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  1. Horizontal asparagus jeb launcher with 1575m/s in LKO: https://imgur.com/a/6mxt1fc Was enough to go to minmus and back with a mun gravity assist on the way back.
  2. For the sun you must multiply it by 1.0827431828*10^9 instead of 1878968. That is the square root of the product of the gravitation constant and the sun's mass. The gravitational constant is about 6.67408*10^-11. If you were to this for Jool, it would be G (gravitational constant) multiplied by Jool's mass. It works the same for every planet/moon/body. The constant is there because if you are orbiting a heavier body, it will have more gravity, and will require more delta-v to achieve the same result.
  3. When will the president of Egypt die?
  4. I set my periapsis normally to 40k for mun returns. When i have only a pod and a expierement storage unit, no heat shield is required.
  5. I think it is actually from solar storms, although that could contribute. After a solar storm hits, my kerbals are sick and die.
  6. I have tried doing a jool 5 in kerbalism, but my kerbal always dies from radiation before even reaching jool. I think that in order to do it, hyperbolic transfer orbits would be required.
  7. This challenge is extremely unfair, if Scott Manley entered this challenge, he would almost certainly win. I suggest doing like to view ratio or like to dislike ratio.
  8. The re-entry burn does that, I am talking about the first one.
  9. What was the point of the first burn of the core stage (not launch burn)? Why didn't they just have the droneship farther east?
  10. I don't think it is possible without part clipping.
  11. You should probably put minmus in an easier category than the mun, because it takes less delta-v and is easier to land on.
  12. What does max size 2/1/0 mean? Edit: Nevermind, I am going to try this.
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