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  1. Actually the 1st question was pretty old and I already installed it from CKAN, thanks anyway. My concern is for the 2nd question, which I am having compactibility issues.
  2. Hummmm Nooo?! I mean I just installed it thru CKAN, I did nothing else, no manual instal of anything. Do I need to install something else?
  3. Hy I just noted that I can't transfer the FTX-2 fuel duct for any inventory. Is this a bug, alimitation or just the developer just forgot to include it? Thanks
  4. I would like to request/suggest to Squad or perhaps if sojmeone is whilling to make a mod for that, to separate the music and background sound enviroment while on KSC buildings, I mean VAB, Astronauts center, Administration, Tech etc... Note that we already have something like that in the settings but I guess it only separate for when you are in world (flying or kind of) not when you are in KSC buildings. For example: if I am on KSC overview I hear birds (no music). if I am in VAB I hear the music and something like a air circulation system which I find cool and welcome, but the music is not always welcome. Thanks
  5. Hy, anyone had any interaction problems while using both Smart Parts and Action Groups Extended? Smart Parts was working perfectly until I installed AGE then I had problem with SP and I couldn't make use of AGE as well. Uninstalled AGE and SP is working ok again.
  6. Hy! first of all, thanks for the great mod. Not only they are very usefull but they look soo cool. However, it is not available in CKAN. Is there anyproblem or you just don't want/forgot/something else? Thanks Hy, anyone had any interaction problems while using both Smart Parts and Action Groups Extended? Smart Parts was working perfectly until I installed AGE then I had problem with SP and I couldn't make use of AGE as well. Uninstalled AGE and SP is working ok again.
  7. Here is the situation, some of my rockets does not change glidepath as fast as the rocket axis (where the rocket points). I tried slower speeds, using some maneuverable fins, but I can't make it more maneuverable. Any ideas?
  8. Soo, I understand the reasons. But I was thinking more like a feature that is just available in case the player want to use, I think it is just cool to have automated tasks, it is my playstyle, but you are the developer, not me. I am happy with what I already have, thanks. I found 2 little problems, would you mind to have a look into them? 1st-When a long stage touches water (even with some inclination) the parachutes are cut, diferent from when they touch ground, which they fall off with the chutes still open. What follow is that the stage falls to the side and hit hard exploding. Sometimes on the ground the stage touches, speed reaches zero and chutes are cut, but the stage is actually not stable, then it fall to the side but the chutes are gone. Is it possible to add a feature to keep chutes for a few seconds after the stage land and reach zero? 2nd-I made a lot of tests to find the safe speeds on diferent altitudes and to better understand how Realchutes works and I found out the status indicator show SAFE on too high speed, as the light goes from yellow (or red?) to grey, I deployed but the parachutes are cut because of airforces. If I am not mistakenly the light change to SAFE around 450, I wrote down all the data but all of them are at home and I am now travelling and I wont be back home for a couple of weeks now. By the way all the above is for LOW ATMOSPHERE KERBIN ONLY (light blue band). The status light is working normally at medium and high atmosphere (dark blue and black band on atmos. indicator). Thanks Felipe
  9. @Spricigo just to let you know, the contract worked after all, just adding a new piece on an old station and placing it on a new celestial body allowed me for completion of the contract. soo it works
  10. yes but, once you leave kerbin and park on mun orbit, can you still check for data on kerbin? Anyway now I think this is kind of redundant because it is not expensive to launch one M700 for each celestial body and looks cool on the mission control.
  11. Just to clarify, I perfectly understand your point and I share that understanding. In no way I pretended the mod author had any obligations with me or anyone else. But I see that it is common that people make suggestions to improve mods, there are even requests to make mods from scratch. Unfortunatelly I don't have the skills to make mods otherwise I would be doing them as well. I also understand that it is a good thing to have people sharing vision, because sometimes, someone have a good idea but have no way to make them happen while others have the skills to make that idea happen. My reading on @Starwaster and you, is that you see me as being somewhat demanding, which I am not. I am just trying to understand why such an interesting feature is out while other that makes little sense is in. Thanks!
  12. I understand, but do you understand that games/sims does not fulfill exactly what happens in reality and that sometimes it is better to makes things a bit simpler to make them more interesting, we as player don't have all the resources real space agencies have to put their rockets/ships/probes in space oe calculate exactly how a re-entry will happen, ALSO Kerbal does have a ludicrous side which you can do things you can't or should not do in real life. And one more argument is that there are lots of mods that allow for "programming" autonomous actions that can help players achieve what they want and I don't think that is un-realistic because in real life you could have a safety trigger to avoid deployment in dangerous circunstances - the feature would just facilitate player's life by not needing another mod just to measure if it is safe to deploy. Soo I think it is reasonable to have such safety autonomous OPTION available, if you don't want to use it is up to you, but I would be gratefull if @stupid_chris could add it in future release. And the other option? how you think it is usefull? Or realistic in anyway?
  13. @Starwaster @stupid_chris Why RC wont respect safety specifications? I mean after armed and once it reaches the settings specifications like pre-deployment altitude, it will deploy even if it is dangerous to do soo (red square - normally because speed is too high). This seems to be lacking feature to me, but perhaps the developer had some reason in mind to take away the deployment restriction on overspeed? Or this is something that is indeed planned for future release? I am trying to understand why the developer took away this usefull feature from stock. Also, in which circunstance NOT CHECKING "automatically arm when staging" is usefull? I am trying to understand why the developer gave us this feature since it doesn't look very usefull to me and until now. Thanks
  14. Well I was taking for granted @evileye.x knew that independent of which mode, they do deploy only when the requirements are meet. If you take that in consideration then my explanation makes more sense.
  15. For what I could understand after several experiments and using RealChutes for some time, there are 2 ways of using RC regarding the moment you stage the chutes: 1-The chutes becomes ARMED 2-The chutes are DEPLOYED The difference between them is that ARMED will deploy only when safe. And DEPLOYED is exact the same time* when you stage. UPDATE: sorry, my mistake. It seems I am still a bit confused. I spent a few hours to try to understand better what happen. Unfortunatelly RC does not seems to respect safety parameter (maximum speeds) when deploying, whichever the option you choose. *There is an option inside settings that allow you to postpone the deployment X seconds after the deploy command is sent. Soo you can have a stage sequence to deploy chutes, separate stages and burn separatrons. If the settings is default to zero, once you stage the chutes will open immediately and this might not be what you want or may lead to disaster. But if you set this option to lets say 5s once you stage it will only deploy the chutes 5 seconds after separation. This is usefull because you wont have control of that stage anymore. Back to the options I first wrote, I need to say they are selected only on the KSC menu (when you have the overview of the entire Kerbin Space Center), you then access the menu and select if you desire depoy or arm once stage, by the way try the NyanCat feature, it is very cool too ------------ On a side note, If I remember correctly, I had problems with ARM only, because it was opening on safe but was being ripped of anyway, or once it tried to deploy once it achieved the desire altitude but if it was unsafe then it DISARMED and did not arm or deploy again when safe. I am not sure because it has been some time, but I know I had problems. To remedy this now I always use DEPLOY command and I set semi-deploy to 3000 and full-deploy to 2000 and it always works. I also use STAGE RECOVER MOD. UPDATE INFORMATION: after more trials I understand better what happended, for some reason that I don't know, bellow 7000m (low atmosphere) the safety status will change from red to light grey from around 800m/s to lower, BUT if I deploy them, they get ripped off. The safe speed to deploy is bellow 600m/s. This does not happen at high atmosphere or medium atmosphere, once the status goes from red to light grey it is safe to deploy. If I have a big expensive stage that goes to orbit with me, I fit it with probe, airbrakes and before I reach around 15% fuel I cut the burn and separate, then I circularize at around 70km and when I am just above the mountains before KSC I full retrograde to cut speed to around 50% (~2200 to ~1400/1000) once I do this, the periapsis will shorten to just around KSC the problem with this is that the rocket will plunge really fast and it will not have horizontal distance to slow down to chute speeds, to remedy this, I use the airbrakes once it stop burn, it will then slow down really fast, soo even if you are close to the ground, lets say 5000m you still have lot of distance to parachute, the airbrakes works really nice, then just deploy the chutes. If you liked this aproach but you don't want to use a probe, you can use a mod to fit in some programable modules that will open the airbrakes and the chutes whenever you want. If you are interested I can dig in the name of the mod as I don't remember right now. Hope this helps.