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  1. Sad to see the video is down. I realise it has been a while since it was uploaded (3 years), are you still active and willing to reupload/fix it? :-)
  2. Those are perfect, thank you very much!! Thanks for the kind words! :-) Sorry guys, I had to stop for I while. I'm getting payed right now to make a short animation It will be finished next week, and I will finally and slowly pick this up again! By the way, I see my picture links came down, I'll fix those.
  3. Thanks for the nice comments! I'm not sure yet, thinking of making the hatch part of the model but RCS ports will probably be too small. I'll make them like om the MK2, so that they are not actual RCS ports. You mean like these right?: It would be great to create it in the model, but I don't want it to be too heavy. Is there a limit or guideline to what the max amount of triangles is for a part? Right now it's roughly the same as the MK2 inline ckockpit.
  4. Update, 2 meshes! One with intakes, the other with the bulge resolves into the cockpit. Is anything still missing? Think the rest is texture work.
  5. Hi Fallout2077, two things that could improve my ksp game/workflow in carreer mode and buidling editor. (maybe something is allready there, but I havent seen it yet) 1. Part replacer, that easually let's you replace a specific part in your design for another. For instance, a cargo bay, and replace it by a fuelltank. In most cases this is not so hard, but I have had some complex vehicles where a part like a cargobay has other parts symetrically to it's sides in specific angles. Replacing these parts and putting the side parts back the same way is a pain! 2. A better financial report after your ship returns. So you have the launch costs, the return/recycle profit and the profit from the contracts so you can see the exact balance changes after your return. Was the mission profitable or expensive. You can always do the math ofcource, but I would realy like a simple report that does it for you. How are your texture skills nowadays? I like making textures and I think I can make them very stock-alike. Let me know and maybe I can help.
  6. You said more spaceship, that sounds interesting! Anything particular you have in mind?
  7. In your Imgur album I see a cockpit that looks allot like mine, with the discription : Condor - Station core delivery system, from the Aquila enterprises. Is it from a mod? and what are the cylindrical shaped/tubes along the sides of the plane for? From cocpit to tail.
  8. I do like OPT, but the cockpit style is still not what I'm looking for. Maybe It's the thrill of designing your own stuff and flying it, I dont know! A switchable mesh, didn't think about that, good suggestion, has that been done before? It's a good idea to make the air intakes optional. What I could also do, is make it like the MK IV, and make modules that can be fit on to complete the cockpit. So intakes, or airodynamic shapes or maybe even extra lighting or something? Could you explane what you mean with the free coliders? I realy like the open belly intake, perhaps it can connect to the side intakes, make it one huge intake. But then again, I dont wanna overdo it, maybe an intake is not always needed. Thanks for thinking along, I't realy helpfull.
  9. Allright, update time! It is slowly evolving away from the first sketh. Thanks everyone for the helpfull links!
  10. As soon as I finish the rough version and definitive window layout I would love to see what you'd make! Thanks for the great words! Thank you for the headsup, I think I understand what you mean. Havent done anything in Unity yet, I have a unopened book laying around here that I never got to, so if it doesn't make scence your help would be greatly apreciated!
  11. Yes thats sort of what i'm going for! That is the size I like, but as you said I'd like to give it a little of sci-fi, not too much. It would be perfect if it looks like a followup of the MK1 and MK2 system. There is a huge size difference between sizes, so it's nice to fit this inbetween. One other thing that stands out a bit to me, is how MK1 and MK2 look like they are from the same series, while the MK3 suddely differs in style. Wich is fine, but I realy like the MK1 and 2 style. When I'm done texturing I want it to be so stock-alike, that it looks like it's original stock. Other question, I see allot of people talking about licencing, is this something I should look at?
  12. Will do that soon! Let me wrap up some more of this cockpit model so that I can set the style. By the way, this thing started to look way to much like a human nose, so I made some changes. Update is on it's way!
  13. Ah yes your right, but isnt the Mark IV very huge? I'd like the parts to be smaller.
  14. I have some spare time today, so I decided to make a mockup in 3d for the cockpit. This is a very rough wip, but so far it reminds me a little of the Thunderbird 2.
  15. Thank you! I will certainly make more drawings soon but i have no trouble with modeling and texturing the parts. It's getting them ingame and getting them to work where I'm lost.
  16. Hello all! Im new here on the forums, but I have been playing KSP on and of since the first releases. I'm not particulary good at the game but I enjoy it! Nice to meet you all! I'm enjoying building space planes allot lately, and I try to come up with some cool designs. After playing around and combining parts I came up with an idea for mk2A parts (or something). I realy like the MK2, but would also like to go bigger, but dont like the MK3 shapes too much. So i took out the wacom and made some concept sketches of a larger MK2-like plane. Here's what I came up with for now: I'm happy with the cockpit so far. I think this could go somewhere but I need some help! I'm a professional 3d animator, modeler, texturer, but it would be nice to have some tech realism suggestions while making it look as stock-alike as much as possible. Also I'm new to modding KSP, so I have no clue yet on how to make all parts work. Perhaps Someone (more expirienced) on this forum would like to give me a hand and join me making these awesome plane parts!
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