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  1. Sure, I can install Mechjeb 2. Never used it before, but Im guessing you want me to use mechjeb to create a maneuver node and then see if the same issues occur with burn and precise node UI not appearing Ill come back to you, might be in the morning as my wife looks like she is about to give me the look of get-off-the-pc-and-spend-time-with-me.
  2. I never use mechjeb at all Im afraid. It is creating the maneuver nodes correctly though - they calculate correctly, they appear on the orbits, I can open them manually, they look like they are doing the right thing (ie an intercept) and have the roughly right delta v and expected orbital mechanics. its just the fact that the node vanishes as soon as you begin the burn with it, leaving you with a rocket just burning and no idea when to stop - the delta v indicator on the navball goes, the target icon goes and the node on the orbit goes. If there is anything you would like me to do - in any specific order Im happy to do so. Im in game now and dont mind removing mods to troubleshoot this
  3. Hi Im having a really strange issue. Astrogator *appears* to be working as intended initially...I use it to plot a route from kerbin to the mun, it creates the maneuver just fine. I also use precise maneuver, but that interface no longer appears when Astrogator creates the maneuver. If i create a manual maneuver precise maneuver's interface appears as normal. I have to go out of map and back into flight then back into map and sometimes precise maneuver will appear to allow me to tweak the node astrogator created. The strangest part though, is when I start the burn (i use KAC as a reminder), as soon as it starts to use delta V the node astrogator created totally vanishes. it happens every time. if i create a node myself, KAC and precise maneuver work fine and nothing vanishes during the burn. If i use astrogator its own nodes self delete. Ive had to stop using it as it seems not to play well with precise maneuver which i use all the time. Any ideas? My install is very fresh having taken a break and I install everything manually following instructions as I like to understand what is going into my gamedata folder. Thanks Methy
  4. Glad you got it sorted. Easy isnt always the best way. Depends on the goal....convenience or learning. Once you have learned, then you wont get stuff in a mess, especially when KSP updates to a new version and everything is broken in CKAN but actually with some understanding you can pretty much fix your game, bar the updates that really do need to be recompiled to work.
  5. Dude Make the break from CKAN. its a crutch that ultimately hurts your understanding of how the mods work and which bits are required. this mod is actually pretty straight forward to install. just read the instructions on page 1. i dont use CKAN and never will, as i like to: a) be in control of my own gamedata folder b) be able to make my game work when CKAN doesnt think something is up to date.
  6. Really appreciate you letting us know. many thanks.
  7. Linux, saved the day again dude. Thanks. this has to be about the 100th mod you are helping with now (i realize this was just a courtesy update etc etc - but still, you seem to be doing so much!0 thanks to Linux for the beta update and M4V for not objecting Meth
  8. This is such a helpful mod. Thank you for making it. Crossing fingers that you get a chance to update to 1.3 when your life is less crazy busy. Take care Meth
  9. No worries dude. Half the mods arent 1.3 ready so its no biggie. It was whilst trying to understand why i had no terminator anymore and went visiting the scatterer thread that i realised there may be an issue with clouds. In some ofbthe scatterer screen shots the clouds look super volumetric...like fluffy full rounded clouds with light bouncing off them. My 1.22 and 1.3 installs of sve dont look like this. I was going to post about it but got side tracked by the terminator thing. It would be good to see some screens of how your SVE install looks Galileo so i know if there is an issue or not. I suspect the pretty clouds i saw on the scatterer site were using the old EVE + scatterer without SVE.
  10. I can also confirm that switching on EVE clouds integration brings back the terminator effect (what does this switch do aside from bringing back the terminator?) But i can also confirm that, despite the scatterer config showing integration set to "true" in the .cfg file, when i re-start the game, the checkbox is unchecked in the scatterer gui and i dont have terminators. rechecking it in game brings them back again (despite it saying it may need a re-start next to the button). There appears to be no "save" button on the scatterer gui. i also realise scatterer isnt your mod and i should probably be asking this over in their forum.
  11. When I was running under 1.2.2 i had Terrain Shadows switched off. So that was the first thing i did when i tried to get SVE working under 1.3 I then noticed I had no terminator effects, and i started turning things on and off at random (sorry for the approach, but I was getting frustrated). Whenever i turn ON eve clouds integration, when i restart the game its switched back off again, as if the config isnt saving. The same happens with godrays. i switch it on and it turns itself back off on a restart of the game. Can you show me a screen snip of what settings I should have (for a stock SVE install). Thanks for your help
  12. Hi Galileo Firstly, thankyou for SVE and SVT. You make a huge difference (along with Blackrack) to peoples games and we salute you. On to my issue. I was running SVE, SVT and Scatterer just fine under KSP 1.2.2. When 1.3 dropped, I waited until last night to start seeing which of the mods i use had been updated so far. I noted you had updated SVE and given its complexity, wanted to get SVE set up in 1.3, cleanly and it its basic form. I downloaded: SVE 1.2.3 (for 1.3) SVE High Res Textures (for any version) EVE - not the configs (for 1.3) Kopernicus 1.3.0-2 (for 1.3) Module Manager 2.8.0 (for 1.3) Scatterer 0.0300 (for 1.2.2) My Gamedata folder looks like this: And my SVE folder looks like this: The issue i am having is that the "terminator" is not showing. i just have a fading shadow. Here is a screensnip of what I see in game: Here is my scatterer settings if this helps in any way. Are you able to help or spot if ive done something incorrect in the set up? Many thanks