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  1. Hey Kronus, I know it's been a while since you posted... sorry about that, as you can probably tell I don't check this too often. I don't know what to say man, this is still so incredible to me. The sheer patience and persistence you showed to get this thing to work is just unbelievable. I'm really glad you didn't delete the sections- well, technically you did, but you saved them, just not on your hard drive xD You've been an inspiration to so many of us, and it's an honor that I can call you a friend. Thank you for all you do for this community.
  2. I don't know what to say.. O_O Thank you, that means a lot to me. And thank you as well, holy crud, I can't believe this is happening :O Thank you!!!
  3. I heard you're going to make a Transformer? While I attempt to save for my 80mm EDF I will continue making me some normal RCS bearings xD
  4. Hey everybody, So I've officially been playing Kerbal Space Program for 2 years and to cap it all off I present my Lockheed-Martin F-22A Raptor! This is the sixth and final version of the F-22 that I made, she's extremely maneuverable, has above-average acceleration, and best of all, she's as perfect as they come. I know I haven't posted here often, but I want to share this one with you guys because she's extremely special to me. Without further ado, here she is! Hope you guys like her as much as I do, I put my heart and soul into this thing over 2 years of effort and it's paid off
  5. that was why we were allowing saturn engines, I’ve updated the rules however, see rule #3
  6. In agreement with FJS, my friend and I are hosting the first Stock Fighter Jet Showdown! We’ll be uploading the competition to YouTube later this year. On behalf of stock builders, we wanted to give you guys a chance to put your hard work on display. Rules: 1. Aircraft must be fully stock, no DLC, and no mods (except armed with BDA: see rule #8) 2a. Your weapons may consist of up to 6 guns, and 12 missiles from the base BDA, this is not per craft, this is per team of up to 3 aircraft, you may not have more than 3 aircraft in a team. 2b. Guns may be either 20mm hidden Vulcans,
  7. So there's another template, but these are supposed to be craft of your own design, Excellent work on some of those replicas though!
  8. Contract #008 6th GenerationLunarEnterprises-MoonsparkejoF-37 Requiem The F-37 Requiem was built from the shell of the F-27 Lynx which was the only original clean-sheet tail-less fighter jet ever built by Lunar Enterprises. The Lynx was an inferior aircraft, it flew clumsily and had no internal weapons bay, and it never saw production. The only flying prototype was put in a storage hangar and left to gather dust. That was until our engineers began designing an aircraft to the design specifications for a request put out by my good friends HB_Stratos and Servo. Lunar Enterprises was told t
  9. contract no. 007 Gen 5 LunarEnterprises-Moonsparkejo XLFA-1 Epsilon BDA My submission, has an internal weapons bay, a tailhook, STOL capability, and reverse thrust for taxiing on carriers, it holds 14 Mk82 UGB in its internal weapons bay, and has two vulcan 20mm cannons, remove the BDA, it’s for realistic demonstration of it’s payload https://kerbalx.com/LunarEnterprises-Moonsparkejo/XLFA-1-Epsilon-BDA
  10. That's actually what caused me to notice it, I quick saved, went and turned it off so I could screenshot it, unfortunately it's not that dramatic without it
  11. If anybody else has really cool screenshots from KSP, not including of aircraft only. as long as it shows naturally occurring events, post them!
  12. Okay, so I have always wondered if KSP had eclipses, and randomly I just noticed mine has one! Check it out everyone!
  13. I just got one thing to say.... Flo Rida
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