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  1. Kerbell

    KSP Making History

    Because the post said that expansions would be "major game-changing sets of features, like Multiplayer, or Colonization" (Blog post). And "additional parts such as new fuel tanks, adapters, decouplers, fairings and command pods" (Forums post) do not seem like they would change gameplay, only the new gamemodes like mission builder would.
  2. Kerbell

    KSP Making History

    I have not bought the game yet. I just played the demo and wanted to buy the full game for ALL the parts and planets. Shouldn't the new parts should be in what is considered to be an update according to that blog post: I feel like making 2 purchases for all the parts is silly.
  3. Kerbell

    How to Buy KSP?

    Thanks for responding. Do you have any estimate for when it may be downloadable (from the KSP website)? I just don't want to be waiting 2 weeks or something like that. If that is the case I can just get it off of Steam.
  4. Kerbell

    How to Buy KSP?

    Welp... I hope it gets fixed soon.. I deleted my demo before checking to make sure I was able to buy the game
  5. Kerbell

    How to Buy KSP?

    Yeah but once you click that it takes you to the page I gave a screenshot of, where there is no option to buy right off the ksp website, only other websites.
  6. Kerbell

    How to Buy KSP?

    Hello, I was wondering if I could buy KSP directly from the KSP website without any third party website, like steam. I thought I remember a little button existed on the page that has all the purchasing options that let you buy the game right there. I have also noticed the demo page is under mantinence... wondering if these things are becuase of the recent ownership changes due to having to move the servers or something like that...