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  1. One word: wait. Eventually humans will kill each other, society will collapse, and it will just become a game of fly-swatting the remaining humans.
  2. Hi all! I am just wondering, is there an expected release date for KSP 1.4 on console? That is all, did you expect a rant from me?
  3. GENE KERMAN - SCIENCE 2 DELAYED. SPACE STATION AGREEMENT WITH JKJSP Hello Kerbals, Science 2 has been postponed to 1/2/0 due to weather in the upper atmosphere. We considered launching from Baikobanur, but decided not to ruin the exact launch time of day. In other news, The Science space station will be built by Jebediah Kerman's Junkyard and Spacecraft Parts Co., after I talked to the owner and pilot, Jebediah Kerman, about the station. That is all for today, expect the launch tomorrow! EDIT/UPDATE: The mission report (with an extra surprise!) will be created tomorrow. For a little teaser, we earned over 50 science points thanks to Gene's (my) greediness.
  4. WERNHER VON KERMAN - ZCIENCE 2 IS GO FOR ZE LAUNCH Hallo Kerbalz! I have zust finished checking ze Zcience 2 vehicle, and it will be launched very zoon!
  5. Oh. I will work on getting them. I did it on PS4, so I have to convert from PS4 to USB to PC to Imgur, and I don't have much time on my hands with school.
  6. I don't seem to be mentioned on the leader-board. Did I do something incorrectly?
  7. GENE KERMAN- SCIENCE 2 & THE FUTURE Hello Kerbals, Jebediah, one of our pilots, brought up a question about the future for the space program, and how we will advance from not even coming close to space to setting up colonies on Duna1. Despite our first launch not reaching space, we are not far off from piercing the atmosphere, or even flying to the Mun as we seem. I talked to Wernher, our head scientist, and he said that we should be expecting Science 2 to reach space, which will create if not the most, than one of the most important events kerbalkind has achieved. He also provided me a basic road map of what missions are expected to happen in the nearby future2: Science 2 - To be launched next month (@2:00 1/1/0), expected to reach space. Science 3 - Expected launch date will take place two months (estimated 2/1/0) from now, may be shifted to other date. Expected to complete a semicircular sub-orbit, and gather EVA reports from space. Lift 1 - Launch date unknown. First plane designed by the program., it is expected to gather data about the lower and possibly upper atmosphere. Science 4 - Launch date unknown. Planned to reach orbit, and deliver first part of Science. Science - A space station that is to be launched with Science 4. Expected to be Kerbin's first artificial satellite. 1 - We are not officially confirming colonies on Duna. 2 - Road map may change depending on events that happen in between now and the future. Does NOT confirm these missions for 100%.
  8. Why isn't Jebediah pulling back on the yoke in that other Generic Lander? When I saw large, I expected you to talk about hauling the equivalent of an 18-wheeler in space to orbit. I like how you put news in between missions, I might end up copying that...
  9. KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM Also known as how to perfectly crash. Kerbals, the only sapient life in the Kerbol System, have decided that telescopes on Kerbin are not enough, and are launching a space program! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ LOG 1 - SCIENCE HAVE ACHIEVED FLIGHT At 0:00 Kerbin time, Wernher Von Kerman reported that Science 1, a small capsule attached to a booster, with a can of unknown content, and topped of with a parachute, was completely ready to launch. It would wait for two hours before launching at nighttime. Finally, at 2:00 Kerbin time, the craft was rolled out to the launchpad. It was operated by pilot Jebediah Kerman. Jebediah pressed the staging button, and it took off, tilting north due to the drag of the container of unknown content. After the booster ran out of fuel, he proceeded to observe the unknown content in the container, and create a report of his situation. He would then press the staging button again, deploying the orange and white parachute. Finally, he would land off the coast of where the Kerbal Space Center is located. Science 2 is expected to launch next week, packing more power and science.
  10. Judging by the system. I got 65 points. I designed a small lithobraker craft, and attached it atop a Stearwing A300 with a modified tail-fin. (I will get pictures soon, I have to copy them from a PS4) and flew to an altitude of about 2,200 feet on Kerbin (I am not sure if this counts as "flying there manually" or not, but if it is, that is 20 points. Since I did it on Kerbin, that is also 20 points.) I proceeded to decouple the lithobraker and begin the descent. The shell was a Mk3 Cargo Bay CRG-25 with Mk3 Engine Mounts on each end, and inside the cargo bay was a Probodobodyne HECS2, two PB-NUK Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators, and an Advanced Inline Stabilizer. The descent speed began at 150 km/s, and slowed down to 70 km/s. When I landed, an engine mount sacrificed itself as a cushion and the rest survived (I consider that a successful landing, so that adds the final 25 points.) Please address whether flying to 2,200 feet and dropping it is considered "flying there manually."
  11. Mod support is something that looks good on paper, but is bad in action. They would end up being bombarded by random people saying "Gimme [insert mod] and [insert mod], because us console players are missing out!" I am a console player, and I think mods shouldn't be on top priority.