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  1. I think I’ve seen the same thing. I’ve had one of four panels fall off before. For instance if you add a 4 panel interstage fairing, it will show as 3 + 1 parts in the VAB staging area. If you pull it off and put it right back, it fixes that and doesn’t fall off. Seems like it’s some sort of minor bug.
  2. Today I built an early career space plane and tested the docking procedures with the space station. I love trying to dock from a different view...
  3. Excellent @AstroG! Your work around worked perfectly. Exactly what I was hoping for. Thanks so much!
  4. Thanks for all the replies and its nice to see I'm not the only one. Even with the brake on and completely stopped, it will start to slide as if it were on ice. Plenty of electric power as well. I use a mod called "parking brake" to keep it stopped once I can get it slowed down enough through maneuvering and applying power. I think this is some sort of bug but wanted to throw it out here to everyone. I will try and report it to Squad. If anyone else has a work around, would be great to know. I haven't landed another rover yet. Maybe its a weight based bug thing where heavier rovers wouldn't experience this. This is the smallest rover I've ever built. Had to fit in a 1.25m fairing.
  5. Hey thanks Stamp20 for the suggestion. Same results with friction at maximum.
  6. In 1.8.1 my rover is slipping and sliding like its on ice. Initially when I landed, it behaved normally. I relaunched the game and when I went back to the rover, it behaves like the video as shown. I relaunched the game a third time and is the same. Anyone seen this before?
  7. Same issue here, I tested with a clean 1.8 install with toolbar (and dependencies) and Mechjeb. Here is a log.!AnEzp53YKl60ibExokIY1WLtSAf8sQ?e=FSYlIb
  8. I tried your patch with leaving everything else unchanged and I'm getting the adjusted Realplume stock sound mixed with JSC sound. I'm posting a screenshot of the config so you can verify I'm doing it correctly. Is it interesting at all that only the Juno and Wheesley are affected?
  9. Thank you Zorg! Here is the cache file but I had to enable the minijet.cfg or there are MM errors generated by JSC. I'm also including the log file to show the errors if that helps at all. Files
  10. Interesting, so Realplume changes the pitch. And thanks for the detailed answer, that does help with my understanding. As you specified, I put the generic plumes back and removed the minijet.cfg for the Juno. The stock sounds are back to normal now but with JetSoundsContinued installed, the stock sounds are not removed. JetSoundsContinued and stock sounds are playing at the same time. Also note that this applies to the Wheesley engine as well. Oddly, all the other jet engines stock sounds are removed and use the JetSoundsContinued sounds fine. And the issue with these two engines began with Realplume 11.2+. No issues with Realplume 11.1. Edit: Seems like there is a problem in the "catch all patch" in Realplume 11.2+ and Juno and Wheesley engines. Does that make sense?
  11. Thanks for the reply and your work on Realplume. I did some further testing and here are the results. Here is the Juno stock sound: Here is the Realplume sound that seems to overrides the stock sound above: Here is the much preferred JetSoundsContinued sound: For the JetSoundsContinued example, I removed the following config files and the issue I reported earlier resolved. However, if not using JetSoundsContinued, there is no sound at all for this engine. \GameData\RealPlume\000_Generic_Plumes\Turbofan.cfg \GameData\RealPlume\000_Generic_Plumes\TurbofanOxPlume.cfg \GameData\RealPlume\000_Generic_Plumes\Turbojet.cfg \GameData\RealPlume\000_Generic_Plumes\TurbojetOxPlume.cfg Conclusion: While I'm not a fan of some of the stock sounds (compared to JetSoundsContinued), what Realplume is doing (for sounds) is less desirable than the stock sounds, IMO. For now, unless it breaks something else, I will remove the config files.
  12. Now that realplume is updated (12.1) I tested again with all the jet engines. It appears that the Juno and Wheesley are the only ones using stock sounds on top of Jet Sounds Continued. Is the !EFFECTS line responsible for removing stock sounds? Is anyone else experiencing the same? @PART[miniJetEngine]:NEEDS[!RealPlume] { !EFFECTS EFFECTS Edit: After testing some more, it looks like it is realplume adding the horrid sound to the jet engines. I tested stock sounds and they aren't half bad compared to realplume. And here I was blaming stock all this time...
  13. That was my guess but since I don't know anything about the behind the scenes stuff, I thought I would ask just to clarify. Thanks @Galileo!