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  1. Thank you for reply my comment. I can place missiles on the turret! And I I'm sorry. using bigger font in the comment is a mistake.
  2. How can I put missiles on a turret? I can't put missiles on a turret in VAB or SPH.
  3. KSP Challenge: Landing on Duna!

    I have succeeded this challenge! I used "Quadruple Overlapped" nuclear engines. This rocket have no oxygenizer. And this rocket got out from Kerbin. I planned the maneuvering. Executing maneuver nodes. All nodes were executed! Transfering to a orbit to enter Duna. Entered Duna. Decelerating to prepare to land Duna. Decelerating more to open chutes. Openning chutes. All chutes were opened! I succeeded landing on Duna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I used three sets of octuple "Sepratron I" to decrease velocity when I prepare to land on Duna. This vissel can be found here!!!!!!
  4. How can I create ASAT to use on Kerbin Geosynchronous Orbit in BDArmory on KSP 1.3?