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  1. Actually, 10 J-93's would be overkill According to NASA, If you just only bolt on 6 of the J-93's, you're good to go! https://imgur.com/7byEFXi
  2. Dutchbook

    [1.3.1] Cacteye Optics Community Takeover

    Any chance to tempt @akron to do his texturing magic on this? I get nostalgic just thinking about this jewel. https://imgur.com/a/MvTe2OP
  3. What museum is that? Seems like a great place to visit when in Moscow
  4. I use the small SRB's (like Castor-120) combined with the Taerobee and Agena to launch my contractual small probes. On the contrary, I just usually don't bother with small liquid fueled engines below AJ-10 size. That includes vernier thrusters (why bother when you have unlimited reaction wheel inertia, with 100% reliability?). I am pretty bummed out that pruning them through Janitor's Closet keeps me from building replica's, but with only 4GB of RAM you gotta do what you gotta do
  5. Hey guys, for some reason Transfer Window Planner and the transfer planner in Kerbal Alarm Clock won’t recognize my OPM+Sigma planets, and only show the stock planets. Any one else had this problem? EDIT: It appeared deleting and re-installing OPM+Sigma and their dependencies solved all my problems. Probably a corrupted file or something simple like that
  6. Damn, I guess I finally have to upgrade to 1.4
  7. What is the current development roadmap @Beale? Currently Almaz/Salyut and after that?
  8. @Interstate Could you upload/share your craft file? Can't wait to try this baby out
  9. Dutchbook

    size of the things on kerbin

    Kerbals aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer. They probably just got their measurements wrong
  10. Dutchbook

    Essential Mods?

    Amazed that nobody mentioned HangarExtender yet. With one click it enables/disables the VAB and SBH building limitations, allowing you to build large vehicles without any hassle. Also, an honorable mention to ShipSaveSplicer. Not exactly essential, but saved me literally hundreds of hours by allowing me to copy my favorite space stations from save to save.
  11. So far, it looks very promising. Best of luck with this project
  12. A better fleshing out of the Soviet space program would be nice, like including the Zond and Energia programs. I would also swap out the "recommended mods" for the mods that are more updated, like Tantares, Bluedog Design Bureau, Cormorant Aeronology and Alcentar's LCA and RealEngines. Oh, and pleeaaase make it compatible with 1.3.1
  13. @cakepie Nagging still occurs; it says that only 1.3 is supported, while I have 1.3.1... I've checked and double-checked if the version I have is indeed 6.7, and it is. I'm not bothered by the notice, but I thought I should mention it
  14. Here is the file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ihasb5p3k1rt2gw/ScienceDefs.cfg?dl=0 I've fleshed out the Orbital Sun Observations and filled the gaps in the Photographic Image Data. There should be no further holes left About Big G: Your Saturn I has a diameter of 5.625m, right? I just did some 20% cutting (260 inch/660cm to 208 inch/528cm) of a drawing: https://imgur.com/a/KHeNk If you keep the radial the same, you should be able to implement the known Big G mock-up just fine, but have to remove the cargo bay and shorten the RCS ring. But that will also allow you to add mass to the RCS ring so the CoM for the entire BiG G moves backwards, towards the RCS thrusters.
  15. You should call your parents, and ask them to practice this with you before going to bed tonight: