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  1. Its not just inline parts. The radial air intake seems to have excessive drag as well. I reported to support but thought I would mention here as well for more visibility. Notice the speed difference in the two shots. These are maximum speeds with afterburner for both examples.
  2. Ok, I went ahead and got the wobbly rocket to Mun orbit and still experience the same issue. Also notice what happens to the PE when coming out of time warp. https://clipchamp.com/watch/GDThiN0gcwL
  3. Reporting back. Changing this setting to false made my rocket wobbly. Setting it back to true, it was rigid again. Very noticeable.
  4. KSP | Windows 11 | i7-12700K | RTX 2080 Very similar situation as the OP. All I was doing is making orbit change burns around the Mun and time warping to the maneuver node. All of a sudden, the rotation starts (I think right after coming out of time warp) and then I started capturing video after the top part of the rocket fell off and started orbiting the rest of the rocket. Strange! The AP and PE changed during rotation putting the ship on a suborbital flight. One time I was able to recover from it, the next time is what the video captured. Log file provided as well. https://youtu.be/QEQDJ0XZacs Log File Rocket used was a rover sky crane delivery system. Nothing fancy.
  5. Yeah, that is odd, can you post a video showing the issue?
  6. I see this as well on my apollo style craft. If I switch to the other vessel by double clicking the vessel, then switch back, the option appears in the part manager in my case. EDIT: I realized I was thinking of something different here. I have not had a problem with undocking. Just setting the target before attempting to dock.
  7. I agree with schlosrat, initially I could not figure out how to move from the command pod down the ladder. In KSP1, it automatically transitioned to the ladder depending on placement. Now that I know to use the F key in KSP2, it seems to work very well. By F key, I mean I only need to press it once to make the transition.
  8. I also experienced this. I think it was after I switched to another vehicle in orbit and then back again. I was taking off from the Mun to intercept a CM. Right now I'm leaving it in orbit until I can figure out how to intercept without a maneuver node/trajectory line or if someone comes up with a workaround. Edit: The tracking station does report it as landed.
  9. I made a quick noodle tester and this is what I'm seeing. It doesn't seem to help when I compare the default setting vs the highest. One thing though, does the game need to be restarted for it to take effect? If I do that, the setting reverts to the default. https://clipchamp.com/watch/VdjP8sn47ox
  10. KSP: | Windows 11 | i7-12700 | RTX 2080 After deploying a fairing, it falls straight down shortly after deployment. Video below. https://i.imgur.com/AfmR7uo.mp4
  11. KSP: | Windows 11 | i7-12700 | RTX 2080 The Deploy Type setting in the part manager for the AE-FF125 Fairing does not save. If I make the change, save, open a new workspace then open the previous workspace, the Deploy Type setting reverts to ClamshellX2.
  12. Same here. Alt-J does nothing. The plugin appears to be loading though. I tried Alt-J from the KSC main screen, in the VAB and on the launch pad. First time I've installed BepInEx just so you know where I'm at on that. [Message: BepInEx] BepInEx - KSP2_x64 (2/23/2023 4:53:22 PM) [Info : BepInEx] Running under Unity v2020.3.33.9525882 [Info : BepInEx] CLR runtime version: 4.0.30319.42000 [Info : BepInEx] Supports SRE: True [Info : BepInEx] System platform: Bits64, Windows [Message: BepInEx] Preloader started [Info : BepInEx] Loaded 1 patcher method from [BepInEx.Preloader] [Info : BepInEx] 1 patcher plugin loaded [Info : BepInEx] Patching [UnityEngine.CoreModule] with [BepInEx.Chainloader] [Message: BepInEx] Preloader finished [Message: BepInEx] Chainloader ready [Message: BepInEx] Chainloader started [Info : BepInEx] 1 plugins to load [Info : BepInEx] Loading [LessWobbly 1.0] [Message: BepInEx] Chainloader startup complete
  13. I'm excited to try out the new VAB experience with the whole workspace idea, the improved graphics and procedure parts. Oh, and the new flight interface too!
  14. Yeah, I would not want to switch to the training center to run simulations either. It would need to be right there in the VAB as you are designing.
  15. It was mentioned in the Pre-Release thread that the training programs will have simulations. I am hoping that this is a clue that this is at least on the idea board for career mode at some point. From a realism perspective, it feels cheaty and less immersive to use revert to launch or VAB or use the cheat option to move to orbit or surface to test your crafts or ideas. A simulation with some level of cost maybe in some sort of hard or realism difficulty mode where there are no reverts allowed would be an interesting challenge IMHO. I know KRASH already does this but I think it would be beneficial to be imbedded in the game.
  16. I wonder if this could be a hint that we could have some sort of simulation capabilities for the upcoming career mode. And I see that it was recently mentioned in the Suggestions forum.
  17. Thank you Nate and the dev team! This is going to be a blast! I'm super excited to try out the new VAB tools! Can't wait until Friday!
  18. I agree, the Scratch (Vizzy) interface would be a nice on boarding option for non-developer types such as myself. I have tinkered with kOS over the years here and there and really enjoyed learning what I could do with it. I picked up Simple Rockets again now that it has career mode (while I'm waiting for KSP2) and discovered Vizzy and enjoyed learning some automation with that too.
  19. Welcome to the forums. As you can see a few posts above yours, this question has already been asked. We must be patient. It will be released when blackrack is ready.
  20. Since he's on a PS4 it might take a little more doing. One way might be to take a screen shot and then plug a usb flash drive into your ps4 and go to settings and see if you can move move it to the flash drive. Then you can follow Superfluous's instructions on your computer.
  21. If I understand you correctly, you have a science container and a probe core that both have experiments, correct? I don't think it can be done without a Kerbal. Hopefully I'm not stating the obvious but if you can get a Kerbal there, it could transfer from container to container. At least for kerbal'd missions, I have the command pod and a science container on my lander. I gather all the science first and do a collect all from the science container. Then I gather all the science again and manually collect with the kerbal (scientist) and place it in the command pod. Once back at my station, I EVA and pull the science from the container and place it in my science lab for processing. I then move the science from the command pod to a ship returning to Kerbin.
  22. Hi Linus, welcome to the forums. If you hit ESC, it will bring up a menu and pause the game or you can also hit F3 to pause and see a flight results screen. These are all default settings so you shouldn't have to mess with bindings.
  23. Hmmm...not sure what you mean by the entire operation fails. If it does not dock right way, you keep trying until you get the alignment right. Try approaching the docking port slowly and when you get within 5 meters or so, stop and get the alignment right and then move forward slowly. If you are on PC, there are a few mods that make docking much easier. The most stock a like one I recommend is Navball Docking Alignment Indicator CE-2.
  24. Hi, welcome to the forums. Two questions. Where are the wheels? Do you see the exhaust plume come out of the engine when at full throttle?
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