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  1. I want a Polar Space Center, for console.
  2. I play on console...
  3. I am planning to create Mun space train that carries ascent vehicles around...
  4. I made a Single Stage To Ground, it was pretty efficient at what it did.
  5. Hmph, people complain about inserting their names, but look at mine! Casual Kerman? Casnaut Kerman? Astrual Kerman?
  6. Mobile Launchpads, Cheat Menu for console confirmed? Guess all those sacrifices to the Anti-Kraken were worth it...
  7. Hi folks, it is Casualnaut back with another suggestion for the glorious Squad development team. I was wondering if there could be an end-tier rover wheels that used the Rocker-Bogie System JPL uses on the Mars rovers. They would come in entire sets of 3 wheels, and would crawl up terrain like this: Image provided by Wikipedia Note: I may edit the thread as responses come to make it the best suggestion possible.
  8. My PS4 was dead a long time ago... About January 2017.
  9. No, I am talking more on the range of artificial planets... I am already tinkering around with ring stations that I can land on.
  10. Well, give me realistic artificial gravity and I got a deal. I don't care if it doesn't add special parts, I want the physics, because that's no moon...
  11. I am working on a car that has a clamp-o-tron at the top, so it can dock with my WIP Multi-Purpose Lifter, or MPL. The idea is for the MPL to drive up to the car, then the cars hidden landing legs would extend, and dock with the lifter. Afterwards, I would fly it to my desired location, and ditch the MPL. The goal is for the MPL to be as cheap as possible. Another project will be my Multi-Purpose Hexagonal Docks, or MPHDs. They are pretty much hexagons made out of the 2x2 structural panels, which can be used for storage, habitation, engines, ships, or even a bunch of I-Beam missiles! Will report back when I'm done.
  12. I want a extra type of save that is like Kerbal Kommander. I want to be a space pirate, miner, colonist, or merchant!
  13. The title says it all, and the mods did it all, but... CONSOLE It would be easier than having to do a dangerous dip into Jool or Eve's atmosphere. That is all I want, an easier way to collect the upper atmosphere science... PLEASE SQUAD
  14. Whatever happened to talking about using apis mellifera to see how they react to environments?