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  1. I'll try to simulate it in RO, but i will have to edit some config files.
  2. Hydrogen peroxide is synthesis-able using the anthraquinone process. It might be doable at home. Or one could heat hydrogen peroxide (low concentration, from medicine stuff) to 105 degrees Celsius to let the water boil off.
  3. 10% throttling is pretty low (on the core stage)... How are you planning to do that?
  4. For the separation of the first two boosters, an air-brake attached to the the side could be deployed, this would cause downward and lateral force to push it away from the first stage. I am thinking spring deployment, that way it is fast. Since It would be at supersonic speeds it would cause a lot of drag, but it would be hard to maintain the structural integrity of the air brake at those speeds.
  5. In RO I launched a 110 ton payload to a 380k by -12k orbit with just the core stage and boosters. With improved flying skills I could probably get it into an actual orbit. But here is my suggestion. Have the regular core stage and boosters, but add a small upper stage with maybe 500 m/s Dv for circulization.
  6. How steep is your re-entry?. I put my periapsis at about 35-40k above the surface for kerbin.
  7. I think that an alternative to the sls would be not hydrolox fueled on the first stage, hydrogen just takes up tons of space and has relatively low efficiency at the surface of earth. Also, the ssme just costs to much.
  8. It is possible to survive re-entry on every body with an atmosphere (with an apoapsis of the lowest possible orbit in the f12 menu and without physics warp) (except eve) with just a mk1 command pod and a mk16 parachute. Jool is tricky but possible (I did it with a periapsis of 170k.) On kerbin you can go from the edge of Kerbins SOI and survive re-entry. Also, if you use physics warp a part will cool for some reason. The heating needs to be increased to (In my opinion) the point that a heatsheild is needed for LKO re-entries.
  9. I sent a 12 probe network to dres. I might send a mission to refuel/add solar panels to the sat deployer and make it a surface base.
  10. The problem with tweakscale is that you could just scale up the entire rocket to make it heavier. That would give you an easy high score. (Or redo the scoring system completely.)
  11. It isn't, look in the hidden contents.
  12. They are allowed, I mean that those are the three part adding/changing allowed. I should make that more clear. I will add a mod catagorey.
  13. Elon Musk said that he will land first stage of the ITS back on the rocket holder (don't know what it is called) and that is what this challenge is. Show that it is POSSIBLE. Design a ITS-like rocket that can have the first stage land on the pad Level one: land the booster back at ksc. Score is 100times(Launch mass/distance to the pad)/dv used to land. Level two: land the booster back on the pad. Score will be Score will 20Launch mass/Dv used to land. Level three: land the booster back on the launch holder (Dock with the launch holder using engines). Score will be 30 times Launch mass divided by Dv used to land. Docking ports are recomended for the launch holder. Dv will be measured in m/s in a vacuum, distances in meters and launch mass in tonnes. Rules 1. No f12 menu, hyper edit, cheating, or exploiting glitches. 2. You can use the landing guidance in Mechjeb as an informational tool, but not the autopilot. 3. The only three part adding/changing mods allowed kerbal reusabitity expansion, any life support mod, and deep freeze. 4. Must have at least 100% re-entry heating, plasma blackout, kerbnet enabled, have it so the signal is required for control, and must have no partial control allowed. 5. Must have no kerbals on the booster. 6. FAR, FMRS, and deadly re-entry are allowed 7. NO PARACHUTES 8. NO DROPTANKS/ASPARAGUS. Must be Two stages. 9. Modded. Only mods that don't offer a signifigant advantages over stock are allowed. If it adds fuel tanks with a better full to empty mass ration than stock, it is not allowed. Prohibited; Procedural parts and near future propulsion. Obviously, no using the ITS mod (It is WAY overpowerd). Tweakscale can be used if it is not abused. Bonus points Second stage goes into orbit +1 Second stage lands back at kcs +1 Second stage lands on launch pad +2 Booster can refuel +.1 Multiply final scor by ten Documentation Have informational tabs and Dv stats open (Mechjeb, not KER for dv) Keeping the landing guidance tab open with the information tab is highly recomended Video is great. If you take pictures, use an imgur album; when to take pictures; Pre launch (on the pad). Gravity turn. Stage seperation. EVERY BURN. Re-entry Take plenty of pictures in during landing for level three and two. Refeuling (If done). Leaderboard; Stock; Modded; My exemple entry on level one. Score=1000*266.924t/75.2m/1995m/s+1=1.178
  14. Is it okay to do this on version 1.3?
  15. I got a plane going almost 1752 m/s! There are some no part adding mods. Click on the album (It won't update the imgur album.) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5-WDf_KNtivWWdmYTg0azdGQ28/view?usp=sharing craft file