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  1. I don't mind someone moving forward with updates. I may eventually make some progress with this. I did start on some IVA work, but it is tricky with rotating stuff iirc. The last thing I was doing was testing some more powerful but quite expensive solid boosters. Basically done with that though. Next I may make a mk2 format RDE. The two side by side format is quite often barely enough thrust, might give it more like 2.5.
  2. Now working on Cryogenic Solid Propellants (CSP) and High Energy Density Matter (HEDM) solid rockets. For now in the mod there are two 1.25m parts, one 3.75m and 7.5m length booster. They use a stock friendly configuration with no dependencies. Looking into the best way to account for cryogenics and a new fuel type if desired. HEDM are new molecules for solid propellants that have extremely high energy densities as well as ISP. The molecule I have decided would be a good Kerbal fuel is Cubane (C8H8). While near term these types of rockets would likely be hybrids with LOX I have made the s
  3. The RDE-6 H.A.L.B.E.R.D. Engine has been added to the mod. See the first post to download. It may seem over powered, but the idea is that it should exist in the space between the stock tech and the far future electric/nuclear rockets.
  4. Just tried it in a stock game, not sure whats up. Should be called "Sin Phi Solar Disk 12"
  5. They work fine as long as you don't plan on breaking them. When they do break part of the model sticks around for a few seconds and then will go away. I am pretty sure it is not an issue with the model, just something to live with for now until I find a fix.
  6. @theJesuit Ah good call, that ended up looking great. Indecision over.
  7. Working with some place holder textures trying to decide between two models. The bottom one is the first I made, but now I am leaning towards the top. Shows off more of the nozzles and has more intake area. The next set have more flat area on the sides for radial attachment, such as wings for space planes. Broader in the center looks better for those.
  8. *test version of rapier type engine available on git repository Working on the engines now. They will be based on RDE (Rotating Detonation Engine) technology. Jets and rockets of all types now are almost exclusively reliant on deflagration combustion. There are a few experimental scram jets and pulse detonation engines. However a technology that shows even more promise for static thrust with detonation combustion is RDE. Scram jets require an incredible initial speed to utilize the shock waves for compression and have poor mass ratios. Pulse detonation engines have an incredible ISP (effi
  9. @Kerbrian If you don't mind a bit of math this can be easily understood through the rocket equation, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tsiolkovsky_rocket_equation Just punch in your values to deltaV = ISP * 9.81 * ln( M0 / Mf ). You will see while a high ISP engine is heavy as you add more fuel (increasing the ratio of wet mass to dry mass) you will achieve much better performance. For large/equal ratios of M0:Mf the ISP becomes dominate in determining deltaV.
  10. Ok, I was able to fix it. I was doing a bit of a silly thing I guess with deleting part of the animation that I thought wasn't needed. I was just using the main animation and discarding a part that wasn't needed to play in Unity. Kerbal did not like that. You can see in the image that all I did was leave them in the Animator, still only reference the Deploy animation in the config. https://www.dropbox.com/s/op5eyp50kot1lzo/animationError.png?raw=0 Release 0.1.3 is ready now with solar panel. *I just found that the solar panels don't break off properly, will have to look into it.
  11. *I deleted the child of an armature in unity, but left the armature to animate my colliders. Wondering if that would do it... [LOG 08:22:24.809] PartLoader: Compiling Part 'SinPhiHeavyIndustries/Parts/Electrical/SolarPanels/SolarDisk12/SolarDisk12' [LOG 08:22:24.815] PartLoader: Part 'SinPhiHeavyIndustries/Parts/Electrical/SolarPanels/SolarDisk12/SolarDisk12' has no database record. Creating. [LOG 08:22:24.818] DragCubeSystem: Creating drag cubes for part 'SolarDisk12' [EXC 08:22:24.831] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object Module
  12. It is just a single panel, just showing in the video what it would look like with 12 of them.
  13. Ok, got the solar panel all done and then the game locks up trying to load it. Not crashes or anything, just stops on the component. If someone knows why this is, I could use some help on this one. It is up on the Git. https://github.com/Turbinia/SinPhiHeavyIndustries
  14. Coming soon for this mod is a set solar panels that can be arranged in a disk. I like the way the fan panels in near future solar looked so decided to make my own that would form a disk with 12 part symmetry on a 3.75m core. Going to do a few more 3.75m parts, a stubby science lab, coupala, and lander can with a lot of integral parts. Might do some passable batteries and mono-prop tanks if they aren't already in a common mod. I am thinking I don't want to do any smaller centrifuges as there are plenty of inflatables in that niche. Also going to work on a line of engines that will be
  15. Added an engine style shroud for launch vehicle attachment on an impassible node (should the shroud have a collider?). I found it basically impossible to launch with the habitat on top of the rocket stack. Here is an example of a lift vehicle I used to get to 200km orbit with SpaceY parts. I found launching without a fairing is still the best way to get this in orbit, just have to watch the heating. Still need to add colliders to the transfer tubes. I think I will leave them off the spokes as that would be another 24 colliders, and it just doesn't seem worth it. Besides it is fun to fly throug
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