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  1. Im really glad to hear this. Thanks. Ive been playing with just JNSQ for a few weeks now and its nice and all, but it only has one layer of clouds. I might try Ad Astra now you have provided this info and see how it looks (can always remove the folders) Are you using the 43k cloud textures? Also do you happen to know how many cloud layers there are?
  2. Well, I wasnt expecting a response from you Galileo lol. Thank you though. Hope you are well. Havent seen you around much recently, are you back? (ish?)
  3. Hi guys A quick question I hope. Im running a 1.11.2 game with JNSQ, Kopernicus (stable), EVE Redux and Scatterer. Im noticing that I only have a single layer of clouds in the game. They seem to be around 8000m and they are volumentric. 1) Is this normal for JNSQ? 2) Can I get more than 1 layer? (I have friends claiming to have 3 or 4 layers using the same mods and game version as me) I took the liberty of checking the Clouds.cfg which sits in JNSQ/Configs/EVE and sure enough, I can only find reference to an 8000m layer for Kerbin in the .cfg Many many thanks f
  4. Since I (accidentally) upgraded to 1.11.2 Ad Astra is totally broken for me. I cant even get into game with it in my gamedata folder. im just running with JNSQ for now
  5. OK, Im stumped. Your folders are similar to mine (though you are missing citylights.cfg in EVE and your Cubemaps.cfg is half the size of mine). What size textured did you download from AVP? The top set of files in your textures seems to be missing some files. Not sure if they were just missed off the screen shot. Your first file is aurorasoft.dds but before that i have altostratus.dds, aurora1.dds, aurora2.dds, auroraglow.dds and aurorajool.dds. I cant think why your clouds arent working if they work find in JNSQ. I would just delete the whole Ad Astra folder and rein
  6. Ok, thats a lot of mods. Assuming that none of them are conflicting with Ad Astra (i really dont know) Can you go into your Ad Astra folder that you removed and: Screen shot all the contents of Ad Astra root Then screen shot all of : Ad Astra / EVE Ad Astra / Textures Cheers
  7. OK, so first things first. Copy your entire Ad Astra folder back out of Gamedata (so effectively uninstall Ad Astra). Copy it somewhere else. Now does your JNSQ install have clouds etc? Also post a screen shot of your gamedata folder without Ad Astra. Matt
  8. Hi I am currently going through the same process as you, but I may have some clarity for you. Im installing tonight using the process below. hope its clear. 1) Download Ad Astra.zip. Unzip. This will create an Ad Astra folder. Copy the entire folder directly into your game installation KSP/Gamedata folder. 2) If using the 43k clouds download the 43k cubemaps.zip and the 43k settings.zip and unpack both. Both of these files once unpacked will generate an Ad Astra folder. Copy both of these 'Ad Astra' folders into your gamedata folder. Allow the process to overwrite things in
  9. @Clusta Just so you know, i have my game looking pretty damn good now. As with our chats, i removed ACES - too dark and over a number of nights tweaked the tonemapping sections and the bloom and DOF to a place where it looks lovely (to me) Thanks so much If anyone wants my configs I will happily share (though I dont actually know how lol). Most of the work went into 'flight' as thats my primary config which gets 95% of the use
  10. @clusta Heartfelt thanks. I can open the in-game GUI for the first time in a month and the effects seem to be working now. I have some questions, and given the patch is yours, I will PM you with them, as I feel this thread should be kept clean for issues relating to WhiteGuiardian's released version. Thanks again
  11. Ill get on it today or tomorrow and let you know. If Left Alt 3 does anything other than nothing ill be happy
  12. Half of us cant even get the UI for this mod to open in game....so for us its straight up broken
  13. That is so strange. I just logged into my PC and was sitting here, thinking 'I really miss Kerbal Space Programme, ever since KS3P stopped working for me I havent played it". i came on to see if @The White Guardian had made any progress yet (i check once a week). i truly do not know the rules about forking a programme. You arent taking over the mod (nor trying to) - infact you are helping those users of it who cant currently use it. Ive seen it happen in many mods where the owner went 'missing' for a few months and people posted links to versions that solved issues related to KPS version
  14. Mine look like that too. When I get back home from a theme park in the very hot sun, I'll be figuring out how to remove the city lights texture. Doesn't do anything for me. As in, I'm not keen on it.
  15. Wow. You have been busy! Fingers crossed. Once you have something you want to test, Im more than happy to test and paste back logs.
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