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  1. Would you mind sharing how you did this? I would like to use the Konstruction docking ports in the new inventory as well. I tried installing the Dev version but it looks like this functionality wasn't added yet.
  2. Today I performed an un-kerbal'd test of my small space shuttle.
  3. Just wanted to drop by and say thanks [email protected] and team. The textures are looking really good and really adds to the immersion.
  4. In trying another career in 1.11 mostly stock aside from eye candy and a few utility mods, I am building my first horizontal mining rig in 3 modules. Having a realism mindset, my self made rules prohibit outlandish fairing sizes (as much as possible). Utilizing the new build in situ feature, I'm landing my modules, unloading them with a crane, adding wheels and them connect them via docking ports. I'm really enjoying the challenge. While I'm not an expert on the robot parts, my first ever crane seems to work well enough for my situation. I'm including a 60 minute video of the module two m
  5. I started a 1.11 mostly stock career. Here is a early career rover deployment I came up with I'm proud of.
  6. Just started playing 1.11 mostly stock but I added realplume and RSE and I have to say WOW! Very very well done on the sounds! Love the sound muffling on the ascent too!
  7. I have noticed this too on the new navigation looking lights. The blink setting does get saved but the colors reset to white on the launchpad.
  8. @linuxgurugamer I can confirm @Daniel Prates mention of no decay while the vessel is loaded and time warping. Log
  9. @Sir MortimerI looked around a bit and didn't find anything on this but any chance we can get support for Universal Storage 2's integrated solar panels? When the craft is loaded it shows under "other" for power but does not produce power in the background. The panels are pretty slick looking.
  10. First time I've done something like this. I setup a KIS mobile seismic experiment since in Kerbalism it takes 14 days. Also shown is my version of the reusable Artemis lander that will be returning to the Munar Gateway to refuel, transfer science and prepare for the next mission.
  11. My bad, I've never really thought about the difference between the KIS/KAS since I always have them installed together. Just thought attaching stuff was KAS related. I see the posts in the KIS thread so I'll watch over there. I did notice that if I dropped the part on the surface and then attach it, it worked. Now I just need to practice this in orbit with the crew tube part.
  12. It seems there is a problem with attaching SSPX parts. I tried several parts to make sure. Here is a video showing the issue. Log
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