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  1. Only if your computer is 64bit, do the following These instructions are for any version of Windows. Go into your KSP directory: Right click "KSP_x64" Click "Create Shortcut" (optional) Move the shortcut to your desktop Run KSP (Suggested) Reply to this post The reason why this may work: NOTICE: 64bit KSP will only run when the shortcut is clicked!
  2. I use ckan, its really nice! try uninstalling ckan, and reinstalling it from here:
  3. The issue seems to have been solved, even though i haven't done much
  4. i just checked, there seems to be no output log when this issue is happening, even after i close KSP
  5. I use a mod installer so it shouldn't be an installation error, and the program is designed to make sure you can only download compatible mod, or it will not even show them in your downloadable mods list. also, i have 16GB of ram See Below More Computing Specs.
  6. good point, so, i should try to crash the game, and upload the log?
  7. if the game crashes, it does not include the startup in the log, right?
  8. okay, so i just got it to load again aft afer a half hour of trying!! it is not fixed yet, but it sometimes lets me in, for some reason, should i try to crash the game and have the game get the logs and find the issue while loading, or do the logs not go back that far?
  9. I can't upload logs, because the game isn't crashing, its just freezing up
  10. Hey, so i have this issue, where my KSP keeps freezing while i try to load it (via steam) in KSP_x64 or 64bit model of the game. The 32 bit does not do this. I have gotten the 64bit version to load, and its much smoother, this is because i run a heavily modded version of the game (NO its IS NOT one of the mods causing it) Here is the part it is loading when freezing Obviously the "Rebuilding VAB..." is just a thing that KSP just says while loading for 'fun' -Thanks, the KSP community is great Frontline
  11. no, you see, its not even popping up in the first place (the tab in the SPH/VAB)
  12. also, please dont close the furum yet, Mech Jeb is the only one not installing even with the installer is it too cool for me? :-*
  13. what is the difference from the dll and the zip, do i put the dll somewhere inside the zip? I have ModuleManager because i heard that you need it for mechjeb. Also, which one is for the 1.3 release?
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