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  1. @Clusta Just so you know, i have my game looking pretty damn good now. As with our chats, i removed ACES - too dark and over a number of nights tweaked the tonemapping sections and the bloom and DOF to a place where it looks lovely (to me) Thanks so much If anyone wants my configs I will happily share (though I dont actually know how lol). Most of the work went into 'flight' as thats my primary config which gets 95% of the use
  2. @clusta Heartfelt thanks. I can open the in-game GUI for the first time in a month and the effects seem to be working now. I have some questions, and given the patch is yours, I will PM you with them, as I feel this thread should be kept clean for issues relating to WhiteGuiardian's released version. Thanks again
  3. Ill get on it today or tomorrow and let you know. If Left Alt 3 does anything other than nothing ill be happy
  4. Half of us cant even get the UI for this mod to open in game....so for us its straight up broken
  5. That is so strange. I just logged into my PC and was sitting here, thinking 'I really miss Kerbal Space Programme, ever since KS3P stopped working for me I havent played it". i came on to see if @The White Guardian had made any progress yet (i check once a week). i truly do not know the rules about forking a programme. You arent taking over the mod (nor trying to) - infact you are helping those users of it who cant currently use it. Ive seen it happen in many mods where the owner went 'missing' for a few months and people posted links to versions that solved issues related to KPS version changes. Anyhow, perhaps The White Guardian will reply and give you permission. in the meantime, i would love to test your version. Can you PM it to me whilst you wait or decide if you will post it here? Thanks
  6. Mine look like that too. When I get back home from a theme park in the very hot sun, I'll be figuring out how to remove the city lights texture. Doesn't do anything for me. As in, I'm not keen on it.
  7. Wow. You have been busy! Fingers crossed. Once you have something you want to test, Im more than happy to test and paste back logs.
  8. Given KS3P is an optional (but still lovely part) of AVP, i thought some of you might appreciate this little update. Looks like we are getting somewhere over on the KS3P thread. My logs provided The White Guardian with an uncaught exception error preventing KS3P's setup routine from finishing and it disables itself. This causes the unresponsive (or not at all appearing!) GUI many of us are having. He is looking into the issue. Yay.
  9. Hi @The White Guardian Ok so my KS3P issues are: 1) I am unable to open KS3P's GUI. Alt + 3 does nothing for me. That is using LeftAlt + 3. I have also tried Left Shift + 3, RightAlt + 3 and Right Shift + 3. I have also gone into Configuration.cfg and changed the Primary mapping to LeftShift, RightShift and RightAlt and this makes no difference. I re-installed KS3P after all this fiddling to go back to your default. 2) According to your posts, whilst the DefaultConfig.ksp isnt finished, it seems that you set it up to at least work in the MainMenu scene. It doesnt for me (assuming the MainMenu is the screen with Kerbin in the background, the 3 kerbals and the menu like Start New Game etc). Im not sure how to tell if its working but Im seeing no signs of bloom etc. Here are my logs. I deleted both the KSP.log and the KS3P log.txt ahead of going into game for this so they would be clean logs showing only this game start. i loaded the game, went straight into Tracking station and then into an orbiting station covered in lights to see if anything was working. No dice. Unable to open the GUI. KS3P's Log.txt: I tried to post the KSP.log you also asked for but I just get 'something went wrong'. Perhaps because its enormous? here are some excerpts from it which may be pertinent (i just searched for KS3P in the log and pasted stuff which was before and after it)
  10. RL always comes firs dude. You dont need to apologise. Ill get you a logfile shortly, and an explanation of the issues Im having. I suspect the logfile wont help for one of them though. Ill grab KSP.txt too for good measure. I really hope that you can help get your mod back up and running for me and some others. I think i speak for us all when i say that it adds so much to the game. It is night and day without it. I miss mah bloom! Matt
  11. unfortunately this didnt do anything for me. No effect at all. im at a loss.
  12. Perhaps when The White Guardian implements all of his ambitious changes it will all be super duper, but right now its unworkable and broken. I even tried the previous version of KS3P and that doesnt work either. I have just had to remove KS3P from the gamedata as nothing i do works @The White Guardian is there anything I can do to just get a Flight config working without being able to open the in game menu as Alt + 3 does not do anything for me. It looked so so wonderful when your mod was working in the previous update
  13. How do you open the console? Alt + 3 does nothing for me.
  14. Ok, i will give that a go. My other issue is that I cant open the KS3P console in game. Alt + 3 does nothing at all for me. Ive tried many other key combinations and even re-mapping what its set to in the KS3P config nothing work. Ill report back as to whether copying your AVP.cfg for KS3P into the default config does anything. i suspect it wont becasue I cannot actually turn on the config from in game (you know - set it to flight scene etc)
  15. Same. Fresh install. Unable to open KS3P in flight. Tried Alt 3, LeftShift 3, Rightshift 3. Is there a way to just make whatever is in the config file just work without having to use the in game GUI? Nothing opens it. When I was on 1.7.0 KS3P worked perfectly (as part of Astronomers Visual Pack) Help please?