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  1. Here is a good read on how propulsion choices are made. https://ntrs.nasa.gov/archive/nasa/casi.ntrs.nasa.gov/20110003599.pdf
  2. @birdog357 I recommend you watch it in IMAX if you can, it was definitely one of the most impressive experiences i've had in my life. (And for the rest of the audience, if I had to go from the sounds they made during and after the movie)
  3. I don't get those problems in the stock version of Engine Ignitor (except for the T-30 "Reliant" having 0 ignitions). You could always try starting a sandbox profile without Real Fuels and see if that solved the problem.
  4. Same error as Gamerscircle, https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198060418631/screenshot/789737935213582619 here is the log: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ZVHvjCQp6tP2Ug9_FvSyPtdMRRTGORqE It happened while reverting to launch pad, because my contracts for the mission were expired(?) EDIT: the contracts bug was caused by a conflict between 2 other mods
  5. @Daniel Prates When in doubt about what mod files you can remove, you can always use The Janitor's Closet to not-load the assets you won't use. Saves a lot of time and uncertainty, not to mention RAM!
  6. Hey, I've just seen this screenshot you've made: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/306437807650635780/604049844616560641/screenshot1311.png

    And I was wondering which mods you use to make KSP look so amazing :o

    1. DeltaDizzy


      All of the rocket parts in that screenshot are from Bluedog Design Bureau, though I use the latest dev version off of github. The planet and skybox are Beyond Home v1.0 (because I am in KSP 1.7.0).

  7. You brother-in-law is heavily underestimating the power of the human eye. The human eye has tens of millions of stems, while a 1080p screen has only a bit more than 2 million pixels. I've yet to see the first screen that seems like a window, instead of a projected image. There are still a lot of gains to be made.
  8. I think there is a bug with one of your Soyuz-FG boosters, it just explodes when the Soyuz-MS fairing decouples from its stage. Couldn't get a log file, sorry
  9. @Lisias, the problem with that attitude is that it can allow for all sorts of modding derivatives (up to and including simple logo changes to show that the original mod is now 'mine') to spawn without the original modder knowing about it. Everybody that has ever dealt with videogame mods knows that plagiarism is rampant in that community, and that easily finding the original source of a mod is not a given. Asking for it allows the licensee to check whether what they invision is indeed allowed under the license, and it in turn allows the licensor to keep an overview of what is out there, and makes it easier for all parties to look out for stolen/plagiarised stuff. The transparency and etiquette of the KSP modding community is a needle in a haystack (when was the last time you downloaded a mod for another with a clear license and source code included in the download?), and we should cherish and nurture it. Communication between all parties has brought us this far and has more often then once defused "permission or not?" discussions. Asking for permission, even though it is not necessary in view of the licensee, is a small effort that can save a lot of time and energy down the road.
  10. Cafeine won't help you. You'll get a rush, but it won't make you "un-tired". Best way is to go forward with your daily tasks like usual, and don't think to much about your sleep deprivation. Your body will adapt itself quite rapidly once you're being a busy bee at work. Just take your 8 hours tonight and you'll be fine. Good luck at work!
  11. @hraban Just blocking them in Janitors Closet doesnt keep them from loading, but if you use the “PermaPrune” feature in Janitor’s Closet, it stops the parts from loading by renaming the files to a “.prune”-file. You can save a lot of RAM that way @CobaltWolf Don’t forget to give The Cacteye telescope some love!
  12. Thanks for updating it Will it be possible to re-release DECQ's Buran at some point as well?
  13. @Tonka CrashThat base looks amazing by the way, which mods did you use besides KPBS?