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  1. I might have found a problem with two mk3 expansion docking port parts. I used a basic 1.12.3 test install for testing with only Mk3 expansion and TU. I have reflections enabled, render quality on highest and I used the bundled version of TU. If I missed something, let me know.
  2. Sooo..has anyone worked on any waterfall configs?
  3. Today I launched the first section of my very first career space hotel.
  4. This fixed the Mk3 Docking Port texture for me as well. Thanks for being specific on the whitelist.
  5. Where is the thread for this kind of discussion? I for one continually wonder why my i5-9600K/RTX2080 starts to lag closer to 100-150 parts. Interesting about the 10 tanks 10 engines. I have never heard that before.
  6. I used to have the sound bug on 1.12.3. For me it seemed to be mostly during re-entry and switching back and forth from map view. I think it was this mod that fixed it but it's really hard to say. I don't want to touch anything now that the sound is working properly.
  7. I take it back...I'm having problems with JetSoundsUpdated and Stock Waterfall Effects... Looking forward to what you come up with.
  8. Now that I have the new technology researched in my career, worked on a Mk3 based space plane. Loving the Mk3 expansion and Waterfall mods. Honorable mention, Kerbal Foundries for the landing gear and decoupler shroud for the skirt. More pics below.
  9. I was wondering if someone could help me. It seems that this mod overrides JetSoundsContinued. Jet engines have their stock sounds. I verified on a clean install of KSP 1.12.3 with only these two mods installed. In the logs, for example, if I search for rapier I get the following: 229: Load(Audio): JetSoundsUpdated/Sounds/RAPIER_Fan_High 232: Load(Audio): JetSoundsUpdated/Sounds/RAPIER_Fan_Low 235: Load(Audio): JetSoundsUpdated/Sounds/RAPIER_Rocket_High 238: Load(Audio): JetSoundsUpdated/Sounds/RAPIER_Rocket_Low 241: Load(Audio): JetSoundsUpdated/Sounds/RAPIER_Shutdown 244: Load(Audio): JetSoundsUpdated/Sounds/RAPIER_Startup 1849: Load(Texture): Squad/Parts/@thumbs/RAPIER_icon 2929: Load(Texture): Squad/Parts/Engine/rapierEngine/rapierDiffuse 2932: Load(Texture): Squad/Parts/Engine/rapierEngine/rapieremit 6181: Load(Model): Squad/Parts/Engine/rapierEngine/rapier 8404: Config(@PART[RAPIER]) JetSoundsUpdated/Patches/RAPIER/@PART[RAPIER] 8407: Config(@PART[RAPIER]:NEEDS[!RealPlume]) JetSoundsUpdated/Patches/RAPIER/@PART[RAPIER]:NEEDS[!RealPlume] 8410: Config(@PART[RAPIER]:AFTER[zzRealPlume]) JetSoundsUpdated/Patches/RAPIER/@PART[RAPIER]:AFTER[zzRealPlume] 10564: Config(PART) Squad/Parts/Engine/rapierEngine/rapierEngine/RAPIER 12568: Config(@PART[RAPIER]:NEEDS[Waterfall]:FOR[StockWaterfallEffects]) StockWaterfallEffects/Engine Configurations/Rapier/@PART[RAPIER]:NEEDS[Waterfall]:FOR[StockWaterfallEffects] 12691: Config(EFFECTTEMPLATE) StockWaterfallEffects/Templates/Stock/Engine Bell Cores/stock-methalox-core-rapier/EFFECTTEMPLATE 12700: Config(EFFECTTEMPLATE) StockWaterfallEffects/Templates/Stock/Engine Bell Cores/stock-rapier-core/EFFECTTEMPLATE 12787: Config(EFFECTTEMPLATE) StockWaterfallEffects/Templates/Stock/Plumes/stock-methalox-lower-2-rapier/EFFECTTEMPLATE 13462: Added : StockWaterfallEffects/Engine Configurations/Rapier.cfg 13497: Added : StockWaterfallEffects/Templates/Stock/Engine Bell Cores/stock-methalox-core-rapier.cfg 13500: Added : StockWaterfallEffects/Templates/Stock/Engine Bell Cores/stock-rapier-core.cfg 13529: Added : StockWaterfallEffects/Templates/Stock/Plumes/stock-methalox-lower-2-rapier.cfg 13631: [LOG 13:21:41.784] Deleting root node in file JetSoundsUpdated/Patches/RAPIER node: @PART[RAPIER]:AFTER[zzRealPlume] as it can't satisfy its AFTER 13646: [LOG 13:21:42.085] Applying update JetSoundsUpdated/Patches/RAPIER/@PART[RAPIER] to Squad/Parts/Engine/rapierEngine/rapierEngine.cfg/PART[RAPIER] 13647: [LOG 13:21:42.089] Applying update JetSoundsUpdated/Patches/RAPIER/@PART[RAPIER]:NEEDS[!RealPlume] to Squad/Parts/Engine/rapierEngine/rapierEngine.cfg/PART[RAPIER] 13696: [LOG 13:21:42.129] Applying update StockWaterfallEffects/Engine Configurations/Rapier/@PART[RAPIER]:NEEDS[Waterfall]:FOR[StockWaterfallEffects] to Squad/Parts/Engine/rapierEngine/rapierEngine.cfg/PART[RAPIER] 15652: PartLoader: Compiling Part 'Squad/Parts/Engine/rapierEngine/rapierEngine/RAPIER' 15655: PartLoader: Part 'Squad/Parts/Engine/rapierEngine/rapierEngine/RAPIER' has no database record. Creating. 15661: DragCubeSystem: Creating drag cubes for part 'RAPIER' From this info, does it make sense why?
  10. Thanks for adopting this mod! In my 1.12.3 career I am in need of the 2.5m cargo bay for my spaceplane and came across this one. Some basic testing shows it appears to work fine in 1.12.3 but the visual appearance or rendering is not right. I assume that would be the updates to Unity 2019 you mention above. Very much looking forward to this.
  11. JetSoundsUpdated does a pretty good job with the jet engines so I'm not sure you need to do anything? Just a thought...
  12. Kerbal engineers pose for a group picture after completion of a major project. In my recently new 1.12.3 career, using as much construction mode as I could, I installed my first mining base on the Mun. Sections and parts were launched on a reusable space plane and then transferred from the Kerbin space station to the Mun station. From there, a sky crane delivered them to the Mun surface where Kerbal engineers completed construction. The only serious problem I ran into with construction mode was dealing with some root part issues where I couldn't move certain parts until I attached another vessel and the root part changed. Phew! This was a lot of time and planning but worth the feeling of accomplishment! Hope you enjoy the pics!
  13. @JadeOfMaar, what is your frame rate with that base? For perspective, could you also share your CPU/GPU setup?
  14. Agreed, that was too bad that happened. But, I am glad he did come back to him and he did express himself very well. It was just real. I was moved by it personally.
  15. Greetings, I'm trying to learn how to build the most primitive base. I'm not sure if this is a bug but why when I add a Nom-o-Matic 5000 does the Kolony Inventory show a zero rate for supplies where without it, the normal .0005 per Kerbal shows? This is clean KSP 1.11.2 and Constellation from 2021.03.12. No other mods installed. Edit: This is really strange. Sometimes I can reproduce it, others I can't. It seems related to attaching the Nom-o-Matic or even the Ranger Agricultural Module to the MiniTruss or an Anchor Hub. Edit2: I now believe it has to do with the supply attachment detection although on the two screenshots below I did not touch the Minipak between tests. I'm adding a third screenshot where I attached a Minipak to the battery to reproduce the issue. Also, you can see that when activating Agroponics, the days left for supplies is way off on the Kolony Inventory screen. It makes sense now that if there are no supplies attached, the Kolony Inventory would show 0%.
  16. Kind of a long video but this is a space plane return from space station with glide to landing. I didn't manage my electric charge during time warp so ended up flying re-entry without reaction wheel help. I had been wanting to test that anyway. I had tested this craft without reaction wheel on ascent and it did very well. I'm liking this design.
  17. Very nice! Excitement factor is now 7!
  18. I'm having an issue relating to having SSPX installed and EVA construction mode. Particularly the stock clamp-o-tron docking port. The video shows the problem. I'm testing on a clean 1.11.2 install. I cannot reproduce it with just stock even with the SSPX dependencies installed so it really points to SSPX. I can create a bug report on github if necessary. Here are my Logs
  19. I have seen this too. Once you get above a few km, it goes away.
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