, direct hits are about 50/50 with 2 meter misses so I have no clue why one identical launch misses and the next hits the probe module (core) of the buggy with the warhead...anyone have any good terrain scanning tidbits, let me know.
  13. I recompiled this with 1.3.0 ksp references and it went ok no errors, however there does not seem to be any sign the program is working. Is this due to the UI changes?
  14. Not sure if it's me or not, when I use the rigid or autostruts, I have to load the craft in the hanger, do it, then launch. It does not seem to save the struts, can this be added to the craft file or perhaps a little json file for each craft?
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