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  1. Origami Steel Fleet

    Lemme go grab my PS4 controller, I will be working on this!
  2. Cupcake's Dropship Dealership...

    You always seem to create such complex missions for using simple crafts. Bravo, take my rep, ALL OF IT!
  3. When I saw your latest video, I created a monowheel that actually has only one wheel... and it is kraken powered. 

  4. How to make a Kraken Drive?

    I have console, so I still get phantom drives! I will find ways after the update to harness the power of the kraken in... more interesting ways.
  5. My name is probably not important, but I approve of this post.
  6. Stock car with adjustable ride height

    Time to rebuild it in Console I guess. I see how it works, thanks to your little X-Ray image of the chassis.
  7. Kerbals are Green - PS4 Career

    Valentina Kerman becomes the first kerbalina to fly a rocket! Yesterday, Jebediah Kerman became the first kerbal to fly a rocket. Today it was Valentina Kerman's turn to say, "We can kerbalinas do that too!" The Kerbal 2 rocket flew 10,000 meters into the sky, collecting data that will be important to later research. She attempted to land the rocket back on the launchpad, but destroyed the RT-10 "Hammer" Solid Fuel Booster. Though she destroyed the booster, Valentina was recovered and his completely fine. The Kerbal Space Program says they have a rocket that can safely enter and return space. That rocket is scheduled to launch next Friday, on the 29th.
  8. What if we attached a solar panel and a antenna to a Nokia 3310, and put it somewhere between LEO and geostationary orbit? I say it would rip the fabric of space and time to be honest.
  9. Kerbals are Green - PS4 Career

    Kerbal 1 - Major success, almost landed directly on launchpad! History was made, as rookie pilot Jebediah Kerman landed the Kerbal 1 rocket close to the Kerbal Space Center's launchpad. There were no photos taken during the event, but witnesses say it was amazing. Our pilot neatly piloted the spacecraft, landing it just a few yards away from the launchpad. When landed, the craft was standing tall, next to it was Jebediah with a smile on his face! We were able to collect data on how kerbals react to high amounts of gravitational force, but will not release the data collected to the public yet. In honor of Jebediah, the first space station will be named the Jebediah Kerman Space Station. The next launch is scheduled to be on the 24th, and a kerbalina will be handling this one!
  10. Kerbals are Green - PS4 Career

    After researching for a few months how to properly start a career, I have began the planning of my Kerbal Space Program. Below this sentence, is a list of the planned flights that will be launched. These may be as simple as a station refuel, or a interplanetary phantom drive station built around an asteroid that skims very closely to the Sun. Kerbal 1 - First flight of the KSP, basic data of how kerbals react to high amounts of gravitational force. Launched on Sept. 23. _________________________________________________________________ Kerbal 2 - Second flight of KSP, basic data on how substances react to high amounts of gravitational force. Launched on Sept. 24. _________________________________________________________________ Kerbal 3 - Third flight of KSP, attempt to enter and return from space. Delayed for technical problems, launch date unknown.
  11. What did you do in KSP today?

    I tried to land a test rocket on PS4. It was harder than you think.
  12. Soviet N1-L3 Lunar Lander - STOCK -

    This challenge is so old it needs a new slogan. "In rust we trust."
  13. ALL the crafts look gorgeous. Too bad PS4 saves can't have added craft files.
  14. I'm BAAACK BABY!

    Thats right, the first Causal KSPer is baaaack!
  15. What would the third launch place be?

    I want a Polar Space Center, for console.