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  1. Joker58th

    [1.5.1+] Hullcam VDS Continued

    Hi linuxgurugamer, I didn't see a reply to this suggestion and was wondering if it is possible and if so, whether you would consider it?
  2. Thanks Jebman, I stepped away from RO 1.3.1 for a bit playing around with a 1.4.3 career. I'm sure I'll be getting back to it but I really wanted to do some aircraft stuff in addition to rockets in career mode. The resize mods just kill the realism feel of aircraft with the runway bump issues. That said, I don't recall having any issues in 1.3.1. I do use the mod extensively in my 1.4.3 career with the aircraft so again, thanks for your work on this.
  3. First, thanks for taking over this mod. +1 for 1.3.1 here. I'm just getting a new RO/RSS/RP0 Dev 1.3.1 going now. It will be a while before they get to 1.4.x won't it? Didn't they just release 1.3?
  4. Yes sir. Not a huge deal though since the 4.0 version works.
  5. Hey Probus, the version of Procedural Fairings (5.0) that gets installed via CKAN for KSP 1.3.1 does not show up in the ETT. I had to revert to PF 4.0 for it to show up. Does that make sense?
  6. Hey eberkain, thanks for doing these configs! I am trying to get a 3.2 scale career going and am finding there is an issue with Kerbal-Konstructs versions later than The buildings are floating again. Are you aware of this?
  7. Shadowmage, I think your models are fantastic. Your mod is one of my favorites. Thanks so much! Keep up the great work! I was admiring the J-2 last night...
  8. I'm still new around here but I've been around the forum enough to see the frustration dev's have with people asking for updated versions. That's what makes your comments so funny. At least to me...
  9. LOL...thanks for giving me a good laugh today. Love it!
  10. I posted on Github but I thought I would post here as well. I am experiencing the same problem here with jittering as described by Kobymaru. I created a rover with a docking port on its underside to lift base building components and move them around. Works really great except if the load is too heavy and/or low to the ground, the rover starts to jitter. The heavier and lower it goes, the worse it gets. I am really liking this mod for this purpose but this kind of problem kind of makes it limited to lighter loads. Also, this is KSP 1.3 with Konstruction via CKAN
  11. Ok, no problem. I was just checking if you forgot about me. Thanks for your work on all this!
  12. Hey Avera9eJoe, I was wondering if you could pass on the scatterer config fix for the abrupt line please? Or can you tell me what change to make? I see it is the same in the latest version of Spectra.
  13. Hey Avera9eJoe, I'm really liking your work here, although I haven't really gotten further than Minimus yet in my Career. Here is one thing I have run into with the newer versions including 1.1 and 1.2. See screen shots for clarification. On a Kerbin ascent, the transition from the atmosphere to space has a hard look to it now where it didn't in the version with file named "". If I delete the current Spectra folder and copy the Spectra folder from the old version to replace it, the transition looks smooth again. It seems to show at around 15-20km. On the new version, I tried to follow the installation carefully although honestly, I kind of like the way you did it when you bundled everything together. Kind of the whole end to end control thing. Thanks for your efforts.
  14. Roger that. Thanks Galileo.
  15. Ok, hope I do this right. It appears that some experiments do not show properly in the R&D Archives. Makes it hard for me to tell where I've gathered science from. I tested with a fresh 1.3 stock install and verified that it worked properly. Then I added the basic SSRSS stuff and get the screen shot linked. The screen shots show the issue and my gamedata folder. Does this make any sense to anyone?