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  1. As it appears to me, there is someone working on an WIP mod which plans to IMPLEMENT orbital decay and is requesting help (Ferram is supposedly on the case) when they get around to it, though I've not found any mods to perform a similar function past 1.4 The WIP mod mentioned is Principia by Eggrobin. The intention of this is primarily to establish more realistic game-physics.
  2. I'm noticing a similar issue to Lilienthal when using the dev version. I'm test flying a rocket with 5 engines on one stage, I got 3 complete engine failures in a row, then 1 engine, then 2, otherwise I got whatever number for like 5 seconds then fail
  3. Hey, recently started using Realism Overhaul/RP-0 and was wondering how to prune the parts labeled non-RP-0 and some tanks because there's procedural parts. I was never able to figure out pruning correctly in stock and I dont know if I need each individual part name or if it just filters based on whats in the list and what file names contain that. Any help?
  4. In my personal experience, whilst having a pretty decent computer, KER causes A LOT of random lag spikes for no known reason. My very best guess would put the blame on it trying to make a bunch of calculations when you do stuff *Which is something MJ might do better, more efficient or less often*. I suggest using a different mod to get your Delta-V like I decided to do after giving up on trying to fix it
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