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  1. Here is the updated tech tree mod for v1.3 (it's a separate mod bundled in).
  2. Yeah I tried just TAC on a clean v1.3 install and found the same issues. I mentioned it at the bottom of my third post. Sorry I'm blasting lots of info hoping it's helpful to JPLRepo. Do other people definitely not have this issue with resources draining improperly at high warp speed?
  3. Hm. So I installed the USI mods and USI LS just to start playing and I'm finding USI LS actually has the same sort of problems with warping. Everything works fine up through 100x, but if you try to do 1000x then EC counts down as if you were on 1x. Maybe that's just the reality of KSP being bad at heavy warping or something.
  4. A few more pieces of info. I'm using KSP v1.3 and TAC v0.13.2.0 downloaded from Curse. I did a completely fresh install from Steam and installed only TAC and I am still seeing the same issue. After running this experiment a few more times I've noticed that I was getting a different amount of EC leftover every time. After investigating more it seems like it might be a problem with time warping. When I did the pad experiment warping at 50x then the EC ran out at the proper time. When I warp at 100x or 1000x then I still have EC left when the TAC LS timer runs out. It almost seems like it mi
  5. Ah okay great. I'm not crazy. Below is a more simplified example of a different ship I made for the purpose of figuring this out. Just a command pod with a liquid engine on the bottom to bump it away from the pad (apparently the timers don't start until after you leave the pad; makes sense). I never left the vessel, just time warped until it ran out (I did leave the vessel in the case of the original Mun Orbit ship, but apparently it doesn't matter). I have the save file, but I'm note sure how to upload it. I also added a gamedata screenshot. Thank you!
  6. Hi guys, Can someone look at this image and tell me if TAC is glitching or I just don't understand how it works? I have Electric Charge in the command module, but TAC says I'm out of electricity. Is TAC Electricity a different thing? Wasn't finding any tutorials around with that detail. Thanks!
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